Chapter 12

The brothers maintained a quiet vigil over the sleeping girl, reading or drawing, switching off activities when impatience reached a peak. Elijah looked over the pages of his book as Klaus tossed his drawing pad aside and stood to his feet to pace the length of the floor before the couch that Bella laid upon.

It had been nearly two hours before she started to stir, forcing the two to turn and stare at her, and wait. There was a stark silence in the room filled only by the breathing of the girl. The vampires dared not to make a sound for fear of startling her.

Patience lost, it was Klaus that broke the air of quiet. His tongue darting out across his lip as his eyes remained on her form with concern. “Salvatore is going to try to take her from us. He will think we have brought harm to her,” he muttered, fingers curling at his side.

Elijah lowered his gaze from him to Bella as she started to move more in her sleeping state, growing closer to waking. “We should have contacted him to find out more about how she has regained what memories she had thus far. Best I can surmise, she has perhaps two hundred years, give or take.”

“Less, or more,” her voice cracked sleepily. Her eyes blinked open as she rubbed them and yawned. “Less if you don’t count the years between my deaths and rebirths. More now that I’ve met you… I think.”

Sitting forward in his chair, Elijah set his book aside as he gave her his undivided attention. “Do you think you could explain that a bit more for us?”

Turning over on her side to face them, she had a sleepy smile on her face. “I remember you. You gave me some pence on a busy market street in London after I’d been pushed, after helping me up. It was…” Bella blinked and narrowed her eyes on Elijah as she tried to focus her memories on the incident and time. “It was sometime in the 1400s, I think. I was a peasant girl, so I had no true concept or education at the time.”

Klaus turned to glower at his brother. “You knew her? Of her?”

He was astonished, confused, and soon smiled with recognition. “I remember, yes,” he admitted lightly. Glancing up at Klaus, he shook his head slightly, returning his attention to Bella. “It was only in passing. I helped you up and gave you money for more than just a pauper’s sustenance. I was only passing through…” he said as he recalled his version of the encounter. “I saw you get pushed and thought nothing but felt the need to help. I had gone by ignoring other humans in the same situation without another thought but you… You, I felt compelled to stop and help.”

“Well, that’s just grand. Now that we established that you could recall back to the 15th century, how about you give us a bit more information,” Klaus smiled, turning back to her. “Such as young Elena Gilbert’s accusation that we had sent you to spy on her? Where would she get something so preposterous?”

Bella’s eyes lowered with a sigh, unable to meet theirs as they waited for an answer that she knew they deserved. Sitting up, she looked around, trying to stall for an extra moment or two as she attempted to gather her thoughts on all that had been going on over the previous days, week even.

“She’d taken me out to this cavern where it had some drawings on the walls that supposedly dated back centuries. Mr. Saltzman and Elena explained the story they showed, but before they could even finish – I just felt like I knew it. Then there was a list of names and I thought one was missing even though they insisted there wasn’t. She and I have been at odds, hot and cold, oil and water when it comes to Damon and Stefan, and then when the subject of your family arises. They insist that I should be afraid, but I never believed that. I was more afraid of Elena, and her vampire twin, Katherine,” she said as she waved her hand in the air. “The lives I recall so far, all have Katherine killing me in some form, so that’s within the last 500 years. I don’t know exactly how many lives I’ve had, and the memories so far are fragmented, but they’re coming. The strongest right now is the life I had in last century, here in Mystic Falls with Damon.” She smiled at the end with his name, turning her head to the doorway as she appeared worrisome.

“Would you like us to give Mr. Salvatore a call for you?” Elijah questioned.

Her brow furrowed and shook her head. “He would only pull me away from here and forbid me from trying to get to know you on my terms. I could try to spell him not to do that, but that would take away his free will. Having my choices and decisions made for me by others, I can’t do that to him, even if he was looking out for my well-being.”

Klaus tilted his head as his eyes lowered to where she was rubbing her wrist with her other hand. “What’s that there, Sweetheart? Someone give you a love bite?”

Bella’s eyes met his as he stared her down. She was tempted to back away, to flee from his questioning, but all she could find in his gaze was concerned curiosity. Like that of a brother. The words felt dry on her lips, her mouth like sandpaper as the words came out and she slowly moved her hand to reveal the full image of the scarring. “I was involved with a Cold One, and there had been a nomad that hunted me down. To draw me out, he claimed he had my mother, so I went. I didn’t want the coven I was with hurt. Being stuck with a seer and an empath, you would think that it would be difficult to get away, but it was surprisingly easy,” she explained as she turned her eyes to stare at the wall impassively.

