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One of my first adventures into writing was actually with online role-playing within Star Trek. I am not sure quite how I was introduced into it but I’ve been a member of a number of sims (simulations) over the years and have run a game or two myself. Currently I am a member of one crew within Bravo Fleet, one of the longest running groups online, and have my own independent game (not affiliated with any online fleet). Aka’ula Colony is my own and is always age 18+. I can’t censor myself for anything when writing. I don’t even know how my friends talked me into joining the Carpathia.

Aka’ula Colony – Aka’ula Colony is based on a previously occupied world that had been long abandoned by it’s earlier residents after the destruction of Romulus. In attempt to revitalize the region of space, Starfleet, in cooperation with the Federation (although cut off from their direct aid), the colony serves multiple purposes. It is a symbol of growth, hope, and prosperity after such devastation. As the former city blossoms with new businesses that help connect a multitude of cultures, the lush fauna and bright clear oceans bring a sense of peace in a paradise that holds many secrets.

USS Carpathia – The Current year is 2392, The Carpathia is a Diligent class starship trapped in the far reaches of the gamma quadrant heading home on a journey that will surely take the rest of their natural lives. The Carpathia will be exploring new worlds and new civilizations within the unknown territory.