Chapter 17

AUTHOR NOTE: This chapter introduces a third fandom, that had been previously hinted in one of the beginning chapters. While I am very aware this may not sit well with some followers, I do apologize, however, it setting up for what I have planned for a sequel which takes Bella and her story into another fandom. Regardless, I do hope that you think that I merged the three fandoms well. Enjoy!


“Ow! Derek!” Bella struggled in his hold as he carried her back up the stairs, away from everyone. “Derek, stop! Please!”

He didn’t until he was at the top of the stairs, safe in his room and lowered her to her feet where she turned away from him to take ahold of the baluster. “Bella. You’re in no shape to be stressing yourself out like this. If you go through all that again, you might not come back the next time,” he argued, angry with her insistence.

She only glared back up at him before she stood up straighter, wrapping an arm around her ribs with a grimace. “I’ll get over it. So will you. But neither of us will if we’re all dead because that is exactly what they want to do, and she is involved up to her eyeballs,” she whispered. “I remember what I heard in that castle.”

Derek ran his hand over his face, torn between wanting to know what happened so that he could confront the druid woman and caring for the girl his feeling had grown far greater for than he’d ever expected. Letting out a breath through his nose, he closed his eyes. Eventually he asked as calmly as he could. “What did you hear?”

Bella let out a hiss as she turned to face him and took a step closer. “She may not be completely innocent, but she’s also being forced to participate. What I heard, Aro has her sister and niece in order to gain her loyalty and services to hand me over.”

If what she was saying was true, and he knew for himself, there was little that he wouldn’t do for his own family and pack, which made the whole situation all that more complicated. He let out a frustrated growl. “Alright, fine. What do you propose we do? She can’t be trusted. I won’t risk you getting injured further…”

She rolled her eyes at him, pulling her arm around her ribs. “Do you know of anything supernatural that would help speed up my healing?”

He sighed, silently reaching out for her hand to take some of the pain from her. Quickly, her face smoothed out from the grimace she’d been trying to fight against. “For the kind of injuries you have now, only time that I know of. I doubt Deaton will have anything. All I can do for you is help with the pain,” Derek softly admitted.

“Thank you for that, but Derek – don’t treat me like I’m a porcelain doll. Please? Before Edward left me, he did that and then the one who I thought was my best friend did the same thing after he learned the truth about my relationship with the Cullens,” Bella expressed her feelings of hurt over his over protectiveness. “I get you don’t want anything more to happen to me, but if it happens, it will happen whether you are there or not. That is one thing that Jessica got right. With that disgusting tea and practice, I could eventually control and they won’t be able to change me and I won’t die.”

Still keeping her hand in his, Derek moved closer to wrap his arms around her. As much as he hated it, he knew she was right. He wouldn’t be able to protect her from everything and it would make him no better than the monsters currently hunting her down. “Let’s get something around your ribs. It may not help much but at least it’ll prevent more damage.”

“Fine,” Bella murmured, agreeing as he helped her to the bed. By the time he was done, she’d been so drained emotionally and physically that she had no choice but to lay down for a nap. Once he was sure that she was asleep, he returned downstairs, glowering as he looked over everyone present

Deaton drew in a deep breath. “Derek,” he started to speak calmly, his eyes glancing over to where Peter was keeping Jessica. “I understand your anger, and I agree that it is justified. However, may I request that you hold off on actually taking her life? As Bella had shared, she was doing what she was under duress…”

Derek answered with a low growl as he turned to face the female Druid. “You will live for now. If we find out that the story about your sister and niece is a lie, you will suffer the same fate as those hunting Bella.”

Their prisoner visibly sagged in the chair she was bound to, her eyes rolling back both in relief and irritation over the situation she’d found herself in. Letting out a moan, she agreed quickly in hopes of avoiding further torment, nodding emphatically. Once he received the go ahead nod, Peter pulled the gag out of her mouth. “I did what I had to, to get my family back. While I am sorry for what’s happened to Bella, I won’t say that I wouldn’t go back and do things differently.”