“You were merely a human girl going to face a Cold One all on your own?” Klaus questioned as he stared back at her incredulous. “I don’t know whether to call you brave or foolish! That is simply suicide!”

She let out a breath and glanced back at him. “I am well aware of that Niklaus. At the time, I was well prepared to die for my mother and friends. I still would for those I consider my family. It may be foolish, but keep in mind I knew nothing of what I was to become, or what I was at that point yet.”

Elijah stood and came to his brother’s side, placing a hand on his shoulder to pull him back. “Enough. Let her speak. It is clear she survived the encounter to tell her tale.”

Bella’s breath was shaky as she continued. “I was stubborn, obstinate even. I sprayed him in the face with some mace I had. It only pissed him off more; enough to throw me around the dance studio. It wasn’t long before my boyfriend came and tried to fight him. He had managed to get passed and bit me. When the rest of the family came, they destroyed him, but my boyfriend never wanted me changed, so he sucked the venom out, stopping me from becoming one of them.”

Klaus’ jaw was clenched as his gaze remained fixated across the room. He had never been a fan of their sparkling cousins, created by a witch in hopes of destroying their family and failing. However, what he had just heard, caused his distaste for them to grow exponentially. “What has happened to this family?” he questioned, demanded. “Clearly, they no longer protect you as they claimed the duty of when they hid you from a skilled hunter.”

“They left. Edward told me he no longer wanted to pretend to be human with me,” Bella shrugged, a tiny smile gracing her lips. There was a glint of mischief in her eyes as she looked up at the brothers. “It’s fine. I got over it, mostly. Sometimes the memories of it hurt when I think of the happier moments. But I let most of my anger go after I moved here. That was when I found that arson could be quite therapeutic.”

His eyes brightening at the obvious hint of darkness in the girl, Klaus shifted to face her fully. “If you care to give me the names of this coven, I’ll be more than pleased to teach them a lesson or two on proper vampire etiquette.”

She could not help but smile at the gesture. “Thanks but I have my ideas if I were to cross paths with them again. Especially now that I seem to be coming into this magic. I just need to learn how to use it more, but I’m getting there.”

“Well, should you change your mind – know the offer is always on the table,” he responded gently.

“Great. Thanks! Now… How about you two tell me about Katherine’s call and your interest in me? Surely there is more than just the doppelganger theory she may have said that brought you here. From what has been stated, you two have been far nicer than the tales of what you’ve done to Damon and his friends,” Bella replied, raising an eyebrow.


Kol hadn’t the best patience in the world once his brothers had left New Orleans for Virginia. Being confined to the plantation house, he was more restless than imagined and the wolf-girl that Klaus had mentioned, irritated him to no end. If it weren’t for the fact that she had apparently was carrying his niece or nephew, he would have killed her shortly after their first meeting.

“You apparently do not wish to be here. Whatever you and Nik had discussed when he pulled the dagger out has you jumping around something fierce,” Rebekah commented as she flipped through her magazine as he paced once again around the living room that the girls were reading.

He pursed his lips, wishing he could just go into town, to his mausoleum where he had his dark objects but his thoughts turned back to the rumored reincarnation that their brothers were seeking out. Letting out a huff, he shook his head and turned on his heel to repeat the same pattern he’d been wearing out on the carpet.

Raising her head from her book, Hayley let out an irritated sigh. “Why don’t you just go follow them if whatever it is, is bothering you that much?”

“Shut up, Wolf, or I’ll rip your throat out,” Kol sneered at her as he passed by behind her.

“Just saying,” she shrugged, wide-eyed and innocent. “If you’re concerned about their trip then you should go. Beats sticking around here all day.”

He growled, but said nothing as he was honestly tempted, but he had agreed to stay and help protect his brother’s unborn offspring. At least until Rebekah spoke again. “Bloody hell. Just go already Kol. I can protect her just fine here. We will be alright.”

He shook his head and threw his hands up in the air. “Fine. Fine. But if Nik gets pissed, I’m blaming you,” he smiled as he walked out of the room to go gather his things.

