Prophecy: Part 05

One Year Later

Crises and dangers averted. One mishap after another overcome. Barely into his 40s, John Sheppard contemplated retirement more times than he could count. Never had he actually considered those passing thoughts. If anyone had told him when he did try the one time to quit that his best friend would be taken upon their return to Pegasus, transformed into their enemy, and entered into a relationship with his other best friend – he would have thought them crazy. Don’t forget that he actually was on somewhat friendly terms with a shrink. No, he wouldn’t have thought them crazy. He would have said they were crazier than crazy. Certifiable to an institution of some sort.

Then again, he could have said that to O’Neill six years ago when he told him about aliens, and expeditions to other galaxies.

Heaving a deep breath, he stared out over the ice and snow as he tugged his coat tighter around him with his free hand. His other held onto a mug of whatever coffee substitute the kitchen came up with for that day. He hadn’t felt so tired and worn down so much in years, but he also hadn’t felt so complete either. Even more so, smiling as he felt Teyla’s arms around around him from behind. An intimate gesture they rarely displayed outside of their quarters where people could see. Of course, there was no one outside to see them now. They weren’t as crazy as him.

“What is on your mind?” she asked softly, her voice warming him in ways nothing else could.

John didn’t answer right away, simply making a face and shrugged a shoulder. “I don’t know. Everything and nothing. What are you doing out here? Where’s TJ?”

“Torren is with Rodney. They are with Carson,” Teyla shared. “You have been out here for awhile.”

He turned to face her but still was unable to find any words for what he was feeling. In truth, overwhelmed would be a good one but he wasn’t really up for the touchy feely type of conversation. Except, the dreams he’d been having lately. John had been wanting to talk to her about them and made a face as he looked away briefly. “Do you ever get the feeling that maybe we’ve known each other for awhile?”

She raised an eyebrow, confused at what he meant. “We have known each other for seven years.”

He grimaced, expecting such a response. “Yeah I know, but… I don’t know how to say it. Uh – have you ever wondered why we got along so well, right from the start? We’re from two totally different worlds, and not just in regards to planets and galaxies. Different cultures, backgrounds. But we just clicked. Instant trust. Did you ever question yourself why?”

Teyla frowned slightly and blinked at his question. She remembered that when her people had come to live in Atlantis for that time the first year, her friends had inquired about how she so blindly gave her trust to the Lanteans the way she did. All she was able to tell them was the feeling was within her that it was supposed to be. “Time to time,” she admitted carefully. “Why do you ask?”

Now he begun to grow more squeamish and uncomfortable. “You’d think I was crazy…”

“John. I would never think such thoughts about you.” She took the mug from his hand and set it on the ledge so that she could take both of his hands in hers as she looked into his eyes. “You have trusted me a long time. You know I believe your words.”

Taking a deep breath, his gaze leveled on hers. “The last few months, I been having these dreams. Most of times, growing up back on Earth. Sometimes here. There was someone with me. Seriously Teyla, this is nuts. You want to know? It was like your ghost or something that looked or reminded me of you was with me. See? I told you it was crazy, I was crazy!”

She stood there frozen at his admission. When he thought she was going to say that he needed to visit with Doc Robinson, he took in her hesitant expression. “You okay?”

“Yes,” she smiled, meeting his eyes. “You are not crazy,” Teyla said after she was able to collect her thoughts. “You should know, that I’ve had somewhat similar dreams myself, at night and during meditation. A dark haired boy running with me through the woods on Old Athos. Surely these experiences are related?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that everyone else would think we lost it if we said anything,” John laughed lightly.

“Perhaps an omen? That our friendship was meant to be?” she suggested. Only neither knew just how true that was, or what else it may imply.

John squirmed again as he stood in front of her as he didn’t particularly go for those kind of philosophies and beliefs. He always thought that whatever happens, happens. It’s their choices that shape what comes.

“Let us head in and save Rodney and Carson the pain of Torren’s anger,” Teyla smiled, pushing up on her toes to kiss him while they still had a moment of privacy between themselves.

He kept his arm around her waist as they made their way back inside out of the cold but removed it as they headed back into more populated areas of the city. It just was how they worked, and made their relationship theirs rather than that of the expedition. He hated being the topic of rumors and was glad that after the first couple weeks after they had gotten together, things calmed down.

Entering the infirmary, the couple smiled as they saw Torren cheering happily as his uncles Carson and Rodney kept him entertained. Carson had noticed them first and grinned at their approach. “He is certainly a happy fella. Gettin’ big too,” he greeted, handing off the toy in his hand to the child.

“Thank you both for watching him while we spoke. It is greatly appreciated,” Teyla replied as she ran her hand through the boy’s dark, curly hair. A trait that he inherited from Kanaan.

“It was not a problem. Anytime. I was just hoping to speak with you for a moment myself if its not a bad time,” Carson said casually, but with a hint of trepidation.

“Of course,” she responded, glancing up at John who only shrugged as he remained quiet, still lost in his own thoughts.

The doctor took a moment and looked between them before adding carefully, and quite cryptically. “Maybe Colonel Sheppard would like to join us as well?”

John raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly. “Sure,” he drew it out, waving them on to lead the way to the back where Carson’s small office was located.

Once alone, Beckett figured he would share the information he discovered quickly. Like ripping off a bandaid. “I wanted to let you know that your physicals after the last mission came back clean.”

“You could have just said that out there. No need to pull us aside Doc,” John remarked and paused in consideration. “Unless you found something else?”

“I did,” Carson answered, leveling a heavy and pointed look at the two of them. “I will say it simply. Congratulations. You’re going to be parents!”