07: Bonnie & Clyde


Elijah stared at Rebekah wide eyed as he wisely waited in silence for her to continue as Klaus made his way to his side. “And you! You come to retrieve my sister and you manage to get her to flip her switch! Well done! I hope you have a brilliant master plan on getting it resolved. Ducky keeps her feelings bottled up tighter than Elijah’s sphincter. Good luck in finding out what her trigger is!”

Klaus let out a breath as shifted his weight and stared back at her. “We already know it will be difficult and I already made some progress in reaching for her emotional trigger. Get back to what you started with. What did you find?”

Rebekah glared back at him, ignoring the Cold Ones watching the sibling exchange. She held up the decapitated head of a dark skinned creature like them with long dreads. “This despicable excuse for an imitation vampire attempted to kill me. Evidently he caught some of Ducky’s scent on myself as I borrowed her jacket. He was rather upset that I was not her, and I’m curious. Will someone explain to me exactly why there’s a bunch of these parasites after my sister?”


Finding capable help was not an easy task. One that knew what they were doing and was strong enough to control their craft were hard to come by. Witches that willingly helped vampires was something else.

That was how Katherine found herself waiting outside of Mystic Grill, ready to pounce on the only decent witch she knew of in the vicinity. She wasn’t particularly pleased that she was in the company of her friends. It wouldn’t as easy to force her cooperation.

“Here I thought you loathed us vampires,” she purred as she leaned against the wall outside of the restaurant when the group walked out.

There was a collective groan from a few of the friends. Her eyes glanced over her former lovers as they eyed her suspiciously as she turned her focus solely on Bonnie. “You and I need to talk,” she said seriously.

“We have nothing to talk about,” Bonnie replied, rolling her eyes as she turned to lead her friends away.

“I think we do. It would be a good idea to hear me out. I doubt you’d want to have any members of Klaus’ family find their way back to Mystic Falls with their humanity turned off, now would you?” she asked, a smile twisting her lips as she knew she caught their attention.

The group froze and faced her, looking at her questioningly. “Who flipped their switch?” Damon demanded, taking a step towards her.

Katherine tsked him and shook her head. “It doesn’t work that way. I need a witch to find the Mikaelson, who is apparently on the run. There is so much about that family you don’t know. Right now, in order to keep Klaus off all our backs, I need a witch, that’s you Bonnie, to help track down this… sibling.”

Damon and Stefan Salvatore both knew she was withholding something significant. While they felt she was telling the truth, mostly, they weren’t sure how far to trust her coming to them for help if the situation was that dire.

“Well, they can deal with the problem themselves. I’m not helping them at all,” Bonnie answered stubbornly, crossing her arms and jutting her jaw out. “You’re on your own Katherine.”

“Not necessarily. I thought I’d give you a chance,” the old vampire said as she murmured. Her smile growing as she moved away, her cellphone in her hand. “It’s a shame though. Tell me, Bonnie Bennett. When was the last time you spoke to your mother? She was never quite honest with you. How about your grams? Did either of them tell you about your family?”

The witch glared at her but said nothing. Katherine waved the phone and sighed. “Your family kept so much from you. It’s rather fascinating I know more about your own bloodline than your do,” she laughed.

Elena couldn’t stand by to hear her ancestor speak like that about her friend any more. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh… well, I don’t know if I should tell you now,” the girl pouted. “You don’t want to help me after all.”

Damon moved and grabbed Katherine by the throat, making her smile up at him. “Tell her what you know. Now.”

“Oooh, so brave,” she taunted, her finger tracing shapes over his chest. “Why should I tell her that she has a sister that her mother gave up so willingly? She took off without a care for her after all, never bothered to contact her own family to let them know she was still alive.”

He looked over to the young witch who stared at them skeptically, slowly shaking her head in disbelief. “I don’t believe you. No. My grandmother would have told me if I had a sister.”

“Maybe. But everyone has their dirty secrets they like to keep buried. A teenage pregnancy in a town like this…” Katherine shrugged, her eyes landing on Elena knowingly. “It does things to you. Emily was a good friend of mine, remember? I made sure to keep track of her line. Just as I had my own. I know where she is and she is only a phone call away.”

