Prophecy: Part 01

Author Note: This story was written for SGA Beya Secret Elf exchange on LiveJournal. It does contain some spoilers for the Legacy books in the last chapter (5), fair warning. I do hope fans enjoy it. It’s not my best writing but it was an idea that begged to be written. Darn bunnies! There is also a piece of artwork that goes with this story that can be found on my profile page.


Aingeal feared her people’s experiments and search for shortcuts to their becoming for a great deal. As a young child when her visions manifested, many of the others in the Great City either dismissed her for being tainted or ill, others who heard her feared her. That was especially so when she had long predicted their ascension experiments on the humans would fail and be their undoing.

Still she kept to herself as the visions worsened with each step they took as she grew older. When the subjects of their selfish desires finally rebelled, Aingeal smiled. She was not at all unsympathetic to what they soon referred to as wraith, but the vision the future. A child of wraith and of ancestors. Peace may not come for many years. Many years beyond her own granted time to walk amongst the beating hearts. What she took comfort in were those visions that she had.

As most of the ancestors continued their work, their fight against their own abominations, Aingeal took to recording her visions, and her hopes that they would truly come true. As she began, a sharp vision flashed before her of the dark haired man that appeared strikingly like her friend Jiri, with his bright eyes and wild hair. It made her smile when the man held tightly to a young infant, protecting it. A part of her wondered if it was the man’s child, or if he was doing as he had in a number of other visions she experienced in protecting others. No, this child meant something to him in the brief moment that she could tell.

He would be their salvation she knew. And the woman would not be like, or unlike him. She was different, not the same. But she was. That confused Aingeal greatly. She just simply knew that she was gifted, much like the way the man was but it was not the same in the way she envisioned him in the Great City. It would take these two mysterious faces to bring about a peace that the stars will not see for generations.

It was many years after she entered her thoughts, her prophecy, into the database when she and her like made the decision to evacuate. She had previously enjoyed her time amongst the humans during her first visit through the other star system that she made the choice to continue through the ring instead of ascending. It wasn’t that she was unopposed to ascending. She did believe however that every living being must eventually find their end.

Living with the humans for another forty years or so, she didn’t keep count, Aingeal found herself thinking more about the man and woman from her visions all those years ago. Neither one would be born for a long time to come but she knew she did not want to be dead to observe them. She closed her eyes and gave in to move on to the higher planes. From there, Aingeal stood watch, smiling when she observed birth of the child of the ancestors, the one who would lead his life into the stars.