Prophecy: Part 04

Aingeal could not be more pleased to see her visions coming true. Despite the rules of the ascendants, she could not help but to interfere. Although in her defense, she only did so from her distance and no so much to manipulate the lives of the humans. From the time the male and female saw one another, a gentle spell she wove into their minds. A spell that had them unable to recall memories about their childhood secret friend that they had in one another that spanned across the stars of two galaxies.

During the first year of the Earth born humans occupying the great city, Aingeal watched over her children. She watched, laughed, cried, and prayed for their safety. For their happiness. For their losses. She took a great deal of comfort with the knowledge that Atlantis was in good hands and that she seemed to be pleased to have the child of John Sheppard guiding her.

Nearing the end of their first year, when they feared their loss against the pending battle against the Wraith, she begun to fear for the two. The new knowledge that child Teyla Emmagen was a descendant of escaped humans that were experimented upon by a Wraith scientist during her own time in the lower plains. It was a detail that she had previously foresaw but to her it only strengthened her opinions that these were indeed the ones to help bring about the catalyst that would one day bring an end to the Wraith. The others, not so much, as they doubted that a human with such a flaw could bring about the end of their mistake.

The following years as Aingeal continued to observe the ones she began to consider her children, despite the others of her kind believing that she was not of her sound mind, she was filled with amusement and warmth. Unfortunately when the two somehow found themselves growing apart, the young woman finding companionship elsewhere, she truly began to fear that her hopes of the visions she experienced all those generations ago would not come to fruition. Watching his reaction to her announcement that she was with child, a child that was not of Ancient blood, filled her heart with disappointment.

Her visions would never come when forced. She was more than confident that things would become as she had anticipated all those many generations in the past, although it would take longer than hoped, even if they seemed to be dragging their feet. A great deal of the time, she would sit there in her thoughts as she watched them from far above the humans and do what the children referred to as mope. And mope she did. How two people could not see the amount that the other was attracted to them, she could not fathom. Amongst her own people if someone was interested in mating with another they would simply approach them and seek permission to spend more time with one another before the logical course of relationships took effect. No, these two seemed to have a dance around each other. Even when they practiced their fighting skills, she could almost smell their hormones from there.

For the following four years, her children’s friends came and gone. Family gained and lost. As the Wraith continued to prove themselves a formidable enemy despite the successes that the humans from Earth had in battle, their cunning strategies took a turn striking fear in all that watched helplessly.

The Wraith learned to adapt Lantean technology and begun the journey to Earth.


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