“Of course, you are,” Rebekah sighed, turning the page of her magazine. “Make sure that whatever those two are up to, they don’t bring it back here. We have our problems to deal with and do not need more. Especially from Mystic Falls.”

Kol scowled as he looked up at his sister, blinking through the strands of his hair that fell over. “They didn’t tell you why they went back?”

Irritated, she rolled her eyes. “Of course not. I was left here to be the dutiful sister and look over Nik’s pregnant wolf. I don’t suppose you know the reason for their emergency trip, do you? Why he suddenly decided it was necessary to remove your dagger?”

“Well if they didn’t feel there was a need for you to know, then perhaps I shouldn’t share what I know with you either. After all, Nik woke me just to ask me what I knew before they left,” he smirked. “Anyhow, I’m gonna head up to see what our brothers are up to and see if I cannot help. Have fun here sister!”

Both girls glared as he turned on his heel to leave the room before Rebekah dropped her magazine and zipped over to him, blocking his exit. “Tell me what you know. What is going on that has to be kept such a secret from family?”

Letting out a sigh, Kol thought about what he could say as he paused at the door. “They are tracking down someone that is supposed to be pretty powerful. I’d only heard rumors of a being in existence, but Nik seems to believe that it could be true. I just want to see this for myself.”

His sister crossed her arms and glared at him, studying him with a curious eye. “You’re more interested if it is a witch to get on your side against our brother, aren’t you? What if he or she happens to side with him? Have you considered that notion?”

Smirking, he leaned in closer as his eyes sparkled with amusement. “Now that would be something to consider, wouldn’t it? However, this particular witch, if my information over the years were correct, I believe would be more beneficial to the family as a whole if we were to come to her as a united front. Which means, we have to back and support even Nik and his unique brand of drama.”

Rebekah scowled, unsure of what his goal was in this, as it was a common fact that each of her brothers always had their piece on the board when it came to such a power play.

“Don’t fret, sister! You have to admit that you want to know more too. So, when I find out more, I’ll call. Until then, you can hold things down here, yes?” He disappeared before she could give him a response, leaving a frustrated vampire and confused and pregnant werewolf behind.


Damon was anxious and distracted as he helped Bella’s father sort through some questionable cases that he knew were in the realm of the supernatural, but he had tried his best to deter the man from digging much further. Each time he thought he was able to leave, to be able to rescue his girl from the clutches of the Mikaelson brothers that he had long anticipated showing up, and dreaded, he could not help but feel nervous about what it meant for Bella.

He knew she was quite capable of taking care of herself. She’d grown stronger, more sure of things quite quickly. Especially once she accepted the memories that were coming to her and the magic. The magic was the biggest help. She had admitted to him that she hated feeling helpless before she came to town, and now she felt she was on an equal footing.

When he glanced out the window behind Charlie, he found Elena pacing outside the police station, a torn expression on her face as she looked back at the building on and off. Sighing, he excused himself, leaving the man with his project and made his way outside to his brother’s now ex-girlfriend.

“Elena,” he greeted, squinting at her through the bright sunlight. “What do I owe the pleasure of your sunny visit?”

“You were idiotic to let Bella stay with Klaus and Elijah; you know that? Do you want them to take her or something?” She snapped at him, before looking contrite at the dark expression that flashed across his face. “Look. I’m not here to start any trouble, but it’s clear that they didn’t call you. She passed out again at the Grill not long after you left. It looked like one of her memory spells.”

Damon drew in a breath as he tried to calm himself, looking everywhere but at the girl before him. “What happened?”

“Elijah carried her out of the restaurant. I told them they should bring her to you, but clearly they had their plans. I don’t know where they are,” she replied, her voice dropping. “Damon – you are aware that I don’t want anything to happen. I’m here to talk to if you-”

“You’ve already done enough. Go find someone else to test your Petrova guiles on,” he snapped, storming away. He knew exactly where he was going. Just where the brothers would have taken his girl. He was going to get her back before they would get their claws into her and have her stolen from him again.

By the time he reached the Mikaelson mansion, he was a combination of afraid for Bella and pissed off about the whole scenario. Making his way to the front door, he hadn’t had the chance to make his presence known when it opened to reveal a very tired looking Elijah.

“Mr. Salvatore. I had anticipated you sooner. Nonetheless, please do come in. I am sure that Isabella would be grateful for your support about now,” he gently spoke, turning to lead the way back to one of the many sitting rooms.

