03: Desolation


Bella clapped her hands loudly, drawing the attention back to herself as she grinned madly. “This is all lovely and absolutely syrupy, however there is a bitch running around the Olympic woods here that I’d like to rip her head off so that we can be on our merry way. So, can we get on with our murderous plotting now?”


Her cell phone chirped with a new message causing her to look down to check it. The smile that graced her lips made her look like the young girl she’d been imitating just hours before. “We have company,” she announced. Looking to Klaus almost in reprimand, she raised an eyebrow. “Behave. Those coming are guests and my friends.”

“Great, I’ll break out the air fresheners,” Emmett joked.

Klaus looked to him then back to Jasper in hopes that one of them would answer his question that Bella was clearly avoiding. “What is that supposed to mean? What exactly is this impending visitor?”

Jasper shrugged a shoulder. “There is a tribe that lives not far from here that a select few of its descendants are able to transform, shift, into wolves. They pride themselves for being werewolves but they are nothing more than shapeshifters. They just smell – badly. Very strong odor of wet dog,” he explained with a pinched face. “Bella is good friends with one of them. He’s a good kid, I guess, but it’s just the smell.”

He turned his attention back onto his wife who was studiously ignoring the conversation around her at that point, inspecting her nails. “Do you have something to say to this, Love? Shapeshifting wolves? You know how I feel about normal wolves to begin with and you ally yourself with another kind?”

She rolled her eyes. “You are such an asshole sometimes, Niklaus. Jake is only a friend and treated me with nothing but respect since I arrived -”

“Other than that little puppy crush he’s been harboring for you, Miss Bella,” Jasper teased with a smile. It immediately disappeared as she glared back at him. “Apologies, ma’am.”

“A crush yes, but one he’ll get over once he learns of my nature. He’s more open minded about vampires than the rest of his pack, I assure you,” she said as she turned her attention back to her mate.

Niklaus only gave her a wry smile. “What’s wrong, Love? I know I could argue with you until my last breath and I wouldn’t win. We shall meet with your wolves. Pray that they don’t provoke me because I can assure that I make no promises not to slaughter them.”

Carlisle was cautious as he stepped forward, interrupting the two. His eyes darted between all the Originals, as well as his son who instantly aligned himself with them. “Please. I plead with you to try to maintain as much peace as possible with the tribe. My family has a long standing treaty with them that allows us to live here as long as we do without bloodshed as we feed from animals.”

What little amusement the hybrid had for the situation fell from his face as he scowled at the weak coven leader. A low growl emitted from his throat that had Elijah eyeing him with caution, wondering how the current situation may turn around. Jasper let out a sigh, disgusted with his family. “While I do not see eye to eye on many things with Carlisle, he is right. Waging a war with the shifters is not ideal and would only draw attention from others of our kind that we’d rather not deal with.”

“If you are referring to the Volturi parasites in Italy, you need not worry as long as we are around. They care not for our family and fear us,” Bella shrugged, looking thoughtful after a moment. “Perhaps a trip to remind them of our existence is overdue…”

“Isabella. No need to frighten Caius again. I am sure he remembers your last visit quite well considering you brought several wolves with you to their citadel on the cusp of a full moon,” Elijah admonished her.

“The bastard is a slimy asshole that tried to feel me up! I won’t condone that behavior especially as he knew very well who my husband is,” she argued.

“You know the Volturi, Bella?” Carlisle asked, but she rolled her eyes closed as she pulled in a deep breath through her nose to center herself. The entire time, she’d ignored the so-called family, save for the occasional comment that she chose to respond to, allowing her true family to manage communications on her behalf.

Bella met Niklaus’ eyes, her patience growing thin. “I wish I could just snap his neck… Irritating pest. Perhaps we should go visit the reservation instead. Maybe check up on Kol. I have little doubt that he has found himself some sort of confrontation with at least one of them.”

“Easy now, Love. You are the one that invited your friends here. We shall host this discussion with all involved here. We’re the ones that ultimately started this mess,” he replied before turning his attention to the sounds of snarling and growls that were emanating from the rear of the house. Raising an eyebrow, he kept his maintained eye contact with his wife. “Your friends I assume.”