The Hales shared a significant look with one another before Peter smacked her over the back of her head. “That’s just because I don’t like you,” he muttered as he moved to stand behind her while his nephew debated on how to proceed. “Truthfully, I say we just kill her while we’re ahead. We don’t know if she hadn’t already given out Bella’s location as it is.”

“I didn’t, but the Volturi has a vampire named Dimitri, a very skilled tracker,

in their ranks,” Jessica moaned as she lifted her head to look the Alpha in the eye. “I had been stalling them as much as I could. Yes, they wanted her stronger, but I was hoping to get her stronger as well so that she could fight against them instead of for them if they were successful in changing her. Isabella would be their ultimate weapon and could wipe out all their enemies and other supernatural races. You think I really want Aro to get his greedy hands on someone so powerful?”

Derek ran a hand along his jaw, knowing that he really should have Bella there to listen to her admissions, but healing was priority number one for the girl. “The vampires aside, you’ve been withholding information about Bella and what she is. The secrets and coy deflections stop now. That – tea – you’ve made her drink. Were you lying or does it really prevent her death?” He made his way closer, reaching out to encase her in as he held the arms of the chair. “And, considering her current state, is there a way for her to heal herself faster than a human?”

Turning her head away, she glared at him sideways. “I never lied about that tea. She really does need it to keep her in suspension when she projects herself. There isn’t much in the way of faster healing. You could try and make friends with a traditional vampire but they are harder to locate as they blend in with the humans a lot easier than the Cold Ones if they have a spelled stone to protect them from the sun. Their blood may be able to heal an Ikiryō,” she spoke slowly, as if she was debating on even telling them that much. Looking back at him, her brow furrowed with the gravity of both Bella’s and her own situation. “If you do decide to seek one of them out, just be forewarned that I do not know how their blood would affect her. Ikiryōs are so rare that for as much as I do know, I’m learning with you as well.”

Peter watched as his nephew grew frustrated by the information. He was certain he wouldn’t be willing to chance any random being to test Isabella’s healing. “Would a traditional that’s just as rare as her be more likely to work?” he curiously questioned, drawing everyone’s attention to him as he rubbed his jaw in thought.

Jessica shifted in the chair, trying to roll her shoulders in her uncomfortable position as she tried to follow the mercurial werewolf’s train of thought. “In theory, yes,” she eventually answered. “Though I don’t see how one would be rarer than another.”

A small grin appeared on his lips as he walked passed Derek, slapping him on the shoulder. “I think I know a way. Trust me,” he murmured.

“What? How?” the Alpha questioned, clearly confused.

“Yes, Peter. I’m intrigued as to your plan as well,” Deaton added, curious and concerned about the girl they’d all taken a liking to since her first appearances.

“Just trust me, okay?” Peter asked, holding his hands out. “I just need a few minutes with the Princess. I’ll be back down soon.”

Derek blinked and shook his head. “She just finally fell asleep! Leave her be!”

Peter rolled his eyes as he paused on the steps. “I don’t think she’ll mind being woken up for this. Especially if it means her healing faster. In fact – didn’t she ask you that very question earlier?”

Turning away, Derek knew that unless he gave an Alpha command, his uncle would continue. His issue was compounded by the fact that he knew the man was right. That, and Bella would surely be furious with him if he held such information from her longer than absolutely necessary. Despite not being religious, he found himself unable to keep from saying a silent prayer that whatever Peter Hale was up, would work.


Peter’s heart went out to the girl in the bed. He could see and feel that she was still in a great deal of discomfort, despite having finally fallen asleep. Scratching the back of his head as he figured the best way to wake Bella up, he let out a sigh as he went to sit beside her.

