An Apple A Day

Title: An Apple A Day
Category: TV Shows » NCIS
Author: meekobb
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Adventure/Suspense
Published: 07-04-10, Updated: 07-04-10
Chapters: 1, Words: 460


Chapter 1: Chapter 1


“I’m going to ask again… Why me?” Tony DiNozzo whined.

From his position in the stake out vehicle, Gibbs only smirked when Ziva replied. “Because you do the homo act quite well my hair butt,” she said, again not realizing her err.

“Hobo Ziva. Ho-bo. Homo is … something entirely different. You can ask McGreevy at the office about that,” Tony quipped back, reaching up to scratch his hair that had gone unwashed for over a week. “And for that matter, how much longer am I stuck in the trenches? I am going to have to spend more time in the shower getting clean than this entire op is taking!”

“HEY!” McGee exclaimed from his position in MTAC watching the surveillance feed. His complaint had gone largely ignored by Tony as the man continued on with his own.

On the street, Tony sat in his cardboard box that was tucked away along the sidewalk end of a commonly known alley for metro’s homeless. He looked up when one of the ‘residents’ came back from a walk with his hands full. He stooped in front of Tony and gave a friendly smile as he held out something in his hand for the undercover agent.

Tony eyed himm suspiciously before taking what the man offered. Looking at it, he smiled and nodded back, “Thank Frankie.” Sharing of food amongst some of the homeless is almost unheard of, but this one guy that Tony had taken a liking to was different than the others. Sure he was just as scruffy, but something deeper was behind the man’s hazel eyes. He even thought the man had a nice smile, great teeth…

“Uh Gibbs?”

“Ya, Tony?” the man replied with his customary slurp of coffee.

“Have McGoogle do a background on Frank, Frankies, whatever in the area…”

McGee was already on it but thoroughly confused. “What am I looking for?”

Tony took a bite from the untouched area of the apple that was given to him as he looked down towards the alley. “It’s what you’re not going to find. The guy I got friendly with here has almost perfect teeth. Too perfect to be a ‘local’ if you know what I mean.”

“Working on it,” the younger agent replied, knowing it was going to take awhile and a lot of information to shift through.

Gibbs merely smiled, knowing that Tony was the perfect man for this job. Only he would have noticed something like great teeth being out of place. Taking another sip of his coffee, finishing it off, he looked back at Ziva who was surprised at the new information. The older man just looked back at her, proud of his senior very special agent, the NCIS hobo.