“And it seems that our brother has found them as I predicted he would. I’ll be right back,” she grinned as she leaned over to claim his mouth in a possessive kiss that would have caused even Emmett to blush for the public display before she walked calmly to the back door, her voice echoing in her anger as she shouted loudly allowing her accent to filter through. “I better not see any bloodshed on my dogs, Kol, otherwise you can expect a lengthy stay in your box! Niklaus won’t have any involvement on this daggering, you bloody knob!”

“Oh shush up minger-” Kol started as he walked back into the house through the front door, a grin on his face.

“KOL! You better stop insulting Isabella otherwise it won’t be a daggering you get. I’ll just kill you off and there won’t be a witch walking on this earth that would be capable of bringing you back from that kind of dead,” Klaus warned as he stood from his seat. “Cut the barbs at one another.”

The younger brother, who had been taking it all in stride, stared back at him in challenge. He was contemplating his options when Bella walked back in with a pair of half naked Native American teenage boys that he had seen running around in the woods shortly before. She glanced over at him with a frown as she returned to his brother’s side with a sigh, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew her just as much as any of the other siblings, and lowered his head to her, ashamed for hurting her feelings. He couldn’t care less about pissing Klaus off, but he was upset for constantly upsetting his beloved sister the way he was with his jesting.

Bella was silent as she assessed the brothers, confirming that for the moment, their family squabbling was settled for the time. “Darling, these are a couple of my friends I want you to meet,” she murmured before turning back to level a glare through narrowed eyes on the bulkier boy who had appeared to be having a difficult time controlling his anger as his body shook with the force of his glares towards the Cullens. “And you promised you would behave. They won’t do anything to you. You want Cold Ones to destroy, you will get your chance. I give my word as a Mikaelson.”

Jacob frowned as he looked back at his friend, his nostrils flaring as he looked between her and the male that she was holding onto. It wasn’t until he focused his senses on him that he seemed different in some way, but he couldn’t place it. “You’re not with the leech anymore?” he asked, confused.

“I never was,” she answered as she looked at him. “It was wishful thinking on Edward’s part, and – a somewhat necessity of circumstances that I played along with for the time. I could never have been with him, Jake.”

The boy’s heart sped briefly, skipping a beat in hope but he knew it was lost as he absorbed how she positioned herself with the male he’d never seen before. “But you’re with this guy…” It was a statement, not a question as for a person so young, he was far wiser beyond his years which was what drew in Bella’s friendship and protection.

“I am. I have been for a very long time. There is much I never told you about myself, Jake, and I hope that you will be able to remain a friend once I tell you the truth. You as well, Seth,” she said gently as she shifted her gaze to the younger wolf beside him that had always expressed a genuine curiosity about her vampire friendships.

Jake took a deep breath to calm himself as he looked around, carefully noting how everyone seemed to be holding themselves differently. The normally confident and strong vampires of the Cullen family were more cautious and submissive as they seemed to watch Bella and the humans with her for cues on what to do. The one male that he recognized that had been with the pint sized Cullen, seemed to have defected to his friend and her – whoever they were to her. “Alright…I’m listening,” he said calmly as he kept his eyes fixed solely on her, knowing that if he looked anywhere else, especially the guy that he could see already had won her heart that she claimed had so long ago, he might shift and hurt someone inside the house. Especially her.

Bella looked up at Klaus and smiled at him, trying to ease his possessive and protective nature over her as he stared the young shifter down. “Jake, the world is so much bigger than you know. There are more than your kind and the Cold Ones out there, beings stronger and more powerful,” she started, watching him to make sure he was indeed listening. When he nodded for her to continue, she took a step forward towards him, against Klaus’ warning growl, she smiled. “There are vampires that indeed fit the traditional lore. The kind that burn in daylight, needing a wooden stake to the heart to be killed… Jake, I was born of that kind over a thousand years ago with my family. We are the first of those vampires,” she told him as she held her arm out towards the others.

He was silent as he let the information process, unable to believe what she was telling him. While he should logically want to kill her, like the others in the room, he continued to care for her and shook his head. “I don’t care, Bells. You’re still my friend,” he muttered. “You never hurt anyone that I could tell. Right?”

“No. Our kind don’t need to kill humans to feed. We can make them forget we were ever there as well,” she told him. “But generally, I prefer drinking from donated blood once the process became more refined. Rarely I drink from the source.”

“You never considered animals like them?” He asked, nodding to the family she’d spent so much time with.

Hesitating, she shook her head. “Not likely. I’ve lived far too long and drank human blood for all that time that it would likely be more disasterous. I’m sure you can understand.”

