Screwed: Part 02

Three weeks after she arrived, John was still no where closer to figuring out what to do. He was fortunate enough that Ronon had stopped his teasing but Rodney unknowingly kept up the torture when the group was together. All he could talk about is how hot the new doctor in town was. It took all he had to keep his face straight as he entertained his friend’s delusions about her despite being the man being happily involved in a relationship.

Jennifer knew she had nothing to worry about and let Rodney go on amused in her own right because despite considering her new colleague and topic of his latest rant being attractive, her boyfriend was quickly threatened with large gauge needles upon his next visit by the woman.

Looking up towards the door, where John had just focused his gaze before returning to hurrying to finish his breakfast, she narrowed her eyes slightly in confirmed suspicion at seeing the pretty doctor.

“Alright. I’ll see you guys later. I have a lot of reports to do for Woolsey today,” John said as he cleaned up his tray and left, receiving goodbyes from everyone.

It didn’t take long for her to make her way through the meal queue and look around for an empty table to sit at. John had already made his escape from the main area but watched on for a moment before leaving the doorway completely to see what she would do. He let out a sigh when he noticed Jennifer and Teyla waving her over to where they were still. Frowning, he kept his eyes on her as she went over and sat down with a bright smile on her face, a familiar pain in his chest choking him before he turned to return to his work as a means of distraction and avoidance.

Ronon and Rodney eventually left to go deal with their individual tasks for the day and Jennifer finished her meal and headed off to her shift. Aracely remained with Teyla at the table as it was actually her day off that week. She worked on her farina – or what she believed to be farina – quietly as the Athosian sipped her tea thoughtfully.

“So how are you finding Atlantis thus far?” Teyla asked with a warm smile.

Aracely looked at her and shrugged a shoulder. “It’s been nice. Those that I have met have been welcoming for the most part. It is a beautiful city.”

“There has been someone unwelcoming?” she asked confused at who she may be speaking of.

The woman only shrugged as she collected her half eaten breakfast that was not particularly good. “Nothing I hadn’t expected,” she smiled halfheartedly. “I will see you around, yes?”

“Of course. You are still welcome to join us for evening meal if you wish,” Teyla smiled.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks,” Aracely said as she headed off.

Carson had wanted to place Aracely on a gate team and while he recommended that she speak to Colonel Sheppard about it, he said she could also seek out Major Lorne as the Colonel was often busy. She opted for the other as she did not know herself of what to say if she were to come to face her former lover.

John sat in his office, the fishbowl of a room, and looked out as people passed by. Mostly military, some scientists here and there working on different repairs in their area. The reports he had said he needed to do were open on the computer but his attention was elsewhere, memories of the past when he would come home with work and she’d surprise him in some new negligee and climb into his lap, making him forget about his stressful day in all of a heartbeat.

His mind began to run rabid again, the image of her coming into his office then in that same sheer black babydoll with matching panties, her hair fallen around her shoulders in the thick waves that he loved burying his fingers in. He could feel himself growing hard at the fantasy when he was jolted back to reality by her presence in the doorway.

He didn’t say anything but sit up straighter as he met her gaze. John pulled himself closer to the desk, in attempt to mask his raging erection in his pants as they stared each other down to see who would break their silence first.

“I, uh, was told by Dr. Beckett to find Major Lorne but he seems to be out with a team,” she said softly. Her voice, the first time he’s heard it in maybe six, no seven, years sounded just as sultry and musical as it had back then, even when she didn’t intend for her words to come out that way. It was just the effect she always had on him.

He nodded to her, reluctantly dragging his eyes from her as he cleared his throat to check the schedules on the computer. Any distraction was welcomed at that point. She was at his office for business. Nothing else. He could handle it. Right?


As he pulled up Lorne’s roster and schedule, his eyes glanced back over at her. She was off duty, clearly, by the looks of her outfit. A large loose shirt that was fitted around her hips to hug her curves softly and allowed the top edge of her dark bra to peek through the low cut neckline, dark leggings that accentuated her legs that he knew she worked out regularly, and tall black leather boots that just completed the entire ensemble and screamed to him to just take her and bend her over his desk.

“Dr. Beckett said that he wanted me to join one of the more active off world teams to get the experience at least part time,” she added after a moment and received only a vague nod from him.

John knew that Carson wanted to put at least one of his new staffers on a team and Woolsey said as much that he had wanted a medical professional with his team whenever they were to make first contact with new worlds so that someone was there that could adequately assess the people with further recommendations. That meant he had to strongly consider her for his own team. Talk about being fucked.


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