Shaking her arm gently, he quietly called out to her. “Bella. Princess… We need you to wake up…”

When he went to tickle her nose, she let out a low moan and swatted his hand away from her face until she finally opened her eyes. After a quick glance around the room, Bella glared at him with annoyance. “What?”

He smirked down at her attempt at aggression in her sleepy state. She was like a warrior kitten, wanting to fight but yet unable. “Cute, but this is actually important and could help you heal these bones faster.”

At hearing that, Bella was definitively more awake, making every attempt to sit up in the bed. “What are you talking about? I asked Derek and he didn’t know of a way—”

“Derek doesn’t but you do. I think you’ve met him before you came to us,” he whispered, dropping his voice lower as he leaned in closer. “Remember when we spoke of the hybrid, that you met him?”

She narrowed her eyes, blinking as she recalled the conversation vaguely. While it had only been a couple days before, she had been through so much that her memories were spotty. “I never actually met these people when I was out like that. Most were afraid or attacked me, Peter.”

“You mentioned that, yes. But do you think you’ve got enough juice in you to take a trip to find him? The bitch downstairs indicated that their type of vampire blood should be able to help you, however the odds would be more in your favor if you used one that was just as rare as you are,” he explained.

Bella’s face smoothed out as she had learned to carefully control her emotions long ago. “And we trust this information, why?”

“Because she has just as much to lose as you. You know that she is acting on their orders because of her family being taken. While I’m all for torturing the bitch, she has nothing to gain by leading us astray now.”

“You’re still going to beat the shit out of her, aren’t you?” she sighed, pulling on him to sit up further in the bed.

Helping her, he shrugged with a coy smile that had her thinking he was more like a troublesome fox than the dangerous wolf that he truly was. “Probably. Most likely. She still conspired against family so she has to suffer.”

Running a hand over her tired face, she grimaced as a sharp pain shot across her ribs. Wrapping her free arm around herself, she eyed the older man in resignation. “Okay, fine. How do I do this? I mean, how do I find this guy and know that it’s really him?”

“Oh, Princess, that I wish I could truly help you with, but you know your ability better than I. From what I had heard, whispers through others when I was on my own, was that their family had spent time in Europe, London. Significant time in New Orleans back in the day. Remember how you found Derek, just try focusing on the hybrid,” he offered.

She pouted for a moment. “I always wanted to visit New Orleans. So much history there,” she mumbled. Letting out a breath, she laid back down and closed her eyes as she tried what he suggested. “You do know that the thing with Derek most likely worked because we already knew one another and, um…”

“You two have a thing for each other? Yeah, I considered it, but we also figured and determined that you seek out all of us when you need to. Not the other way around. Now stop stalling and let’s get to healing,” Peter chastised lightly, swatting at her cheek until she pushed him away.

Closing her eyes again, Bella let out a deep breath as her body relaxed in the bed. It wasn’t long before her skin grew more pale and her heart began to slow until it was nearly inaudible. Hearing movement behind him, Peter smiled slightly before turning to face his nephew.

“How did you know that she would know about the hybrid?” Derek asked, glancing to the nearly dead girl in the bed.

His uncle shrugged a shoulder. “When you were out running, we got to talking and the detail slipped when she spoke about the places she popped up in before finding Beacon Hills. She didn’t know who or what he was, but I think he was one of her first attempts to reach out for help.”

“I don’t like this. He’s going to want to keep her for himself. Just like the Volturi, he’s going to want that kind of power,” Derek tried to reason against the current plan.

“I don’t think so…” Peter mused as he looked back to Bella curiously. “I think there is just something about this girl that he may want to help her fight for nothing in return.”

“I hope you’re right and this won’t end up backfiring in our faces in the future,” Derek replied, crossing his arms as he looked at Bella again. “I’ll be downstairs. Make sure she’s alright. I’ll have her tea that she hates ready for when she’s back.”

“Yes, boss…” Peter sighed, rolling his eyes as he made himself comfortable in his nephew’s armchair for a long wait.