Jake nodded in understanding and smiled. “I do. I can’t say the same for the rest of the pack but I’ll do what I can to keep them off your back while you’re here. Your planning on leaving though, aren’t you?” he asked as his eyes glanced up to the intimidating man beside her in question.

“We are, but first we have some unfinished business to resolve. I want to deal with Victoria before anything else,” she sighed with the exhaustion of the nuisance of the Cold One that had been giving them problems.

“We will deal with Vicky and her friends, Darling,” Klaus spoke up, refusing to remove his eyes from the one that he felt was a potential threat to his mate. His arm pulled her to his side possessively, earning an irritated eye roll from her but she did not object as she too suffered from their separation. “It’ll be fun.”

Jake’s eyes narrowed at him. “She’s not been easy to pin down. What about your kind makes you think it’ll be easier for you?”

Bella smiled as she turned into her husband, running her hand over his chest. He smirked in response as he glanced over his family. “We are the oldest of those of our kind. The first, as my wife explained to the Cullens before your arrival. I’m sure the good doctor will be happy to share our story with you if you please. Myself, I am different than the rest of my siblings and mate, I am a true hybrid.”

“Hybrid?” the boys asked confused. “What does that mean?” Jacob continued, suspicion dripping in his tone.

“Niklaus is both a vampire and werewolf,” Bella responded. “You and the pack have nothing to worry from us. You can explain that to Sam. If he has a problem, I have no issues with setting him straight. Nothing a rolled up newspaper won’t fix.”

Jacob raised an eyebrow at her comment and tried to suppress the smile that threatened to emerge. Seth didn’t bother holding back his amusement as he let out a full bellied laugh. “I’ll take care of it, Bells. So – I never really had a chance, huh? What about Charlie?”

She shook her head sadly. “No Jake. I was only here waiting for when it was time to go home. Charlie doesn’t know. He’s completely unrelated to all of this. I compelled him to believe I was his daughter and I will have to compel him to forget me now.”

“It’s cool. Just wanted to be sure that everyone is safe and you’re really okay. Even if you are a bloodsucker, you never were anything less than a friend to me,” he explained with a casual shrug. Before he knew what was happening, she was across the floor and had her arms wrapped around him in a hug.

“You’ve become one of my best friends here, Jacob. Don’t let let Sam treat you the way he has been. You are much more level headed for the position of alpha than he is and more suited when you are ready,” she assured him.

Klaus snarled as his blue eyes darkened. The young wolf’s head snapped up to look at him, a shiver running down his back at the furious expression on the hybrid’s face. “Sorry man,” Jake apologized, cringing as he carefully pushed Bella away from him and stepped back.

Bella glared at the back of her husband’s head. “This territorial bullshit is really beneath you, Niklaus. Why don’t you piss on my leg while you’re at it? I already have the bite on my shoulder from you. What else do you want in staking your claim on me?”

“You are my wife…” He spoke with deadly calm, eyes intent on Jacob as they flashed gold, his wolf nature breaking through. Jacob’s eyes widened when he felt his wolf back down in submission. The next thing that surprised him was when he lowered his gaze away from Klaus’, the urge to get down on his knees stifling.

My mate,” Klaus continued, stepping closer to Jacob with his fists clenching. “I’ve spent the last several months without you by my side and I’ll be damned if another has his grubby paws on you before I could properly be reunited with you!” He argued as he met her eyes, his own softening fractionally. “So forgive me, Sweetheart, for being territorial and upset. I believe I have every right to be.”

She frowned as her eyes slid over the others in her family as they watched on with caution. Knowing him as well as she did – as well as the others – he could have easily moved to kill the boy instead of speaking up in warning. A warning Jacob had recognized and acknowledged quickly his place in. Letting out a sigh, Bella nodded her agreement and made her way back over to him. “You are right that we need our time now. How about you and I go find something to eat. Jake can arrange with the rest of the pack to meet and discuss tracking Victoria somewhere neutral in the meanwhile.”

“Sounds good,” the young shifter agreed. He shuffled in his position uncomfortably under the hybrid’s angry stare, eager to get out of there at that point. “I’ll get back to you when I have a location and time.”

“Go,” Klaus hissed, dismissing the children before turning his eyes onto the Cold Ones still watching with obedient silence. “Now what to do with you lot? Hm?”