Her finger hit the call button and the ringing filled the silence before a female voice came over the speaker, making the vampire smile as she stared at the witch across from her.

“Well, well, well… Kitty Kat calling me. I suppose I should be honored. What can I do for you?”

“Ahvitahl,” Katherine smiled. “Would you like to guess where I am currently?”

There was a moment of silence before there was a soft chuckle. “Tell me you didn’t. The poor thing is probably shocked to death… Did you at least ease into it or did you go Katherine-style and let it out all at once?”

The girl pouted again, turning her eyes up to Damon who still had his hand around her throat as he gave her a ‘what the fuck’ look. “You know me so well. I thought I’d try to see if she’d help with a rather large problem, but she isn’t as nice as you are. She doesn’t believe me that you exist. Her loss, I say. You aren’t missing much with the baby witch.”

Ahvitahl snorted over the line. “Be nice, Kitty. I’m sure everything has come as a surprise to her. Would she like proof? I can give her that…”

Katherine rolled her eyes and pushed Damon away from her. “It’ll have to wait. What I need is actually more important. Remember what I told you about the Original family?” she asked as she took her friend off speaker phone.

“Mmmhmm… what have you done, Katherine? Causing trouble again? I thought you had help escaping…”

“I did,” she replied, glancing to the Scooby gang as she knew that the vampires in the group were capable of listening in. “I’ve found out that something happened and one of them decided to go and flip their humanity off and now has the rest of the family running in circles. I’m trying to help from a distance in locating my… friend.”

“Ah. The same friend? And what could have happened to result in something like that?”

“He wouldn’t give all the details, but considering the history… absolute disaster. You know their relations. Is there any chance that you can do a locator spell? The last thing I really want to do is go anywhere near the family, but…” she grimaced as she considered the possibility. “I may have to.”

The witch hesitated before she answered. “I could… but I need access to something that belongs to your friend. And if not, then we’ll have to meet up somewhere…”

Katherine groaned as she threw her head back. She knew that it had been a long shot. “Great. I doubt Elijah will tell me where they are, but I’ll see if I can find out. In the meanwhile, start making your way to Mystic Falls. See you soon.”

“Perfect. Wild goose chase, long lost relative, and a family reunion. Should be loads of fun. See ya soon, Kitty-Kat.”


Rebekah stood in the living room, glaring at her brothers as they filled her in on what they needed from her, as well as the events that lead up to Bella’s decision to turn off her humanity. Her own distaste for their Cold One cousins only grew the more she heard.

She folded her arms across her chest, scowling at everyone in vicinity. “I’ve heard what’s going on, but can anyone come up with a plan that will actually work?”

“It is easier said than done Rebekah,” Elijah answered. “The Cold One we are up against appears to be gifted in some way, and our sister has been making it most difficult for our brothers to capture. Have you any suggestions to correct where we may have gone wrong?”

“No offense to your family issues, but didn’t Klaus mention that we had to find Bella by tonight?” Alice interrupted, irritated by the merry-go-round of arguing the family doing.

Klaus growled at the woman, not having wanted anything said or hinted about that particular change in his wife. A concerned glance from Elijah to his two brothers, he quickly grew suspicious as he moved into the hybrid’s line of sight. “What is she speaking of Niklaus? And why does Kol appear to wish to be anywhere else than here at this moment?”

“It is nothing to be concerned about,” he lied smoothly as he stared at him. “I will handle it.”

Elijah studies his younger brother, but moments later resigning himself to the fact that Klaus would say nothing. It wasn’t until he noticed Rebekah still focused on their brother that he grew more concerned.

“Why did you want to find her by tonight Nik?” she asked. “You’ve had two days now to chase Ducky down. There is something you aren’t telling us,” she complained. Rebekah turned to look at Kol, who immediately avoided looking at her, lowering her head then raised his eyes to get some cue from Klaus. Her head turned back to him, trying to put the puzzle together, realization slowly coming to her. “Bloody hell… There is no way in bloody hell! Nik! Tell me that isn’t true!”

