Chapter 09: Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

Lately he’s feeling like a broken promise
In the mirror staring down his doubt
There’s only one thing in this world that he knows
He said forever and he’ll never let her down

Because We Can ~ Bon Jovi

I spent the following hours reaffirming with Izabelle just what I felt for her before we simply laid in bed together. I could tell that she was thinking about something that bothered her deeply, but wouldn’t press her for what it was, as she would tell me when she was ready. My fingers trailed down her bare back, enjoying the silkiness of her skin.

“Is Rebekah still in the house?” she asked, her voice sounding off for some reason despite it coming out muffled as her face was pressed against my shoulder.

Whispering into her hair, I smiled as she snuggled closer to me. “She left about an hour before you started to wake up. Left bitching about her room not being high class enough for her tastes so she needed to go the mall to get some shit.”

Izabelle lifted her head and reached out with her hearing to hear how many others might be in the house and was relieved to know they were alone. “Everyone left at some point. We got distracted.” I shrugged, answering her unasked question.

She nodded before sitting up and pulled her hair up and tying it messily with one of her ties. She looked absolutely gorgeous to me in that moment, that I was ready to take her again. “I don’t know how much I trust Rebekah,” she admitted, as she eyed me and pulled my shirt on that had been caught on the edge of the bed.

Her sudden change towards her sister concerned me, causing me to sit up in the bed to look at her more closely. “Why is that? You don’t believe her story about you being able to have a child?” I asked gently, knowing that she did want that as much as I did.

“No. I know she is telling the truth about that. It’s her claiming about Niklaus using me, that isn’t sitting right. These abilities weren’t always bound. It was only after my anger over Katerina taking you from me when I was in Mystic Falls and turning you before I could, that enraged me,” she replied, glancing away, cluing me in that she was keeping something back about that time.

I reached over to grab her hand and pulled it over to hold it up to my chest, allowing her to feel my heart beating. “Do you feel that?” I whispered down into her ear. “Since you returned to me, my heart beats only for you. Please do not keep these things from me. I know you know everything about me. If we are going to make this work, we can’t keep things from each other. Please tell me what is bothering you,” I very nearly begged her as I looked into her tear filled eyes.

She obviously wasn’t ready to share whatever it was she was holding back, that had set her off back when Emily had put the spell on her, that bound her and sent her away from Mystic Falls, and from me. Izabelle took a deep breath as she let her fingers play with the sheets that covered our laps. “Throughout our childhood and over all these years, Nik had been nothing but my protector. My best friend even through all the torment that Mikael had put him through and this is before these abilities were bound, though of course they hadn’t manifested before. That is what makes it difficult for me to understand that he would turn on me like this,” she whispered painfully.

As I looked at her, I knew that this unknown with her siblings was tearing her apart inside. I went to lift her chin to look searchingly into her eyes for something. When I was sure of what I was looking for I nodded. “You need to speak to Klaus to see what he is really up to. Why he tried to compel you yesterday.”

Izabelle looked at me confused as I smirked back. “How did you know?” she questioned suspiciously.

“I know you almost as well as you know me, Beautiful. You love your family and its hurting you that they would do this to you after all they’ve done to protect you the way they’ve done. Do you want me to go with you for that?” I offered her, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear as I leaned in to kiss the corner of her mouth.

She seemed to be at a loss of words, letting out a shuddering breath. I could feel the hesitancy coming off of her still, so I moved my lips down her neck, gently sucking on the skin behind her ear. “Just say the word…” I whispered.

“You would put up with him for me?” she asked, disbelief lacing her words making me pull back in surprise.

I blinked as I looked at her, feeling just a bit hurt at that. “Of course! As much as I can’t stand the fucker, I’d play the nice boyfriend for you with anyone, including him. If you want to go right now, let’s go. Go shower while I make some breakfast for us and then I’ll take a quick one and get ready and we’ll head over and sit and chat with your dear brother.”

As expected, she was slow to respond as she waited to make sure that I was being honest with her, so I just stared back at her while I waited patiently. “Okay then. I’ll have some pancakes with strawberries if you have them,” she said with a slow smile, accepting my offer for everything it was worth.

“Go on Vixen,” I said as I slapped her on her ass as she got up from the bed with the sheet wrapped around her. I watched her disappear into the bath before I went to pull on some pants and head downstairs to get some breakfast going while I thought about everything she said. Even with what she learned, with Klaus obviously not being her brother by blood in anyway, she was still concerned about him. I knew that was how she was though.