Bella appeared in the middle of beautiful courtyard, looking around as the embers of her reflection of the Hale’s triskelion burned below her feet. She could not help but to feel cautious of her surroundings as the air was tinged with a lingering threat that she recognized all too well.

Making her way through the large home, she smiled at the rustic beauty it offered. Peering around corners, searching for anyone that might be able to help her find the one she come seeking, most of the place was dark and empty. Lit only by flickering candles and sconces, the hallway above the courtyard held her attention as she slowly climbed the stairs to make her way to the second floor.

Stopping in front of an open set of doors, her head tilted to the side curiously as she watched the man struggle with his artwork and canvases. He appeared frustrated, angry, and defeated as he tore through the unfinished painting, attempting to rip the fabric apart.

“You know, the more you fight against it, you tend to lose it faster,” she commented as she stood behind the sofa, startling the fair haired man.

He jumped to his feet, holding the wooden end of his paintbrush towards her in defense until he truly took in her appearance. “You…”

Bella smiled slightly, glancing around with hesitation at the fact that she was once again seeking someone’s help, a stranger’s. “Me…”

“I remember you,” he murmured as he made his way around the debris he caused to get a closer look of the girl. “You are not a vampire, or wolf. You are not like any witch I’ve encountered in my years…”

“Because I am none of those things,” Bella replied honestly, not moving from where she stood, however turning to face him as he moved about. “My name is Bella.”

“Bella…” he repeated with a nod. “You appeared on the street here several months ago. My brother and I saw you.” At her confused expression, attempting to recall the particular visit, as she had many in that period all over, he continued to recount it. “We were after a young vampire that was set to come after someone close to me. He was distracted by your appearance and went after you, only to go through you. My brother and I stood and waited for what you would say or do, but you left.”

She drew in a breath as she had in fact remembered it. Nodding slightly, she reached up to run her hand over her ribs that she knew were ailing in her physical body. “I was seeking help at the time but was still learning how to control my abilities. I still am learning now, but…” she stopped, eyeing him as she debated on continuing as it was apparent he had his own issues going on.

“What are you?” The man questioned.

“What are you?” she countered. “We are both of the same world. The supernatural. That is all that should matter. Not sides or teams. I am friends with werewolves. I am allied with hunters. I may even consider a Druid an acquaintance if he didn’t remind me so much of one of those who held me prisoner for so long. I told you my name. Would it not be fair that I learn yours?”

He genuinely appeared surprised that she hadn’t known who he was. While she didn’t exhibit fear of him, he could clearly see she feared something. “Klaus. Klaus Mikaelson. As much as I’m enjoying this conversation, may I ask why you are here?”

“I – It was suggested that I come seeking the hybrid’s help for a problem I have, but seeing that you and yours have your own problems going on, I feel that I do not have any right to ask anything of you. For one, I have nothing that I can truly offer you in return,” she sighed as she looked down at her hand that faded slightly in transparency. “I don’t even have much more strength to remain here much longer before I have to go back to my body.”

“What is it that you need? Why did you come to me?” Klaus asked. “I have no strength to fight someone else’s battles. I have a pack of wolves that have the magical ability to drain me of my immortal strength because of a witch that I somehow wronged. As lovely as you are sweetheart, I’m afraid I fail to see how I can help you.”

Bella wasn’t sure how to answer his demands. She came there seeking him out and she felt she owed some sort of explanation why she intruded on his space. “Have you ever heard of the Volturi?”

“Blasted rubbish of an excuses for vampires they are, but yes. They keep to their business and we keep to ours. Why do you ask?”