“Niklaus…All I’d like is for my family to remain in peace,” Carlisle spoke after a moment’s hesitation.

His lips quirked in amusement as he studied the man, considering his options. “I think that can be arranged. We’re taking nearly half of your so called children with us when we leave. I will allow Bella to come up with her punishment for you for all you’ve brought upon her while under your protection.”

Carlisle and Esme shared a heartbroken look as they turned their eyes to Bella, who only stared back with apathy. They received a temporary reprieve from Elijah as he let out a sigh and addressed the other mated couple in the group. “You may go begin to pack the things you wish to bring. While we are not leaving until this Cold One problem is resolved, it would be wise to be prepared,” he informed them. Without a second thought, Rosalie and Emmett walked out with a nod, smiling their gratitude to Bella and Klaus as they passed them.

Bella nodded her acceptance of them, then turned to Klaus. “Let’s go. I want something to eat before we get to have our fun with Victoria,” she murmured.

“Alright Love,” he whispered back as he pressed his lips to her temple. He then turned to his brothers. “Do be sure they behave themselves. We will be back.”

Elijah nodded as Kol grinned at them. “Have fun!” he exclaimed.

As they zipped out, the remaining Mikaelsons gave the Cullen patriarch a mocking smile. “Shall we continue with our history so that you may be able to correct any future – children of the story instead of the misguided half-truths you enjoy sharing.”

Carlisle guided Esme to the couch and together they sat down with a resigned sigh. “Of course, Elijah. I would not wish to provide the wrong information to anyone.”

There was a quiet breeze that was heard from the second floor as a window had been opened, just as Edward’s voice filtered down almost inaudibly, informing the others he was leaving to go hunt.

“Splendid. Shall we begin?” the elder brother smiled as he settled into the same armchair that Klaus had previously occupied, his eyes never parting from the coven leader.


Footsteps echoed softly on the sidewalk as the couple walked hand in hand down a deserted street. Sharp eyes scanned the sparse crowd of humans before Bella tugged the hand of her husband, heading toward a local bar. One look at the bouncer and they were through the doors without a fuss.

Humans were scattered about, either drinking with friends or by themselves, watching the crowd. These are the ones that they locked on, Klaus letting go of his mate and walked to the bar, signaling for a whiskey that he wouldn’t drink as he was in the mood for something thicker. He watched Bella as she sauntered to an empty seat in the back, noticing with a grin two men that were eying her as she did so.

One of the men got up the courage to ask her if she would like something to drink. Acting demure, she ducked her head and nodded, peeking up from underneath her lashes. The action made his fingers twitch and a low growl to rumble in his chest. As the man left, Bella glanced over at him at the sound, her demeanor changing quickly as a smirk curled her lips.

“No need to worry, my love. He was just being friendly…”

The man grunted and his eyes narrowed at the human in question. “I can be just as friendly, sweetheart, not that it would make a difference on their end, of course.”

The woman laughed almost silently. “You know just how to make a woman feel wanted, don’t you, Niklaus?”

“You know how I am, Love. No reason for me to change now,” Klaus said softly as he raised his glass to his lips and looked around. “Are you going to play with your meal, Ylva, or will you simply compel the fellow so that we can be on our way? This area reminds me too much of Mystic Falls, it’s nauseating.”

“Do not call me that,” she hissed, throwing a glare his way. The glare quickly faded into a hungry expression at the human headed back to her table with her drink. “What if I say I wanted to play? I’ve been stuck here with those conceited Cold Ones and had to watch my every move. My feeding was too limited…”

“Well, then by all means, have your fill…” Klaus gestured inconspicuously with a finger to a pretty blonde who had been eying him since he had walked in. “I, on the other hand, will make mine quick. I do not want to be here longer than I have to.”

“No killing, Dear,” she grinned through her teeth as she watched the young man approach the table and handed her her drink. “Thank you, handsome…”

“The pleasure is all mine,” he replied as he looked at her shamelessly. His eyes roamed over her figure unabashed, lingering on the swell of her breasts.

Bella narrowed her gaze as she went to take a sip, pausing as she inhaled the aroma of the liquor. It smelled off to her, a tainted odor so slight that the average human would never notice. A vampire who enjoys her alcohol, especially a particular name, would be able to know when someone altered their drink.

