Screwed: Part 03

John managed to get out a half assed lame excuse that he needed to get in touch with Lorne about the teams as he had difficulties accessing that area of the system. He knew she knew that he was stalling. Thankfully, she only nodded and said she’d try again later if either of them didn’t find her first before leaving.

Leaning back in his chair, he let out a heavy breath that he had been holding. Thanking god for that small reprieve, he looked back down to see his pants clearly tented. Glaring at his crotch he grumbled, “Traitor.” Pointless, he knew. But it continued to stand there proud and at attention making him run his hand over his face in frustration and willed himself to calm down by getting his work done. It was going to be another night jerking himself off he knew. Damn those boots.

It wasn’t for two more days, after he and Lorne had it out about the medical personnel and team assignments that it was obvious that she had to go on Sheppard’s team. He had to man up and deal with it. Evan looked at him as he sat in his chair, knowing that his commanding officer was trying to come up with any excuse that he could to avoid it. Now he just had to figure out how to let her know. He would stall as long as he could, but he also knew too well that he couldn’t handle masturbating by way of his hand much longer. That science girl that he had expressed interest in him two years before had been transferred back to Earth and he wasn’t about to try to start with some random face.

When he made his way to his team’s usual dinner table, he paused at seeing herwith his friends. It wasn’t unexpected. She worked closely with his friend and best friend’s girlfriend so it was inevitable that she would follow them in regards to socialization with the people of Atlantis. Just in seeing that he knew that she felt very much out of place out here, where he was so very greatly at home. Back on Earth, she would have been in the face of anyone she was interested in getting to know.

John slowly made his way over to the group, as he always had before and sat in his usual chair. Only difference this time, shewas in the seat that Rodney usually occupied. Looking around, he noticed that his friend was no where to be seen.

Dr. Zelenka’s assistant damaged a panel on Major Lorne’s jumper,” Teyla informed him, knowing what he was thinking and smiled.

Oh. Okay. Just means we get to keep our own pudding cups tonight then,” he smiled, looking around the table at everyone before ending with Aracely next to him and started in on his dinner.

He started working on his dinner when Carson brought up the subject manner that he hoped to not deal with yet.

So Colonel, do you know anything about what team that the lass here will be on a gate team?” Carson asked innocently, causing John’s eyes to snap up at him, his mouth stopped chewing and glanced over at his ex.

Swallowing the bite he had in his mouth slowly, he looked down for a moment in thought before asking her, “How long is your contract for in Atlantis?”

Aracely knew what that meant without him actually saying the words. He needed to know how long he would have to deal with her. “Three years blind with open option for renewal,” she answered after a moment.

She watched as he let the knowledge seep in as his eyes flashed slightly when he glanced up at her before sitting back. Nodding he let out a breath, trying to sound calm and cool. “Almost all the more active teams already has someone from med attached to them. Knowing how much Carson prefers to stay in the City, you would be attached to my team. You okay with that?”

She looked at him, nodding slowly in response. “I can handle it,” she said, wondering if he would be able to.

John turned back to his food before shrugging a shoulder. “Come past my office this afternoon or tomorrow and we’ll talk about it more. I’ll have to get someone to get you fitted for off world gear.”

He caught her out of the corner of her eye looking at her watch, clearly trying to figure out either how to avoid it as long as possible or piece together her own schedule in her head to make the time to see him. That was until Carson came to the rescue again.

Oh don’t worry about it Lass. The infirmary is well covered this afternoon and I’ll be in my office dealing with paperwork so you can get all you need to get done with Colonel Sheppard that you need to,” he smiled at them.

Damn you Carson!John thought as he spent the the rest of the time focused on his dinner. He would have to confront her. Tonight.


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