Ground Cover

Title: Ground Cover
Category: TV Shows » Stargate: Atlantis
Author: meekobb
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Drama/Angst
Published: 07-20-09, Updated: 07-20-09
Chapters: 1, Words: 415


Chapter 1: Chapter 1


Crouching down behind a low embankment, he gripped his P-90 tightly, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment to fight the burning pain of the sweat that stung them. The team was taking heavy fire when his was called in to help. Out matched and outgunned, both groups of the Ancient city were cornered, afraid. Unsure if more help would come or even if they would get out alive.

i”Sheppard! I’m out!”/i Stackhouse. That was Stackhouse. He needed to keep his focus.

i”Head for the brushes! I’ll cover you!”/i There was Sheppard. He was still alive. That was good.

The sounds of more gunfire and explosives going off rumbled in the distance, getting closer to them. The next blast was shockingly close, raining the wet soil from recent rain over him as he sat there in that ditch, regrouping himself. In a half turn, his blue eyes and sandy hair peered over the drift. The enemy was still coming at them hard, weapons more advanced than theirs, manpower that exceeded their own.

Footsteps running. Looking again, he saw Meyers coming his direction. Positioning himself, he shot off several rounds behind the man to offer him cover but it failed. Meyers just made it to the drift he had been taking cover in, blood seeping through his dark uniform. When he looked back down again, he saw his eyes. Staring forward, none reacting, eyes of the dead.

Hearing his name called, he turned up to see Sheppard, firing more rounds, “Get to the brushes! That’s an order! Daedalus is ten minutes out!”

Pushing himself up with a groan, he worked his way over to his commanding officer. “Sir, you need to get moving too!” he shouted over the sounds that drained out their voices.

“Not now Major! Move! I’ll cover you!” Sheppard growled back as round after round spit out of his weapon. Shaking his head in frustration at the man’s persistence, he knew that it would be a winless argument.

He made it to the brushes, Ronon and Teyla pulling his body in quicker the second he was within arms’ reach. “The Colonel…” he breathed out, holding in the pain. A piece of shrapnel caught him just before he reached the line, his hands red as they rested over his body. The last thing he remembered seeing before darkness was Teyla shouting her orders to him, “Stay awake! Major, stay awake…stay awake…stay awake…”