Elijah and the rest were confused, but the tall brunet was slowly beginning to understand. He was quick to compose his expression of shock as he stepped forward, looking his brother until blue eyes were once again locked with own. “Niklaus? Explain yourself, if you would, please…”

“Why should I?” he responded defiantly. “She is my wife and it is my duty to protect her as I see fit. Whether she has her humanity or not, I will do what is right by her first and foremost. Not what the noble Elijah thinks that we should do. Besides, what is it that you would be able to do, should you come into contact with her? What if she were to sink her teeth into you? Lot of good you would be to the cause. I will handle my wife. You continue to dispose of her other problems that the Cullens helped bring upon her.”

“Two hybrids?” Rebekah muttered as she stood in shock. “What has she done?”

“Already? Well let’s see. Poppet decided to feed on one of her annoying classmates from what the Major had described the nit to be. Killed her right there in front of us. That was a shock, I tell you,” Kol explained, earning an eyeroll from Klaus before continuing. “But her true masterpiece thus far was after she discovered that we provided the town’s chief with vervain. She was none too pleased you see. She decided to go after some bible thumpers. Gave a whole new meaning to a bloody show. Hey Nik, did you notice the heart that the statue of Mary was holding?”

“No, but I did notice the intestines from the chandelier and sconces, and the eyes on another statue,” he sighed in response. “The full moon is tonight. I will transform and keep up with her. She won’t have control on being able to turn back until she figures it out so she will be stuck until day break. I will do my best to keep her occupied in the woods.”

Elijah wasn’t so sure that would even work, but there was little recourse that any of them could take as it was not an event that they were able to predict. “Very well. Rebekah and I will go on hunting trip of our own. I would much rather have this nomad situation over and done with now.”

“Then take care if it Elijah. And do something with these two! I don’t trust them, especially after that stunt that so called son of theirs pulled and they persisted on defending his actions. We cannot count on the shifters to assist as they have a funeral, and then likely a war to prepare for. I’d like to be out of the area for when that comes to pass, even if for once someone’s ire is not with me,” Klaus argued as he stared his older brother down, not caring at all for the affronted expression on Esme Cullen’s face.

Elijah nodded after a moment, taking breath as he turned to said two annoyances, glancing between them.

The angry hybrid eyed the exchange, satisfied that it was in capable hands before he walked out, slamming the door behind him. Rebekah couldn’t help but to jump at the sound, her eyes closing in her own swirling emotions from what she was learning since her arrival.

Carlisle held his wife close as he was unsure of how to respond to the old, and strong family of Original vampires. “Please, I beg of you. Once this is over, we will leave here and you won’t see or hear of us anymore…”

Elijah smiled, a dark edge to it but a smile nonetheless. “Oh, I’m quite sure that you’ll leave the town behind. I should think you have that much common sense.”

“Doubtful,” an under the breath comment was heard from an upstairs bedroom, followed by a deep male chuckle and a slap.

Rebekah raised an eyebrow as she eyed Kol and his friend questioningly to the other voices she hadn’t seen the owners to.

Jasper merely shrugged. “Another of the adopted siblings for the appearances. Bella granted them permissions to join your family in New Orleans before she…” he explained as he circled his finger around his head.

“I see. Well, perhaps they won’t mind if we decide that Mother and Father would make better kindling for the fireplace, would you say?” she smiled sweetly.

Esme and Carlisle gasped, horror etched into their stone features. The blond doctor pushed his mate behind him protectively, his fear rising at the intrigued expression on Elijah’s face. He had been put in charge of taking care of them, after all.

“Rebekah, we need to conduct ourselves with a bit more decorum than that. I am very well aware of your… dislike for their kind but not all of this family has been orchestrating against our sister. A few have been more than cooperative in resolving the issues at hand, or working to locate her, as pointless as her ability may be,” Elijah sighed as his eyes laid on the pouting girl.

