04 : They All Asked for You

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“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Bella said, not wanting to go out the door because of Finn, but Elijah was there. She wanted to leave because this woman knew her name and she offered her tea. What if it wasn’t tea? What if it was poison? She’d die and come back as a vampire, that’s what would happen. There was no way that she was going to do that. No.

“My name is Ann and I am not sure if I want anything from you, other than to protect you from the witch that caught you on the market,” Ann, a woman in maybe her mid-twenties, glasses on her face and looking trustworthy, naive, even. Maybe she wasn’t even mentally all there. Appearances could be deceiving though. Ann pointed to a table. “Come, sit. The witch won’t be able to walk through those doors. You’re safe here.”

Bella continued to eye her skeptically. “I have a friend out there. He’d find him as well if he knows I’m here,” she said. “I need to get to him first.”

“No need,” the woman replied, sitting down and setting the mug of tea on the table at the empty seat. “He’ll come.”

“If he thinks you’re a threat in any way, he will kill you,” she told her.

“I know,” Ann smiled at her. “But like yourself, I’m not afraid of death.”

She couldn’t help but to stare at her, annoyed. “Jesus fuck. This must be how they feel dealing with me,” she muttered. “Like hell am I apologizing. Look lady, I don’t know what you are up to, but how about you tell me how the hell you know my name and what you want so that I can get the hell out of dodge.”

She pointed to the door. “You’re still here. You can leave if you wish. I’m not holding you here, but you came to my shop. Just as I have foreseen. I don’t know how, really, I’m a tea professional, nothing more.”

“What are you exactly? You said that the witch after me couldn’t come in here so you are supernatural in some way,” Bella reminded her.

“I don’t know,” Ann shrugged. “But as you can see, I carved a Helm of Awe symbol. It’s a protection spell that I was taught by my grandfather.” She then let out a snort. “He said it was usually worn between the eyes but come on, that’s simply barbaric. If your vampire wants to enter and you find him a good man, I will invite him in.”

Bella eyed the symbol, moving closer to it as she tuned out the words. She reached out to the symbol to trace the edges and saw them light up. Surprised, she took a step back and blinked as she saw the symbol disappear. “What just happened?”

“I don’t know, it hasn’t done that before,” Ann said as she got up from her seat and walked to the door, observing the wood. “It’s almost as if it wasn’t there. What did you do? Do you want that witch to come in?”

“I didn’t do anything! You made it the symbol!” she snapped back.

“You touched it!” Ann shot back in the same tone of voice before producing a knife out of her pocket and started to carve the symbol back into the door. “Don’t touch magical things if you don’t know what you’ll do to it. For all we know you could do shit like removing curses from people who get hexed by witches or something.”

“You’re the fucking seer! You should have known that something would have happened!” Bella argued.

Ann dropped her knife, turned around and looked at Bella. “I’m what?”


The door opened behind the girls as they stared at one another. A frantic vampire stuck at the threshold as he looked in. “Bella. I’ve found you finally. Hearing your voice suddenly… This is a private establishment and I cannot get to you,” his voice carefully controlled as he eyed the apparent owner.

Ann snapped her head around and looked at the viking. “Holy shit.”

“Invite him in,” Bella said, moving closer to her, her hands fisting at her sides.

Ann turned around and smiled widely. “Don’t you see? The rune works!” she exclaimed ecstatically.

“You know what else works great? My fist in your face. Invite Elijah in. Now.”

“Why? You want to leave anyway,” Ann said with a shrug and moved back to the table. “Go on then, flap your wings and off you pop.”

“Your little symbol did something to block him from hearing me and you knew my name bitch so you owe us answers,” Bella stated as she pointed at the wall. “I already dealt with one seer controlling my life and I’m not about to have another one meddling in. I’d sooner have my vampires rip your throat out and bathe in your blood.”

“Answers? Yeah, great. I want them too. What the hell is a seer?” Frustrated, Ann reached for the tea she had set out for Bella and drank from it.

“Interesting,” Elijah spoke calmly. “How did you know I was a viking?”

“It’s written on your face, dumbass,” Ann countered as she pointed at him. Nordic runes appearing on his forehead. “See?”

“Hey!” Bella snarled at her. “I’m the only one allowed to call any of the Mikaelsons any kind of insults and get away with it. What are you talking about? I don’t see anything.”

“You really should have taken the tea,” Ann sighed as she took another sip. “My teas always work.”

The girl looked back at Elijah. “I think she’s taken too much of the happy juice,” she muttered, making her way to him. “She’s been talking crazy since I walked in. Knowing my name and that I was running from a witch and that you were a viking. I hadn’t said a word.”

Elijah swung the door open even further and took a look around the shop from his vantage point on the threshold. It looked like an ordinary tea shop, for sure, but it didn’t. Tea shops smelled of baked goods. Vanilla. The smell in this shop reminded him of something else. Something more earthy. “Remember our talk about magic? Kol’s a witch, as is Rebekah in her current body.”