So that was how we found ourselves by lunchtime, back at her place. When we got there, Jasper and Emmett were once again playing video games and her brothers were nowhere to be seen, which I was perfectly fine with for the time.

“How’s it hanging?” Emmett greeted without taking his eyes off the television.

“It’s hanging,” I muttered as we made our way in, Izabelle more hesitant after everything the night before. Nudging her, I nodded towards Jasper, because I felt he needed to know and she sighed before making a face at me.

Rolling her eyes, she fidgeted as she tried to think of an excuse out of the situation. “Izabelle,” I warned again. “Tell them.” The guys paused their game at that, curious as to what was going on and I knew that Jasper could taste the tension in the air around Izabelle.

“Fine. Jazz. There is something you need to know, both of you actually, but Jasper mostly. My compulsion on Alice didn’t seem to hold and she got in contact with me yesterday with the intention on getting you back,” she rushed out.

Jasper raised an eyebrow as he let out a breath. “Well I never doubted that she wouldn’t try doing something eventually. I just didn’t think it would be this soon,” he admitted. He looked back at Izabelle and smiled. “Relax. I’m not mad at you. This is all on her.”

“Do you think Rose is with her?” Emmett asked worried.

Izabelle shook her head. “I don’t think we have to worry about her. Alice didn’t mention her and never indicated anything other than her own desire to get Jasper back, so I believe you are in the clear. However, I would think it be best that we plan as if they all are going to come for the both of you, just in case.”

I had left them to their little sentimental moment and made my way over to one of the other couches and sat as I watched on. “So what’s the plan?” Emmett asked, growing serious as he looked around. “As much as I loved Rose, I don’t want to go back to them.”

“I need to speak with Nik about yesterday,” Izabelle replied quietly as she avoided their curious gazes. I knew it was hard enough on her to, after everything, feeling as weak as she did with the changes that her sister said she would be going through, as it wasn’t in her personality at all.

Jasper, which I was sure knew some kind of confrontation was going to come, glanced at me with a concerned expression. Nodding to him, I let him know wordlessly that I had her back because the conversation needed to happen between my girl and her brother. He looked back at her and nodded. “Hey Em. Let’s go grab lunch at the Grill,” he said, steering the burly guy from the other much needed discussion. “We’ll deal with that when we get back.”

Emmett looked at him in surprise quickly, scrutinizing him for a long moment. Turning his attention to me, I merely raised an eyebrow, silently waiting for both of them to get the hell out of there so that we could call Klaus to drag his worthless ass home so that his sister could get over this shit and move on. I may not be able to take him down, but I would do whatever I could to protect her from being hurt again.

It didn’t take long for the two to get out of the house thankfully, leaving Izabelle still standing where she was just inside the living room. “Would you like me to make the call for you?” I asked as I went to pour each of us a much needed drink for what was about to come.

Seeing her hesitate, she met my eyes as I watched her deliberation behind the fear that filled them. “If you would? I need some more time.”

Nodding, I handed her the drink that she quickly finished before passing her the one that was intended for myself before taking the empty glass from her and refilling it. Sighing, I went outside to make the call, dreading having to talk with Klaus civilly and willingly, but – I did.


Izabelle and I were sitting in the living room, quietly waiting for Klaus to arrive. I hadn’t told her how the conversation went on the phone. Truth be told, I don’t think she’d really believe me, but it was something that she needed to hear from him himself.

At least there was one thing that he and I did come to an agreement on with that short conversation. Someone was seriously fucking with us, and that they were going to pay dearly.

The sound of a car engine roared up the driveway and wheels skidded to a halted before it died and angry footsteps, that I knew belonged to her brother, came up to the door. Izabelle’s head snapped up towards the sound, but she made no other movement other than to watch and wait while I kept my eyes on her.

Klaus was quick to find us though, pausing at the doorway as he pursed his lips. He took in her still tired and distraught appearance, as I had warned him she would be. I had said that she was in fact, much worse earlier, but she had calmed down significantly but he would see clearly the stress of the situation on her if these rumors were true

“What did Rebekah tell you?” Klaus’ first question was out of his mouth, his tone hard and cold, but anyone can see that extra gentleness that was there for her.

Izabelle narrowed her eyes in confusion for a moment as she glanced at me, which I only raised an eyebrow and nodded for her to answer him. Really, as much as I wanted to believe what the blond bitch said, I didn’t want to put much stock into it. “Um, she said that Esther wasn’t my true mother, that it was another witch that father had an affair with, to retaliate for her affair that produced you,” she started with.