“Well I’ve bloody had enough of waiting around. If you all have not been paying attention to the papers, you would have noticed a significant increase of killings happening between here and Seattle. Now, Nik may have kept me in one of his forsaken coffins periodically, but to me that sounds like one of two things when knowing that something of our world just so happens to be milling about the area,” she argued.

“We already know that Bella has developed a taste for the theatrical,” Kol proudly sighed as he sat back and looked at his sister.

Rolling her eyes, she ignored him. “Not Ducky. Well, not entirely. Yes, it could be one of our kind on a rampage just as she is, but it sounds like she is keeping her kills local. This is someone else.”

Jasper, however was more frustrated by her insinuation. “Someone is building an army.”

“Exactly! Thank you!” Rebekah cheered. “Finally a man with brains – and charming good looks…”

“Rebekah!” Elijah scolded. “Now is not the time!”

She frowned at her brother before continuing to smile over at Jasper, who treated her to a wink and turned to talk business in his particular area of expertise. “If someone is creating an army, the most likely suspect is Victoria due to her failed attempts to get to Bella-”

“She’s not the one, or at least she isn’t the one deciding it,” Alice interrupted.

Elijah frowned, turning to look at the tiny brunette. “What do you know?”

“I can’t see Bella because of this whole wolf thing, you know? But in the meanwhile, I have been keeping an eye out on Victoria and her decisions. I haven’t seen her make any of that kind of magnitude,” she insisted.

Jasper had his eyes narrowed on her, letting out a breath before shifting his gaze to the vampire. “She’s telling the truth.”

Rebekah huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at the tiny vampire before shifting her gaze to Jasper and the rest. “Well, if Ducky isn’t making the decisions, then who the bloody hell is?”

The blond warrior narrowed his eyes in thought for a moment. “It has to be someone who knows how to get past your visions.”

“Well, Laurent might know how if the Denalis told him more about us while he was up there,” Alice huffed. “Or she’d spent more time watching us than we knew about. Maybe she spied on the wolves and they know how my ability works, what with Edward’s inability to keep his mouth shut at times.”

Elijah was silent as he thought over the next course of action. “Perhaps we should have another talk with the pack’s Alpha. See what he truly knows.”

At this, there was a thunderous shout from upstairs. Seconds later, Emmett was on the bottom of the stairs, grinning widely. “I’m going! Don’t care who else is, but I’m in.”

Rebekah breathed in slowly through her nose as she looked the new Cold One over, a ghost of a smile hiding on her lips. “And who might you be?”

“I wouldn’t,” Kol stage whispered in her ear as he stood. “His wife is a raging bitch and reminds me often of you, right down to the blond brain.”

A set of footsteps sounded as someone descended the stairs. Hard golden eyes landed on the distance between Emmett and Rebekah and narrowed. “Said raging bitch would like you to step away from my husband before things get really ugly.”

Kol grinned cheekily, giving his sister a pointed look. “See? Told you.”

The Original blond vampire gave her adversary a once over and smiled. “I can see why Ducky would agree to you joining the family. I think I like you, but only time will tell. How about while Elijah and your husband deal with the smelly mutts, you and I go on a hunt of our own and get to know one another?”

Rosalie raised an eyebrow as she had been expecting a response a lot more hostile than the one she had just received. However, she did see the potential in the immaculately dressed blonde before her. “I would say lead the way.”

The girl smiled cheekily as she glanced at her brothers. “Splendid. We’ll be off, then. Don’t wait up and if you see Nik, tell him that he better get my sister back otherwise I will find a way to kill the bastard, hybrid or not.”

As the girls walked out, Jasper could not help but to stare at the closed door with worry. “Should we be concerned for Rose’s safety with her?” he asked. “She was feeling a little…”

“Rather like she had something to hide? Yes. I am well aware, but I don’t believe she will do anything… permanent,” Elijah mused. He looked to Emmett and raised an eyebrow. “Shall we head to the treaty line?”

“Lead the way, man.” Emmett grinned.

Wrinkling his nose slightly in distaste at the word, Elijah turned to Kol. “You will not hesitate to contact me should anything go awry, brother. Should they force your hand,” here he paused, staring down the Cold Ones in the room, “feel free to act accordingly.”