Damon silently followed, his eyes narrowing with suspicion. He leaned to the side slightly to try to peer around the older vampire to get a glimpse of what he was walking into, but once they entered the room, he stopped short and attempted to take everything in.

The room was in shambles while Bella sat poised and calm on the sofa, her arms crossed and complete defiance and petulance on her face. Across from her was the hybrid, Klaus, almost mirroring her position. He had to blink and shake his head just to make sure that he didn’t imagine the sight. “The hell happened here?”

“Isabella asked about our interest in her and Katerina Petrova. We shared what we knew, or understood, thus far. Needless to say that – a short temper is something that we are not unfamiliar within our family,” Elijah answered, passing Bella a significantly weighted look as he stepped over a broken ottoman in front of her to make his way to the surviving armchair he’d been using earlier.

“Um…” Damon started and repeated, unsure what to make of the scene. “I don’t get it…”

Bella let out a huff, while Klaus rolled his eyes in irritation. “These two imbeciles believe that I may be a long lost sister of theirs,” she glared at the Originals. “That would be crazy and preposterous!”

Damon reached up to scratch the back of his neck as he eyed her for new vocabulary and then glanced around the room and at Klaus’ stubborn posturing. “I hope this place is stocked. This is going to be a long night…”

“It is far from preposterous, I assure you,” Klaus softly voiced, though the tension was there. “Whatever our mother had done, it was with some selfish goal in mind and nothing good for the rest of the family either. The only good she’s done for us all was create the vampirism that gave us our strength and immortality.”

Bella drew in a deep breath, finding the patience to deal with the two. “If what you are saying is true, then how does it affect me? Where do I fall in this?”

Damon was curious as well, moving to stand beside his girlfriend. He had a nagging feeling of familiarity of where the story was leading, but he wanted to hear it said aloud.

“You have to understand that for over a thousand years, as we learned it, our older sister had died before we’d moved to the New World. Here to what became known as Mystic Falls. As a boy, I recalled my mother sometimes sharing stories and magical images of our lost sister for a time,” Elijah explained, seemingly lost in his memories. His voice was light in a whisper as he recalled the events from his childhood. “Our mother had told us that Ylva,” he nodded towards Bella, “had died of the plague. With her penchant for lying that we’ve learned when the young Bennet witch and your friends brought her back, it is very likely that she had also lied about the truth of our sister’s – disappearance.”

“I still fail to see how you think that I’m the sister you lost,” she insisted after several moments of silence to accept that it was certainly a sensitive subject for the two to admit.

Feeling Damon brush his fingers down her arm, she turned to look up at him. He gave her a weak smile and shrugged. “You did recognize the names in the cavern, the writing that we didn’t even know the language of when we first found it. You also pointed out that a name was missing. Maybe it was something inside telling you that there was more there beyond the last 500 years?”

She opened her mouth to object but was unable to find any words to voice her argument as all of her current memories that she truly pinpoint were within the timeframe of Katherine’s existence. Except for that cave which had clearly existed well beyond even the vampire’s birth. “Okay, say I am this sister. Don’t expect to look to me for some guidance. I’m only eighteen now!”

The brothers couldn’t help but chuckle at her discomfort of the idea of the role she thought she might have to assume. “No one is asking you to do anything. We would just like to learn what has happened to you and get to know you as our sister, as who you are now. I give you our word that we have no ulterior motives,” Elijah sincerely said as he looked from Bella to Damon and back. “Aside from that, we should discuss the other events going on. I do wish to know what has caused Miss Gilbert to behave as – brash as she has recently and understand why Katerina has such an obsession with killing you.”

Damon blew out a breath and looked to Bella, who crossed her arms and rolled her eyes at the mention of the doppelgangers. “Boy, you and I both would like to know what is up with that.”

“Okay, so – odds are I’m a version of your sister. Is there anyone that may be able to verify that? Or that you may know from all your years that may know why I’ve been reborn the way I’ve been?” she questioned exasperated by the situation.

Elijah and Klaus looked at one another, a silent conversation warring between the two. Soon, Klaus leaned forward to face her, letting out a drawn out sigh. “Our brother Kol has an affinity for witches, so he will likely take a particular liking to you. However, when Katherine called us informing of your existence, I had released him to inquire what he knew about a reincarnation such as yourself.”

“Did he say anything?” she questioned as she lowered her head, afraid of what she might hear.