If she didn’t value human life, she would have killed the man right there for his attempt but she only smiled, drinking it without any indication that she knew something was amiss. The drug wouldn’t affect her, but she would play along.

After about a half hour of flirting and talking, Bella pretended that she was feeling the effects of the tainted drink, much to the amusement of her husband who watched from across the bar. It wasn’t long before she was stumbling in her steps as he lead her out the back door to the dark alley behind the bar.

Bella let out girlish giggle as he pulled her to the back, out of sight. “Where are you taking me?” she asked, pretending to stumble.

He pushed her against the grimy brick wall of the building, her back hitting it hard enough to leave a bruise had she been normal. The action spurred her anger, causing her eyes to darken, blood seeping into the veins. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” she questioned quietly.

The man was shocked, even more so when he saw a man step out the same door that they came through. His features were very much the same and his heart began to race.

“Now, now, now, mate…” Klaus tutted as he walked closer. “I don’t think that’s any way to treat a lady. Maybe I should teach you a lesson in manners.”

The man looked back and forth between them, his fear growing to the point that Bella could practically taste it running through his veins as she smiled from where she leaned against the wall. “I don’t know, Dear. I think him being this way is much more fun for feeding,” she commented as she eyed him, reaching out her hand to trace a finger along his carotid artery, feeling it thrum with life; pulsing under her touch.

With a quick movement of her arm, their positions were switched and her hand was gripping the human’s throat. Instinctively, his hand came up to her wrist, trying to pull her away. Bella grinned at his apparent struggle for air as she turned in Klaus’ direction.

“Would you like first taste, Niklaus?” She questioned, smirking at the hitch in his breathe at the sound of his full name. “He does smell rather delicious…”

“That’s quite alright, Love. I’ve had my fill of the local – offerings. You may enjoy this one all you wish,” he smiled indulgently. “Might I suggest that you make haste before my meal is discovered though?”

She turned to glare at him as she held the struggling man firmly in her grasp. “I told you not to kill anyone,” she complained.

“I did not kill her. I may have drained her a bit much of her blood and left her unconscious in the facilities after compelling her, but she is far from dead. Elijah messaged that the wolves made contact with the Cullens for that rendezvous you’ve requested,” he informed.

Bella smiled, pleased with the news that her friend came through. “Great! Now let me get my strength up.”

Turning her head to look the man in the eyes, she easily compelled him. Removing him of his memory of her and the visit to the alley, as well as his future attempts with women in similar manner, she quickly dove into his neck and drank greedily, making it painful for him as punishment for his intention of raping her. Pulling back before he could die, she wiped her mouth of the blood that dripped from her chin. “Get out of my sight,” she whispered in his ear when she was done and he all but ran, tripping over his feet in his weakened state from the blood loss.

“Enjoy yourself my love?” Klaus asked, handing over a kerchief.

She smirked, moving to wipe her face. “Wretched bastard should behave like the gentleman he should be now,” she announced. “Did he mention where we are to meet?”

He smiled as he reached up to push a strand of her hair back behind her ear. “Something about a baseball clearing. The Cullens implied that you would know of it.”

Bella let out a snort, rolling her eyes. “I do. It’s where this disaster with the nomads began. Very well. Let us be on our way.”


Over the course of the next couple hours it took to contact the necessary people as everyone had scattered to tend to their personal needs, one by one the gathering grew in the large open field. The La Push shifter wolves, with the exception of their alpha, remained in their transformed state as the man stood to the side speaking with Elijah, learning more about his race.

Kol had Emmett and Rosalie in another area, filling them in on stories, exploits of the family’s activities over the years to pass the time. The stories earning looks of disapproval from the Cullen parents who couldn’t help overhear. Alice was busy attempting to talk Jasper into remaining behind, to not leave with his long time friend and ally, and failing.

Isabella and Klaus walked out of the treeline at a casual human pace as they enjoyed the sight before them. Her eyes looking for a particular face, but was disappointed in not finding Jacob present. What was more disturbing was the fact that she did not see Edward there but she also knew he was still upset about her refusing to acknowledge his belief that they were truly in any sort of a relationship.

“Hello, Sam,” Bella greeted once they were closer. Her smile polite as she looked back at him with eyes of a woman far older than the teenage girl she pretended to be when they first met.