“Actually, I was thinking about heading back to the Webbers and working with their young witch.” Kol countered. “See if we cannot get her to manage some spells; locators or incapacitators that may work for Poppet.”

“Very well.” The elder brunet nodded, turning to the only other capable vampire in the room. “Jasper, as the one with the most experience with… children, you are in charge. Kol, do be sure to give the Major my contact information before you leave.”

With those last words, Elijah and Emmett walked out, the door closing behind them.


Klaus glared at the sky where daylight stubbornly held on as he was impatient for the moon to rise. Walking into the only bar that Forks had, he paused as each of the local regulars turned to look at him. He let out a breath as he started for an empty stool at the far end of the bar, glaring at each man that dared to try to look at him wrong.

“Bourbon. Neat,” he muttered softly, when the bartender made his way to him. “Leave the bottle.”

He sat there sipping on his liquor, wallowing in his misery as he ignored patrons as they came and went. Idle chatter filtered the air, background noise as the dusty jukebox relic belted old rock and roll tunes from the ’70s.

It wasn’t until a pair of hunters walked in, ordering their beers and began shooting the breeze with the bartender that his attention was piqued.

“Find anything today?” the man behind the bar asked as he set the bottles on the counter.

One snorted as he took a pull from his beer while the other gave a confused look. “You know, I could have sworn we saw that Swan girl running around the woods. You know, way back where we put up our huntin’ blinds.”

“I didn’t even know that Charlie had a girl back then to have a kid,” the confused one muttered. “It’s like this girl happened out of nowhere.”

The barman raised an eyebrow as he looked at the two. “Why the hell would the girl be that far out? That out there is bear country. She could get herself killed.”

“It sounds more to me like the girl done gone and went crazy. Looked like she took a bath in blood. If I hadn’t had snares set up around, I’d have tried to chase the filly down,” the smaller of the two hunters shuddered.

“I’d chase her down and tie the bitch up. She may be young but she had a mighty fine ass,” the other laughed.

From his stool, the stranger’s fingers tightened around his glass as he listened to the conversation. His curiosity grew the more they spoke, as did his fury. By the point that the words were uttered out of the hunter’s mouth, he had tossed back the contents of his glass as his eyes were set on his potential new meal.

Making his way over, Klaus approached with a jovial smile, draping his arms across their shoulders as he leaned in. He kept his voice low as he spoke, his smile never wavering in the hidden threat. “I find it in utter distaste that a man would speak of a woman in such disrespect. I happen to know that Isabella is not crazy,” he added, glancing to the one, before turning back to the other that pissed him off more. “Unfortunately, for you, implying that you desire to kidnap and rape my wife leaves mortal consequences.”

The man was flustered as he eyed him, not knowing that his death was so close. “W-wife? The girl is only a teenager…” he stammered.

“You would think that,” Klaus smiled, his lips pursing in thought. His hand slipped up the man’s back and gripped the back of his neck tightly. Turning to his friend, he captured his gaze. “Stay here and say nothing. Enjoy another beer, mate! Your friend and I are going outside for a little, friendly chat.”

With that, he did not hesitate to drag the offending human out the door and around to the rear of the dunging establishment. “Hey man, sorry if I offended ya ’bout your girl…” he stammered as he tripped over his feet in the human haste that Klaus used.

The blond man said nothing but the stern expression on his face spoke volumes enough. He was not forgiving in the man’s actions as he continued to drag him deeper into the woods. Once he felt he was sufficiently distanced from the other humans in the vicinity, he righted the man on his feet and dusted his shoulders with a smirk. “So you’d like to tie Isabella up and have your way with her, would you now?”

“You misunderstood!” he denied, but the old vampire could smell the fear rise in his blood.

“She has a fine… ass, you said,” he repeated. “I happen to agree. She is the perfect specimen of a woman. Attractive, smart, undeniably cunning, but there is one thing that everyone underestimates with her. Do you know what that is, friend? Tell me. What is your name?”