Klaus appeared even more hesitant as Damon’s gaze hardened on him. “He – said that he had heard of a being that was reborn frequently. Reincarnations don’t occur as often as you have, to retain the memories as you have. He believes that you are to be something quite powerful, a force that is to be feared. We initially came back more for a – threat assessment, if you will. To ensure that we could coexist peacefully…”

“Until I had laid eyes on you and simply knew that you were much more to us than a mere threat. You are family,” Elijah finished, flashing a sharp look at Klaus as he interrupted.

Damon scowled as he glared at the two. “What aren’t you telling us? Because if you expect her to trust you, you need to be completely honest about everything. What is it that you don’t want to say?”

“If we tell you this, I need your assurance, Salvatore, that you won’t go blabbing it to your brother and your doppelganger infatuations,” Klaus hissed at him. “It is information that I will kill anyone, even my family over to protect and Elijah can vouch for that.”

Bella raised an eyebrow, wondering what the big secret was. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“While I’m inclined to trust you, Love, it’s him I’m more worried about,” Klaus murmured as he exchanged glares with the vampire beside her.

She turned to look up at him, scowling. “You won’t say anything. Not even to Stefan, right? Granted, he’s been on our side in a lot of this, but he still has strong feelings for Elena, and I’d rather not chance his betrayal. If what they are saying is true, then they are my family, Damon.”

He was torn between the loyalty to his girl and to that of his brother but knew she was right. That Stefan didn’t always objectively think when he should. Running a hand through his hair and clasping both behind his neck, he let out a low growl of frustration before nodding his agreement. “Yeah, okay. I won’t say anything.”

“Promise?” Bella insisted eyebrow raised.

“I promise you, that I won’t repeat anything said here,” he reluctantly clarified.

“Well, now that’s settled, you should know the reason why we were so concerned about you being a threat or not is because I am a soon to be a father,” Klaus announced, leaving the two across from him confused and speechless. “There is a girl, whom I shall not name yet, that is carrying my child back home.”

Bella had blinked after a full minute of silence before she drew in a breath. “That’s not – um… congratulations…” She trailed off, trying to understand the sudden rise of fear that grew inside her. His announcement filling her with dread and knew it wasn’t for something that he had done. No, it was something else she was sure, but she just couldn’t remember.


Kol arrived in Mystic Falls sometime around after the dinner rush. Thirsty for more than blood, which he satisfied himself on during his quick trip north to his birthplace, he made his way into the Grill with a smug smile on his face. Looking around, it only grew when he found the precious doppelganger and her friends sag with disappointment at the sight of him.

“Great. See? I told you that she would bring nothing but trouble. Now we have not one, but three of the Originals back in town,” Elena complained as she pushed her plate back and stood to leave. Passing by Kol, she glared up at him as he eyed her curiously. “I hope your family all falls on white oak stakes.”

“Touchy,” he murmured, pausing at the table of friends she abandoned. “What was that all about?”

Bonnie appeared confused and suspicious at his seemingly innocent act of confusion. “You can’t possibly be saying that you have no idea why your brothers are in town.”

“Oh, I have my thoughts on why they are here, but why would that matter?” he questioned, genuinely confused.

Stefan, who’d been Kol realized hadn’t seemed concerned about the doppelganger’s tantrum and leaving, let out a sigh. “You’re here for the same reason as Klaus. For my brother’s fiance, aren’t you?”

“Fiance now? Just how much did we miss?” the Original blinked in surprise. “It may be possible if she’s the all-powerful witch that many covens around the world have been told to fear in their legends, but I honestly do not know.”

“Just what do you know? Because Elijah made it very clear before they left here this morning with her that she wouldn’t be harmed,” Stefan insisted.

Kol frowned in thought as he tried to figure out what his brother was going for in that move. “Did he say anything else?”

“I overheard a comment about Katherine not knowing what she had done,” the younger Salvatore cautiously admitted. “Why? Does it mean something to you?”

The frown grew more predominate as the vampire tried to piece together the puzzle he was being given, glancing over his shoulder to where the human doppelganger had left. “I don’t know. This girl your brother is involved with. Tell me. Does she remind you of anyone else you’ve met in your life?”

Bonnie and Stefan exchanged a glance, the witch shrugging a shoulder. “I had thought her a doppelganger herself initially, but we’ve realized that she’s more a reincarnation. Only that she has memories dating back more than 250 years ago.”