“They are hunting me down with the sole intention of attempting to turn me and what I am into a servant of theirs. I can do extraordinary things, I assure you. But being one of them, a Cold One, especially, is not something I’m interested in. It wasn’t until I met my wolves and that I learned that there were other types of vampires and beings out there that my world was…different. You wanted to know what I am? The Druids call me an Ikiryō. What that means, I’m not sure. I’m not asian as far as I know, but what I’ve been able to do so far does frighten the hell out of me. However what scares me more is that those creatures are hell bent on finding me and killing those that I consider friends and family to get what they want. I can’t help them right now. I nearly died after my attempt at a – reconnaissance trip and they performed compressions on me as my heart had truly stopped. They believe that the blood of your kind, that’s just as rare as I am, would help heal me so that I can help defend my friends at their side. That is all I am asking for.”

The corner of Klaus’ lips curled upward as he took a step, daring as he moved closer. “Just what have you been able to do, Love?”

Bella scowled as she looked up at him, tilting her chin up to face him. “First, do not ever call me Love. I dated a Cold One, who also happens to have the same agenda as the Volturi and is searching for me. He called me Love all the time. Second, I doubt you truly want to know. What I know I can do could essentially remove everything that makes you, you. You want to be human again? Lose your vampirism and the wolf in you? Go ahead and piss me off because as soon as I’m healed up, I have no problem coming back if you so desire to trifle with me.”

His eyes sparkled. Fear, amusement, lust. “Perhaps we can come to an agreement that would be amiable to the both of our needs…”

She eyed him, weighing his genuinity before nodding slightly. “I was told that your blood might be able to heal me. Now there is a tonic that I can drink in this form that helps protect my life, but we aren’t sure if your blood would work the same.”

“We can certainly give it a try, though I’m not at full strength myself due to those wolves I mentioned before,” he said as he bit into his hand. Holding the bleeding appendage out to her, he could see the clear nervousness of his offering. “Go on. We can’t continue to be business partners if you are injured or dead, now can we?”

Bella knew she needed to get back to Beacon Hills quickly. If his blood helped, then she would help him with his current predicament. She gently, and very carefully concentrated, took hold of his hand as he move it up to her lips where she drank what she was able. She feared that the scent or taste of the blood would revolt against her, as it often done when she was back in Forks, but it did neither of those things.

“Well there now. That wasn’t so bad,” he smiled, but she was soon distracted, disappearing from before him. Overcome with irritation, he shouted, “Just eat and run. Am I a fast food joint for supernatural beings now?!”

Turning, Klaus found his brother standing at the threshold of the room, looking around concerned. “Is everything alright with you or have you completely lost your mind? You’re dripping blood all over the carpet!”

Klaus gaped at him, unable to find words for a moment. “That girl we saw in the alley came back and needed to feed on my blood. Elijah! She was just here, right before you returned!”

Elijah sighed as he feared for his brother’s sanity. “Regardless of your fantastical manipulations, Marcel and I have figured out a way to rid the wolves of their rings. It will just take a little of time, but the plan is in place.”

“I did not dream her up, brother,” he argued.

“I am sure you did not, however-”

Bella reappeared with a smile on her face, and her hand held out to Klaus until he reached for whatever she was giving him. “There are three less wolves that are now human, and without the gene to turn again. I am beginning to feel better, thank you. I really must go home because I am sure that my family is worrying about my extended absence after all we’ve gone through already.”

“Wait!” Klaus scrambled to say more to her before she left again. “How can I find you in the future?”

Pursing her lips as she glanced over his shoulder to the bewildered man she remembered, she smiled again. “If you are able to contact the hunter named Argent, you’ll eventually find me. Good luck with your situation!”

In a blink, she was gone again.

“Still think I was making her up this time?” Klaus questioned his brother as he shoved the blue stoned rings in his hand and walked away.


Bella woke up in bed, back in Derek’s loft and simply laid there for several moments. Drawing in a deep breath, she could feel that her ribs had already begun to heal, grateful for that ability even when not in her actual body. She wasn’t about to question the dynamics of how it worked.

When Peter’s face appeared above her, blocking her line of sight to the ceiling. “Argh! You ugly bastard! Get back!” she screeched, pushing him away.