“An-Andrew Newton…” he stuttered as he stared back into the hypnotizing blue eyes that seemed to force his answer.

Klaus’ recognition of the name caused him to sniff in irritation as he reared back as he studied the man’s appearance. He could see the similar blond strands of hair and rounded face. “Any relation to the Mike Newton from the high school?”

Andrew swallowed at the name and gave a jerky nod as he admitted the truth. “My son. Please. Do what you wish to me but leave him out of this…”

“Oh trust that I’ve already said my peace with the brat. You, however, should have more decency for a man of your age. Even if she truly was the age you believed, I believe you humans have laws against such things. They call men like yourself pedophiles, no? Shame the punishments don’t quite fit the crimes. It would be left to the hands of others to dole out their own sense of justice, and I happen to take a great deal of pleasure in my own,” he lectured the man on his inappropriate actions.

Newton stood there, frozen as he slowly grew to come to the awareness of the gravity of his situation. As his face paled, his eyes followed the stranger to his town as he stepped back from him. He couldn’t help but wonder what he was intending to do, his cautious stare turning curious.

Little did he know that curiosity killed the cat. And the big bad wolf was oh, so much closer than he knew.

“I will grant you the opportunity to run. You appear to be a spry fellow. If you are capable of escaping me, I will allow you to live. If not, well… I’m sure you can guess what that would mean,” Klaus bargained with a dark smile, his eyes sparkling under the setting sun that peeked through the canopy of treetops.

The human needed to hear no more and he turned to start running back to the tavern. He managed to get about twenty yards, looking over his shoulder, seeing that the frightening man was still standing where he left him, but when he looked forward again, there he was. He was only feet in front of him, furious and his face distorted to that of a monster.

He gasped, skidding to a stop and stepping backwards only to trip over a tree root. Ignoring the pain in his hands, scraped and bleeding, he crab-walked in the other direction before turning over and getting to his feet. He started running to his left, panting as his adrenaline pumped through his veins. He didn’t get very far before a hand gripped his shoulder and he was thrown sideways.

He hit the truck of a tree with a groan, sliding to the ground disoriented. He struggled to stand, his eyes clenched shut as the earth spun. He had to balance himself, against the rough bark and when he opened his eyes again, it was to the narrowed gaze of a snarling monster.

Klaus could feel his bloodlust rise, his thirst for the man’s blood burn in his throat as he prepared to lunge forward. He had consumed himself to his present hunt that as he was a breath from sinking his teeth into the miserable excuse for a human, his intended meal instead found himself staring at his would be attacker as he suddenly laid seemingly dead on the forest floor before him. His head had turned so fast, neck broken with force that was inhuman.

Standing above him was the subject of the monster’s ire.

“So I have a nice ass?” Isabella smirked, darkness clouding her eyes as she stepped over her husband’s body and hoisted Newton up by the throat with one hand. “Hm, I should take that as a compliment. However, what Niklaus said was not wrong. I just couldn’t let him have all the fun and I am still rather hungry myself.”


Rolling over, Niklaus awoke on the forest floor and the first sight that came to him was the darkness of the sky. Sitting up quickly, he looked around, taking stock of what he had missed, his senses searching for what threat he had failed to recognize that got the better of him.

At seeing the body of Newton, tied up to the tree, drained, and stripped bare of his clothing, he let out a sigh as he pulled out his phone. His penis eviscerated from his body and shoved into his mouth. Taking a snap of the sight, he smiled slightly, forwarding it to his siblings before heading back down to the tavern. He could not wait to hear Elijah’s remarks on her latest piece of art.

Newton’s hunting friend was still waiting inside as he had been compelled to do, drinking his beer. Making his way right up to him, he wasted no time as he demanded information. “Where is this location that you saw the girl?”

The all-familiar monotoned voice of one that has been compelled sounded. “That last time I saw her was on about fifty feet from a bear trail just east of here…”

Klaus grinned. “Good man. Now, you arrived here alone, drinking away your sorrows because your friend had an untimely accident on your hunting trip.”