“250 years ago that you know of since you’ve truly spoken with her, I’m to guess,” Kol muttered, suddenly anxious. “Thanks for that chat! I’ll be sure to find you around if I need more.”

He was quick to make his exit, pausing in the lot as he contemplated which direction to head. Knowing now that his brothers have been dealing with the creature they’d come to learn about, he headed for Klaus’ property. If there was any advice he had given his brother before, he hoped against hope that he took what he said about this new witch to heart.

Mindful as he entered the house, he was surprised to find it as quiet as it was. Slowly making his way through the ground floor until he found his two brothers sipping on their drinks in a shattered sitting room, he was more than curious as to the cause of destruction. “Don’t tell me that I missed the party.”

“I’m surprised that it took you this long to get here,” Klaus murmured before turning back to Elijah. “As I was saying, I don’t trust Damon. Especially with what he now knows. There is no way that she will let him go willingly to return home with us either. So how do you expect us to convince her.”

“Who’s her?” Kol asked as he poured himself a drink.

“She calls herself Bella in this life, but she’s gone by other names over her lifetimes,” Elijah answered. “I recognized her as someone else the moment I laid eyes on her.”

Instantly curious and thirsting for the information that the two were holding from him, Kol stared back. “Who was she? An old lover perhaps? I do recall a tale or two of you having a fancy for a witch.”

Bored already of his brother’s antics, Elijah looked up at him as he rested his tumbler on his knee. “She is our sister, somehow reincarnated.”

The younger sibling started to laugh at the suggestion and slowly sobered as he noticed that the two were completely serious. “Sister?”

“Ylva. Our mother had told Finn and myself, long before your birth after our family had moved here and I was born that she had died in the old world, prompting the move. The girl’s very existence proves it to be a lie, that there is something far greater involved, but Mother attempted to preserve her memory, to make us believe she was indeed lost and dead for years until Mikael put a stop to the tales. She claimed his mourning was still too great, and thus no one spoke of her anymore.”

Kol swallowed back his drink, struggling to understand that he has another sibling. A sister. “Does anyone know what had happened to our sister?”

“Esther had told Finn that she died in the plague. However, we believe there was something more to the story. Isabella has begun to regain memories rapidly from each of her reincarnations, and she’s able to recall experiences back as far as the 1500s, give or take.”

“The doppelganger has an intense dislike for this girl,” Kol thoughtfully muttered as he crossed the room to gaze out the window. “You said that Katherine Pierce started you on the path here, yes?”

Klaus nodded. “She believed the girl to be another doppelganger and that I’d be interested in her blood, but she’s also been killing numerous incarnations of her over time according to Damon.”

“They are linked somehow because I’ve never seen Elena Gilbert that hateful to anyone outside our family. Now, bear with me on this, it’s just a thought. We know doppelgangers are made to balance nature. Reincarnations are much in the same but often meant to relive their lives until whatever curse placed on them either played out or cured,” Kol explained further.

“So you’re suggesting that our sister was cursed?” Elijah asked, standing from his seat.

“Yes, or no. I don’t know. I don’t know what happened to her. Only she or our mother may be able to say. However, I do need to stress this. What it was that did do this to that girl, was incredibly powerful magic. I don’t even think our mother was capable of.”

“I won’t have her left behind here when we return to New Orleans,” Klaus pressed. “We can’t stay here for her either.”

“What’s tying her to this miserable place?” Kol scoffed as he spun to face his brothers.

Elijah rolled his eyes. “She was born human. She grew up with parents and currently has a caring father that would miss her.”

“As I suggested, we compel him to let her leave with us,” Klaus commented, his tone bored as if they’d discussed the topic many times before. “Damon Salvatore is more complicated. He’d leave, but his brother is tying him to Mystic Falls now.”

Kol’s jaw had tensed with disgust before he flashed a cheeky smile. “Let’s just sleep on it for tonight. I’d like to meet this girl tomorrow, and I’ll have a chat with Damon about his options. I’m sure that I can be quite convincing.”

“He is on vervain,” Elijah reminded him.

The youngest brother shrugged as he started out of the room. “I know. Another reason to hate this bloody town. No, I wasn’t thinking anything of that sort. I’m just planning on having a chat over drinks. I’m going to head to bed now. ‘Night!”

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