Sam nodded, drawing in a breath to calm himself of his emotions now that he was aware of what she truly was. He was conflicted in his feelings about her as she had been allowed on their lands since her arrival. He looked to the man with her who stared at him with a smug smile. When his eyes glowed a golden yellow, he fought the shudder of fear that ran down his spine, blinking back and nodded his respect to the power he clearly held. Jake had described it to him and while he saw it in his memories in their shared wolf mind, he didn’t quite believe it until that moment. “Bella,” he addressed her, “how do you want to handle the Cold One? I’m told that you are in charge considering she’s after you.”

Her smile grew to one of someone anticipating causing great pain. “Yes. I have some ideas, but first… Where is Jake?”


“Call him here. Send someone else to do the menial tasks,” she ordered, seeing through him. “Just because he decided to be friends with me from the beginning and continue to do so after knowing of what I am and my family, to task him with the job of a runt is disrespectful of the rightful alpha.”

Sam ground his teeth as he stared at her, his dislike of her growing as she barked her orders to him. Being surrounded and not knowing the capabilities of the creatures so old, he wasn’t willing to risk his pack’s safety, seeing the confidence emanating from each and every one of the Mikaelsons. Looking over to the larger of the wolves who had been pacing and growling, he nodded his agreement to the order before turning back to her. “Anything else?”

Bella pursed her lips playfully. “No. Now we will wait for Jake,” she sang and flitted over to sit in the large boulder that Jasper had taken residence against.

The chatter quieted down since their arrival, everyone except the Original family, cautious in their choice of questions. Elijah was forced to respond to them, much to his chagrin.

As he spoke, there was a rustling in the trees distracting him mid-sentence. As he turned to look at what the source of the noise was, the wolves present were quickly on their feet, growling angrily and distressed. Sam and Bella both ran as fast as they could to the form that stumbled from the woods, catching the body before he fell to the earth.

“Jacob!” Bella cried as she held his head in her lap.

Sam face was pinched with concern as he looked Jacob over, his hands hovering over the boy’s body as he searched for the injury before finding a crescent-shaped bite mark on his back. He looked up at the Cullens, his body shaking in anger. “Are there any others of your kind around?” He yelled as Bella sat quietly, tears falling down her face.

Klaus slowly approached to see what the commotion was about and what he could possibly do help. Biting on his wrist, he took to his knee to press the his bleeding flesh to the boy’s mouth. While some blood managed to be swallowed, under his wife’s soft encouragement, he could see that it wasn’t doing any good.

“Other than Victoria, I know of no one else in the region that could have done this,” Carlisle answered as soon as his shock wore off. Jake was breathing heavily as the poison of the Cold One’s venom spread through his body, rendering him weak and unable to move.

“Bella…” he cried in pain as he held onto her with as much strength he could muster.

She ran her fingers through his hair soothingly. “Shh, just rest. Do you know who did this?” she whispered, her eyes burning with tears and vengeance.

“Ambushed… Edw-” he started before he coughed and a spasm of agony hit.

“Edward? Edward bit you?” Bella asked, her voice growing cold. Her hands moved to his temples as she tapped into his memories. Seeing the vampire that she’d tried to consider at most a friend take his tantrum out the one person that accepted her nature and relationship without question, even after he too competed for her affections. Her hands slip from Jacob’s face as he took his last breath. She sat back on her heels, her face blank from any emotion.

Across the field where the others had their heads lowered in mourning, Jasper’s snapped up and his brows furrowed at the feelings he felt coming from the girl. As he focused on her to try to get a solid understanding of the shift he sensed, he felt nothing but emptiness coming from her from the moment the young wolf’s heart stopped beating. The first moment he did feel something come from Bella was when his former brother stepped out into her view.

All that Bella felt in that moment was hatred as she tore him apart without hesitation. Leaving his parts in a pile, she pulled a lighter out from her pocket and set him ablaze. Her black eyes moved over the remaining Cullens and a small smile ghosted her lips while her family stared at her with concern.

“Isabella?” Elijah questioned as he took a step forward, only to be stopped by Klaus.

“I don’t think that’s quite our Bella anymore…” Klaus whispered in disbelief.

She canted her head to the side, smiling coldly. “No. I don’t suppose I am. I think your Bella decided to take a vacation and give me the reigns. I think I’m going to go have some fun now,” she purred as she looked at her husband. “Catch me if you can…”

With that Isabella Mikaelson took off, disappearing into the woods, leaving everyone in fear and shock over what just happened.

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