I looked over at him as he struggled to keep his anger under control, making me suspicious. Slowly he came around to sit on the other side of her. Taking her hand from me after glaring at my reluctance, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. He sighed as he tried to hold her attention where I knew that she was afraid if he would be capable of compelling her.

“Kitten. I don’t know all of what Rebekah told you but I can assure you that what she said in regards to you not being of blood with Mother is ridiculous. We remember your birth vividly,” he assured her in a soft voice. “Whatever she is playing at, we will find out together. I promise you that.”

Izabelle was silent as she absorbed the reality of what he said register, allowing me to ask the question that had been burning in my mind since she came home to me from her shopping excursion with him. “Why the fuck did you try compelling her yesterday?”

Klaus let out a resigned sigh as he ran a hand over his face tiredly, looking to his sister as he answered. “I must apologize for that Kitten. I have my suspicions of what our lovely sister might have spouted,” he spat out. “She had always been jealous that Mother’s magical gift never carried down to her as a human, but it had in you. Only it was such a strong gift, that Mother feared for you. She had your abilities bound numerous times, and had the promise of generations of witches to sacrifice themselves to assure that your gift was to remain bound. This last time, there hadn’t been enough strong witches to make the sacrifice, so as these abilities come out, I wanted to see if it brought out the human traits that would normally attach themselves. While vampires such as Damon cannot compel a witch, Originals sometimes can. I wanted to see if it were true for you because Rebekah would be wanting access to your magic.”

Something in that seemed to wake my girl up because she just shook her head and looked back at him angry and confused. “I don’t understand. Rebekah did nothing to me and I’ve done nothing to her. Why would she want to hurt me like that? Same for you, especially you. I’ve done nothing but support you. God! I even had to befriend that horrid Katerina to lure her in for the sacrifice for you and you know how much I hated that! And Rebekah claimed that these changes would do more to me. They would make me more human, closer to a witch than a vampire…”

“I doubt that Love,” he said gently. “Whatever she promised you, I would bet it was a lie to get you to her side. I have my curse broken, Mikael is dead, Mother is permanently stuck on the Other Side, and I have what I can have of our family back together, so truly, what could I be seeking from you that I do not already have?”

I couldn’t hold back the snort because really, he truly was one of the most powerful in our world. Izabelle and I exchanged a look and I knew she just didn’t know what to make of everything. “We were told that she would be capable of having children,” I admitted to him quietly as I took her hand back from him.

Neither of us could look at him but I could feel his eyes on me frequently. As much as I wanted to just rip them out of his head for his trying get under my skin, Izabelle wanted this to work for us and that meant I had to work with her brother. He needed this information and I hated to have to give him the one piece that could bring down any hope for that complete humanity that our kind lacks.

Hearing him take a deep breath and releasing it, he took another. “Wow. I was not expecting that. She said this to you? If it’s true, I don’t know. I only know that my witches knew about the powers from their teachings and warned me of in regards to their sacrifices for your bindings. I will ask them to look into it for you though. If, and I am stressing that it is a big if, it is true, I will be here for you through whatever may happen. I expect that the supernatural world would be in an uproar over a vampire child parented by the likes of someone of our family and that of Damon Salvatore if they ever had the pleasure of your company.”

“Oh shut your mouth Nik,” Izabelle snapped at her brother before turning to punch him in the gut. “I warned you repeatedly not to insult him. Over a hundred and fifty years of this nonsense, even when he was human and before his influence by that bitch that had you under her spell, he has always been nothing less than a gentleman to me. If I hear you insult Damon again, I won’t hesitate to rip your tongue out and shove it up your ass so far you will be tasting your meal all over again!”

“Aww I love it when you threaten people with bodily harm for me,” I whispered in her ear as I leaned in to kiss her neck. Leaning back, pleased that she had that fire lit again in her eyes as she glared back at her brother. “So what are we going to do about the Original Barbie?”

Huffing, my girl snarled. “I ought to shove a dagger in her heart myself and see how she likes it coming from me this time. I don’t like liars and if she thinks that she is going to get away with it then she has another thought coming. We need eyes on her, someone who won’t play her game. Which reminds me, where the fuck is Elijah?!”


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  1. i knew something was hinky with bekkah

  2. I am really hoping that Klaus is the ‘good guy’ in this situation and that it is Rebekah that is causing all of the problems…I want so badly to believe that Klaus can do the right thing or have good intentions by one of his family members if he cares about them enough.