“So it worked? You met the hybrid? Was he as much of an ass as me or worse like everyone claims? I’m worse, right?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes as she got out of bed. “What does it matter to you? It’s not like he has any interest in hunting you down so your pretty head is safe,” she replied, turning as she heard movement behind her. Smiling at Derek, she raised her hands above her head. “It worked.”

“I see that. I have your tea for you that you hate. As horrible as it is, I’d rather not lose you again. Or come close like this,” he said as he held up the mug and saw her face grimace.

“I know,” she sighed, ignoring Peter as he slipped out of the room while the two stared at one another. “At least we have a powerful new friend. Though I’m certain we can’t count on his help this time.”

Derek nodded as he approached the bed, taking a seat beside her quietly. Setting the mug on the end table, he tried to sort through his feelings about the whole ordeal. He knew it was a necessary attempt but his fears about the man reached him just as every other supernatural creature in the world that knew of him. “So it went well?”

Bella nodded as she moved closer to him, taking his hand in hers and bringing his fingers up to her lips to kiss. “We spoke for a few about my problem. I learned about one he was experiencing. He gave me his blood without any more questions, but I felt I should do something. I took down a few of those that were after him that happened to be around his home. Thanked him and came home. What’s the matter?”

His eyes drank in her face before moving his hand to cup her cheek. Leaning in, he pulled her to him as he laid a gentle kiss on her lips. A kiss that she returned eagerly. Coming apart for air, she looked at him curiously as she waited for his answer.

Sighing, simply knowing she wouldn’t let him going without understanding why he was so upset about her reaching out so far for help that he wished he could give her, he leaned his forehead against hers. “Their kind of vampire, especially ones as old as the hybrid, is capable of mind manipulation. I feared that he might try to control you the way that all these Cold Ones are after you. I don’t want to lose you.”

Reaching up with both her hands, Bella wrapped her fingers around the back of his his neck. “I’m here, with you. I can’t promise what will happen in the future. Whether it be tomorrow, next week, or next year, but I’m here with you now and I’m not looking to go anywhere else.” Thinking after a moment, she shrugged a shoulder playfully, pulling her bottom lip in between her teeth, she continued. “Well, except maybe the bathroom…be right back!”

He couldn’t help but to laugh as she kissed him quickly before jumping off the bed and running off. “Okay, so I only have to worry about losing you to nature. Works for me,” he said, more to himself as he stood to get her a change of clothes. He left out one of his t-shirts with a pair of her pants. Calling out to her, he was simply more relaxed. “Bella? I left you some clothes on the bed. Your tea is on the table. We’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

Okay! I’ll be down in a few!” she called out through the door over the running water.

Nodding, he made his way back downstairs, seemingly with an extra skip to his step. At seeing his uncle’s amused face, he scowled and let out a low warning growl to keep him silent. His gaze soon fell on Jessica, wondering what they would do with her. Derek wanted to wait for Bella, knowing she’d be quite vocal if she didn’t have a say in what would happen, considering she is the intended victim in everything.

It didn’t take long before the girl made her way down, moving much easier as she had magically healed from her new, faraway friend. “Alrighty then. Disgusting tea drunk – I even finished it this time so I should be good for a few months before having to suffer through that again, right?” Bella asked as she attempted to remain as impassive as she could, looking to the Druid woman.

Tired, Jessica simply nodded. “Yes. It would be best to drink a couple every three months. At the very least.”

Nodding, Bella looked to her favorite wolves and to Deaton, who appeared concerned and contrite with her presence. “Whatever issues anyone has, let’s get it out. Here and now. Because we have a huge battle ahead and we don’t need to be fighting amongst ourselves. Deaton… I know you mean well and all, but I really need you to just keep your distance. You really remind me too much of Carlisle that it’s rather disturbing. Maybe in time I can get over it, but your sunny disposition and medical expertise is just too much for me right now. Peter? I love you like a father. I never knew mine and while Phil tried…” She trailed off at that lost family. “You’re the closest thing I have to that and I don’t want you to change who you are. Except, well, don’t kill good people just because. That whole thing I had to hear from Scott, while it was fucked up and wrong, just no. Jessica.”

