Screwed: Part 05

John and Aracely had set up tentative plans to meet but he had been on edge for the rest of the afternoon and through dinner. He was never more pleased that his friends didn’t put him through an inquisition about why he was so jumpy and eying the door for a quick escape.

And escape he wanted. He paced his room, feeling as if he was on fire from thinking about his former lover and those boots of hers. A cold shower was greatly needed and certainly helped some, but it wasn’t quite what his body was demanding for. He had just finished pulling his shirt over his head when he was alerted to someone at the door. Running a hand through his still wet hair, he was surprised to see her there.

He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but before any sound could come out, she reached up and pushed him back into his quarters. As soon as the doors slid closed behind her, he looked down to find her eyes open wide with determination and something else? John could have been mistaken but he thought she looked a little afraid. A word he never thought to apply to her.

She still pushed against his chest, making him stumble backwards until his legs caught the edge of his bed and he fell onto it in a heap. Without breaking her stride, she climbed up and straddled him and immediately the raging hard on he had finally calmed in the shower was back and pressing against her backside.

He knew she felt it because if it were any more possible, her eyes widened a fraction more and darkened exponentially. Again, he tried opening his mouth to question what she was doing, that what was happening was wrong – but he fucking wanted it.

Her hand flew up to his mouth, her fingers thrust past his lips to suck on as they had in the past, and to keep his mouth occupied from speaking. “Shh,” she let out softly, her hips rocking over his forcing a groan from him. “You know damn well that until this is happens, we won’t be able to function around one another.”

John knew was she was thinking. Their tension was palpable. Fuck, anyone within visual range of the two could taste the sexual arousal the two ignited in one another. They needed to get it out of their systems, and fast. Closing his eyes, he pressed his pelvis up against her to let her know he was game.

In the next blink, her hands were working his pants free as quickly as his were. If sex had been a sport between the two of them when they were together all those years before, they would have been gold medalists in getting one another undressed in record time. When he started cursing under his breath and slapped a hand over his face, Aracely looked at him confused. “What?”

“I don’t have any condoms here. Never needed them…” he muttered before released a few more curses.

“When have you known me to not be on any sort of birth control?” she grinned before shifting her weight, causing his erection to rub against her warm, wet center. “I have an IUD. I’ve had it in for years. We’re good.”

“Thank fucking God,” John sighed, running his hands over her thighs as he felt her press down onto him. The sensation of being inside her, and not just any woman, was mind-blowing. So much so that when his hands reached her small waist, they dug into her flesh when she tried to start moving.

Letting out a huff, Aracely looked at him, her hands on his chest for balance. “What now?”

“Just – I need a moment. It’s been awhile,” he answered in a strained voice.

“Sorry,” she smiled, relaxing as she waited him out. When he nodded tentatively for her to continue, she kept it slow. Slower than she would have like as she really needed to fuck him and be fucked hard. He knew that too.

When he was sure that he had his control back in his own hands rather than that of a teenager who was fumbling around for the first time, he bent his knees to find some sort of traction for his feet when he thrust up into Aracely hard – to her pleasure and surprise.

John couldn’t help but to grin at the sudden widening of her eyes as he scored by getting her in the right spot where she let out a strangled cry as she tried to hold herself together. Now the shoe was on the other foot.

“Off,” he nearly growled as he sat up to switch positions. Aracely had moved first to her knees and was about to turn over to her back when he grabbed her hips again and pulled her back to him, quickly sliding back into her folds.

She let out a grunt that quickly changed into a moan as her eyes rolled closed. Pressing her upper body to the covers of the bed, she panted as he thrust into her repeatedly. Once the initial shock wore off, she let herself enjoy the feeling of him in her. Shifting so that she rested on her arms, Aracely peeked over her shoulder at John and found herself surprised at the intense look in his eyes as he looked back at her.

Just as his relationships with his team, he didn’t have to speak for them to understand one another and in just a shared look, Aracely and John knew this would not be a one time thing. There was no way with how strong their attraction was, and it wasn’t just the physical responses their bodies shared.

He wasn’t going to last nearly as long as he would have liked and it unnerved him whenever he was able to get off before his lover did, if she had been able to at all. It wasn’t like they had that problem in the past but there were a few times that he lacked enough control to last for her. Reaching around her waist with one hand, as the other continued to hold her firmly in place as he pounded into her, John began rubbing his fingers over her clit. He couldn’t help but to grin at the moan Aracely let out as she was unable to hold herself up on her arms and her hands fisted into his sheets.

John could barely hear her begging pants, asking for him to go harder as her face pressed into the mattress to muffle the scream of pleasure that rocked through her body, her body tense and glistening in sweat beneath his touch.

It did not take him long after feeling her muscles contract and tighten around him before he let go, collapsing across her back. Struggling for oxygen, he shifted them so that they could fit somewhat comfortably on his small single bed. When he looked back down at her, John smiled as he watched her rest and come down from her high with a soft smile on her lips and her eyes closed.

He knew he said he wanted to try, but in that moment, John knew that he didn’t want to just try. He want to be. He wanted to be with her and this time he wanted to fight. Only thing he truly was concerned about as he laid beside her, was just wanting to keep her to himself for as long as he could before all hell would break loose.