Prophecy: Part 02

If there was one lesson that was ingrained into the children, it was that they were never to stray past the safety of the treeline into open areas without an adult for their protection. For what protection they might be able to provide in the event the Wraith were to come down from the stars to collect the lives of their people.

There was some relief in thought when it came to these experiences although it was something that was very taboo of Athosian history to speak of. Those who were gifted, who can somehow predict the Wraith arrival before they descended the stars to give at least a small start for the security of the caverns within quick footfalls of the encampment.

The first time Teyla Emmagen informed her father that they were getting such – visitors, Torren’s fear of confirmation of his child’s gift did not provide him much time to dwell as she was the first to mention such whereas the other gifted took a few moments longer before they could sense the danger growing closer. That first afternoon, he swiftly gathered his daughter up in his arms while calling for Tagan as he started for caverns. He kept looking back, only to find his beloved partner, wife for all meanings of the word, being pulled into the light of the alien vessels as she ran to them. He whispered quick words to the Ancestors that she would not suffer long in their hands as he took their only child together to safety.

Teyla hadn’t quite understood the severity of the sensations she experienced until she soon felt the loss of her mother. The child she was desired to cry for her mother, for her loss and death, but another part of her felt a sense safety and an underlying knowledge that one day it would be different. Seeing a boy standing far off in the woods, dressed in dark clothes that was not of their or any other world she had visited with her parents, staring back at her. The unruly dark hair and his gentle smile gave her a peace that made her close her eyes and tighten her hold around her father’s shoulder before looking back and he was gone.

She looked up to the stars and the vessels that filled her people with fear were still around, but on the open paths and fields. No where near where she had seen the boy. Where had he gone?

Teyla had seen visions of the boy again until many years later as after that day, when she had begun to be instructed further about the value of her gift by those who were like her. Torren had expressed his concern for the strength of her gift over others and quietly, the Athosian council felt she would be best to lead them into safety. Thus her grooming for leadership had begun.

As she grew older, the boy she saw grew into a man. Teyla had bloomed into a beautiful young lady that brought her many potential mates from her people, but the recent loss of her father to a culling on a visiting world in his trades left her not wishing for a long term commitment. Her priority of care was that of the people in a whole and she knew she could not afford to give her heart to just one as many required it from her. It was not as though she was completely naïve of the physical pursuits of the body and that each person, male and female had their needs. She did spend some time in the company of one young man, who too shared a similar opinion that they would not be together for longer than they required one another’s comfort.

The partners she shared in, they did not feel right. Teyla always felt there was more, especially whenever her gaze fell upon the Ancestral Ring. She never realized just how complete she would feel, one unexpected morning during group tea when Halling brought a group of strangers to speak with her. One by one as the strangely dark clothed men entered the communal tent, apprehension filled her but recognition surprisingly filled her heart when a dark, wild haired man stepped in and smiled at her.

“Well, we’ll just have to get to know each other a little better. I like Ferris wheels, college football, and anything that goes more than 200 miles an hour,” he said, earning a warm smile from her. Teyla knew she had met the one that would shape her future.


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