At her name, the redhead looked up with nothing but defeat on her face. She had no idea what she would hear but she certainly believed it would cut her down more than she already was.

“You deceived Deaton, the packs here, and myself. You were supposed to help, are supposed to as a Druid. You let yourself be taken by those – walking disco balls that it makes it very difficult to work with you now that we know the truth. You could have said something, especially after learning what I had come from with the Cullens. It wouldn’t have been my first encounter with them and we would have helped. Your sister and niece does not need to suffer needlessly at the hand of sadistic monsters. I am giving you this one warning and if you betray us again – I mean in any way – I will come after you myself. Whatever Peter and Derek had planned for you would be a walk in the park compared to what I will do.”

Blinking at her, unsure of what she was truly saying at that moment, she simply nodded. She had never intended to let it go as far as it had, but she knew she wasn’t out of hot water with the group. Not until the threat was long and gone.

“Let her go,” Bella ordered, crossing her arms as she paced the floor. She appeared to be deep in thought when the door buzzer sounded. Making her way over, she pulled it open and smiled when she saw her other ‘father’. “Mr. Argent.”

“Bella,” he nodded with a smile, looking her over. He stepped in hesitantly with a couple pizzas in hand. “You seem to be moving around pretty well for someone with broken ribs. Isaac said that you had an incident?”

Waving him in, she shrugged, winking over at Derek as he made his way closer. “Minor mishap. Occupational hazard you can say. However, we managed to make a new friend that was capable of helping me heal so I’m tiptop shape for battle.”

“Yeah…” Chris started as he set the boxes down and turned to look at her and Derek. “About that. I been doing some research and I think those shifters up in Forks may be able to help.”

“Yeah…” Bella mimicked his drawing the word out and shook her head. “That’s not going to happen. I know them and they did nothing to help me when they knew I was being held against my will.”

“They are more than capable of fighting against them and while Beacon Hills’ wolves are capable – we could use the numbers. Those shifters are spellbound to react to the Cold Ones. It’s in their nature to fight them. I don’t know why they didn’t go after the coven that held you, but I’m asking you to please consider it,” he implored.

“I’ll think about it,” she replied, stepping back into Derek’s arms, having felt him move closer with her upset. “I make no promises. I already granted that one there conditional leniency. It will be harder with the Quiletes because there were supposed to be my friends.”

Chris nodded as he understood her standpoint and didn’t comment further. He certainly wasn’t about to push her considering what he’d learned she’d just went through the last couple days through Isaac. “So – I understand that Isaac may be considering coming back to your pack.”

Derek appeared surprised at that while Bella smiled. “If he’s smart, he’ll leave Puppy Chow in the dust. That boy will only get him killed.”

“Scott is a good kid…”

“I’m sure he is, but he’s a shitty werewolf. You turned an idiot Dad!”

“Sorry Bella!” Peter mumbled around a slice of pizza. “Let’s hope your boyfriend does better. He’s turned some questionable wolves since he’s became Alpha. Have you told her about Erica?”

She turned to look up at Derek with a raised eyebrow. “Who’s Erica?”

“A wolf I turned. Uh – she and I were involved but nothing serious. At least on my part. It’s been over for a long time, I assure you,” he smiled reassuringly.

“Uh huh… you and I will be talking later,” she muttered, a smile hiding on her lips but still happy to be stronger. She could feel the fight coming on and she was almost thirsting for it now. Or maybe she’d been spending too much time with Peter. Regardless, they had to start on their defensive preparations and utilize Jessica. She was sure that there was more there and turning her into a double agent of sorts was only the beginning of her retribution.


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