He repeated the necessary compulsions on the bartender as he needed, and anyone else before he left, heading out for the direction that was indicated. Isabella’s scent was over the region quite heavily and he could kick himself for not considering checking the area before, as she had intentionally set them in the opposite direction along the rivers that would also mask her quite well with just as many locations to take refuge.

There was a heavy odor of death in the air, but not one of humans. It had him curious, driving him to follow it. “Well, well. Am I to wonder if perhaps you did not have a hand in young Salvatore’s choice of diet?” Klaus murmured to himself. He knew she prefered human blood but for the amount of animal carcasses to have been collected, and the bodies he knew she had fed on already, his wife appeared to be quite the vicious wolf.

“So you have finally found me.”

He turned to find her glorious body drenched in blood, looking unfazed by her appearance, nor his presence. Smiling, he held his arms out and shrugged. “What can I say? You certainly made it difficult, I will give you that.”

Bella scowled at him before glancing up to the moon, seeing it rise higher. He hadn’t taken his eyes off of her but she could not help but feel agitated, restless. “Did you know about this when we married? When your mother turned us?”

Klaus’ gaze hardened, his breath escaping as he took an angry step towards her. “I did not know what I was, so what would make you think that I was aware about your lineage, Ylva? By that alone we should have had some clue but never had we considered the possibility! You were Tatia’s sister growing up. Never did we think…” He shook his head as he knew that the shift was coming soon for her. He could feel the moon wanting to force it on himself as he clenched his fists at his sides before looking back up at her. “You feel it now, do you not?”

“Don’t call me that!” She screamed at him, her voice roaring through the spanse of the woodland. Dropping to her hands and knees, she gritted her teeth as she felt her bones shifting, changing shape. “Argh!”

“Don’t fight it, Isabella,” he soothed as he took to a knee beside her, only for her to growl in response. Shaking his head, he began to strip himself of his clothes, removing his layers of shirts as he toed off his boots.

Her eyes glowed amber as she watched him. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“You truly cannot expect me to leave you alone on your first full moon, Love. I will join you,” he announced. He continued to undress, only marginally relieved that she didn’t argue more simply because she was facing the pains of her first full change. Once he saw her bones breaking apart, he couldn’t bear her cries, unable to take the pain from her in this incident. He dropped to the ground, holding back his own pain and tears as he began his own transformation for her.

When the couple were complete, two wolves stood in the middle of the dark clearing. One a dusky, grey wolf. The other midnight black, growling as she lunged forward to snap at her mate’s neck before taking off into the night.

Klaus’ shook off the attack and ran after her, surprised at how quickly she had taken to her form. She was quick, agile, but he was just as fast. He was able to catch up, nipping at her hind legs and caused her roll into a tumble.

She jumped up, turning on him to attack again when a flash circled around them. He froze with her, a canine instinct, as they waited to see what the new presence was.

A male Cold One stood smiling, winked at them before waving bushels of wolfsbane around. “Sorry guys, but I need you two to turn around. Lots of space the other way to play and tear each other to shreds. Whatever your preference is,” he joked.

Klaus growled, already having an idea of who the creature was, but his wife did not share such reservations as she continued to attempt to attack him, during the distraction. This only ensued what appeared to be a marital spat in canine form.

“Jesus Christ on stick! Do you know that you’re nowhere near Olympic National Park anymore?!” Peter shouted, working to get at least his attention. “You’re now in Umatilla… You know, near Idaho and Oregon?”

The grey wolf snarled as he snapped at the Cold One when he got too close to the his dark mate. The interruption was just what Bella needed however. Slipping past the two, she escaped into the woods.

“Fuck!” Peter cried out as he grasped at his hair, turning to stare in the direction she ran. The only sign of her presence was her paw prints in the soil.

“This one is on you,” a naked and dirty Klaus stood behind him as he glowered at the man. “Pray that I am able to catch up to her now. I will leave you to inform the others of this mishap.” Shifting back into a wolf, Klaus took off like lightening as he followed his mate’s trail as it lead him into the heart of the country.

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