About Meeko

I am a 30 year old girl that has been into reading for a very long time. I love many shows and one of the first fandoms that I truly followed was reading Star Trek Voyager fanfiction. I would search the internet for the best Tom Paris/B’Elanna Torres stories that I could find and to this day, I am so depressed that some of the best works have been taken off or I have lost the sites for as they are and always will be one of my one true pairings. While I have never written for that fandom or pairing personally in the true sense of what we know of fanfiction now, it is always deep in my heart.

My first venture into actual writing is NCIS, starting with drabbles. I didn’t want to get into lengthy stories until I was more comfortable and sure that I would be capable of finishing anything. My first ever written was Caught in the Act that you can read by following the link. Over time I started writing more and found a new fandom…

When I discovered Stargate Atlantis, it was very early in Season 5, I had literally spent three days watching the previous seasons to catch up and then all of a sudden they announced that the current season would be the final one. I was beyond pissed because I found something that I was truly in love with. It was sci-fi that was just right for me, it wasn’t over the top, and had a fantastic cast with a hot male lead that I just wanted to lick his throat.

Between my online bestie, Buggy, and I…We got to talking about our shows, and it didn’t take long before we decided to start writing together, collaborating on a crossover between two of our shared favorite shows, NCIS and Stargate Atlantis, pairing the ever lovely Ziva David and the handsome John Sheppard. We’ve written so much with them that I cannot begin to tell you the ideas that spouted that didn’t even make it to being completed.

Since we’ve take an extra long hiatus on our writing together, I’ve ventures into writing crossovers with NCIS and Hawaii Five 0 with another friend that I’ve continued on as a solo project, that I do hope to continue again shortly. I am hoping to rekindle my love for Steve McGarrett. The canon relationship with Catherine killed a great deal of my muse for the show so we will see this coming year.

In 2014, somehow or another, I’ve developed a taste for sexy vampires in that of Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries). I do not know exactly how this transpired. I do know how I got sucked into the Twilight universe, and it was not willingly. That I blame my cousin and her visit.

You see, when she was younger, it was a common thing that I would take a day with one of my cousins away from their idiotic parents and let them be kids. So when she was visiting from Florida, she really wanted to see Eclipse when it was still in the theatre because her parents wouldn’t take her, the cheapskates they were. Now, I didn’t see the first two, nor did I care to at the time, so I didn’t understand what was going on, or know anything about these sparkling glitter discoball vampires, so throughout the first part of the movie I’m asking her questions to the point I pissed her off and she told me to shut up until the end. So there I was in the theatre, watching a movie that I didn’t understand, annoyed as hell. I made her sit still until the end of the credits, still not understanding what the fuck it was that I just sat through for over an hour and beyond pissed off. Why? Because at that point, I needed to go back and watch the first two to understand what the fuck I just suffered through, and knowing that there were going to be two more that I had to see through to the conclusion – fucking serial movies. And then she broke it to me that they were based on books. Great! Here’s hoping the books were better than the movies! Fuck no. Bella is a fucking Mary Sue and it pissed me off, leading me back into fanfiction to find people who could give her a set of balls and make Edward less of a pussy ass whipped bitch.

So, back to sexy Damon. I don’t know how or when I got into TVD. I don’t care. I want the man in my bed, like right now, and as naked as the day he was born. But I got into crossover between the two fandoms, pairing Bella and Damon, because I love a bad ass Bella, or one with enough balls to put up with Damon and he brings her out and makes her less of a wimp. Which is all the base of my current projects, kick ass Bella and sexy Damon. What more can a girl want? Of course, as long as Bella isn’t based on Kristin Stewart. My Bella, depending on the age she is in the story can go with one of two actresses that are my current top faves, Sarah Shahi for an older Bella, closer to Damon’s age, like intended for Dark Horse or the upcoming Revenge series, or a younger Bella, based on Chloe Bennet, from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.