Title: Solidarity
Category: TV Shows » Stargate: Atlantis
Author: meekobb
Language: English, Rating: Rated: K
Genre: General/Angst
Published: 01-03-09, Updated: 01-03-09
Chapters: 1, Words: 479


Chapter 1: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don’t own SGA or the characters, I just like playing with them when the plot bunnies strike.

Watching Sheppard’s team embark on another mission through the Stargate in hopes of finding new friends and allies, rather than more enemies, she couldn’t help but feeling nostalgic. The first night in Atlantis, she stood in the same position, overlooking the Gateroom as her people went through the Atlantis Stargate for the first time, finding friends in Teyla and the Athosians, only to lose Colonel Sumner and awake a malicious enemy. She also remembered that same night, first entering the city, her and John in the opposite position, her on the Gateroom floor, holding up a bottle of champagne for him to see. She knew she had a friend in him early on, but there was a certain spark to their relationship that was a ‘might have been’ kind of thing.

When John returned, looking tired and defeated, an unreadable façade over his face, Elizabeth had become wary of how to approach him. Their earlier rapport taking on a much different fire. He wasn’t cold, but more distant those first few days, weeks. He hadn’t accepted the assignment to be the military commander, and though his rank now left him in that position unwillingly, he was silently terrified. The screw up that his former colleagues thought of him to fail, now he was asked to help lead these people in another galaxy against an enemy unlike their own kind back on Earth. His commanding officer died by his hand, and granted it was an inevitable end chosen by the female wraith that fed upon him, he found no solice.

Two leaders. Two strong minded and opinionated people. Here they stood on the balcony overlooking the city of the Ancients, sharing the companionable silence. Where John may have flirted more with Elizabeth, in a pursuit for her heart, his sense of duty and honor held him back. Of course he flirted, it was in his nature, but those close to him knew that he had different genres of expressions and words, those like Rodney never let him forget. In those times, when John heartful, and emotionlessly, pursued others, he was always looking for those things that made Elizabeth her. She was out of his reach, by duty and rules. And for Elizabeth, John was outside her grasp as well, for she wouldn’t, couldn’t. It was unprofessional, even if her feelings were so strong, so – undescribeable.

There they continue to share the quiet of their new home, destined to not be the lovers they wished, but in leadership together, the solidarity of their simple trust and respect for one another that gave the new residents of Atlantis hope and spirit to continue to work for the reason they made the difficult trip to Pegasus, alone.