“Yeah? I kinda got the jist that this lady was sipping the same juice,” she muttered as she looked up at him curiously.

“The witch subculture is quite expansive. We have mediums, who talk to ghosts – or so they claim. The real ones tend to stay hidden. We have seers, like one of your problems, but they are usually not this accurate.”

Her eyes went up to his forehead in a glance. “I still see no viking runes on your forehead.”

“Because, correct me if I’m wrong, she also said you needed to be careful with what you touch in case you remove a curse from someone. Which you did. How could she have known?” He looked around Bella to look for contact with this other person that got his Bella so worked up. “Excuse me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elijah Mikaelson, and you are?”

Bella swallowed nervously as he had pointed out too many coincidences that had him and his extensive knowledge piqued. Choosing to fall back to his lead, she let him do the talking as she looked up to where the symbol had been etched and could only recall being drawn in by it.

“Ann Sanderson.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Sanderson,” he said politely. “Now, what sparked your sparring war with my friend?”

“She removed my protection symbol off the door. I always believed it was ridiculous, but thought it was a nice touch and then she removed it. I was in the process of putting it back up but you decided to show your face,” Ann muttered, significantly calmed down, taking another sip of the tea.

Elijah nodded slowly as he began to piece together the scenario. “And what symbol was this that she removed?”

“The Helm of Awe. You’ve probably heard of it, since you’re a viking and all. It’s been passed down in my family ever since they left the Old World.”

He pursed his lips, drawing in a breath as he raised his head to eye her. “I have,” he answered slowly. “However you are equally at fault in this as she is. You cannot place blame on my friend for touching magic that she does not understand when you just freely admitted to doing the same.”

“I am not! But she touched it. Since when do people touch shit in other people’s houses? Shops even? You touch, you buy.”

“Oh come the fuck on! It was carved into the fucking wall! How was I to know it would just go poof?!” Bella snapped, breaking her silence. “I have no idea how or why it did that. Why don’t you pull out your crystal ball and ask!”

“I don’t own a fucking crystal ball, why would I have one?” Ann shot at her. “And you should have known because of your fucking shield!”

“Calm down ladies,” Elijah spoke calmly. “Please, there is no need to yell and curse.”

“Fuck you!” they chorused.

“If you know I have this shield, then you know what I am. How about you tell me Miss Cleo?”

Ann rolled her eyes. “I can’t tell you things that I don’t have the answer to! Do you think I do this for fun? All I know is that you’d come here one day. That you needed refuge from a witch and that you’d be accompanied by a vampire viking. That’s it. Now flap off.”

“You suck for a psychic,” Bella said scrunching her face.

Ann grumbled as she got to her feet and reached behind the counter to grab a small bag of tea and threw it at her. “Take this tea. Drink it. Maybe you’ll get some clarity, Isabella Swan. Maybe on your next visit, I might invite your viking in. Now go away, you’re killing the buzz in this shop.”

“He’s not my viking,” Bella muttered as she shoved the tea bags in her pocket and flipped the woman the finger. “I hate that bitch,” she told Elijah as soon as she was clear of the shop and outside, pacing angrily. “I hate seers.”

He was quiet for a moment. “I agree, but I don’t think that was a normal seer,” he let out a breath and started to guide her back to the car. “If you don’t mind, we have to return to the compound. While you were playing with Ann and hiding from Finn, I received a call from Klaus that something is wrong with Rebekah. It’s rather urgent. However, Kol already agreed that he’ll look after you for the rest of the day. Maybe you and him could find out what-”

“Like hell! Let me come with you! I can defend myself. I think. Finn tried to grab me and somehow I managed to burn him,” she protested before growing uneasy and confused. “He might need a skin graft for his hand.”

“That is interesting,” he replied. “Was it by accident or did you wish for something to happen?”

She thought about it, unsure initially. “I remember feeling nothing but white hot rage towards him in the moment. I don’t know if it had something to do with it. He was suddenly acting nice to me and believed I’d be safer with him than you.”

“Hardly. He was working with my mother and he’s still acting upon her instructions like the good mother’s boy that he is.”

“I don’t know Elijah. It was something different than what I remembered at the house. Like – a different light? It was strange but I just wanted to get back to you,” she murmured.

“Well, whomever resurrected him must have had a hand in that,” Elijah said as he unlocked the truck. “Bella, promise me this. If you ever feel unsafe with me or my family, please tell me. Feel free to leave whenever you want to, although I must admit, I don’t think I will be happy about it. But it’s your choice.”

She frowned and looked up at him, entirely bored. “I would just offer myself up as food. Can we get over this already? You won’t let me leave, even if I wanted to go the way I’d want.”

“No, because you have a death wish, but you are no prisoner, remember that.”

“Says the crazy vampire who tried to blow himself up. I’d go fighting until my last breath to protect the ones I care for. I see no shame in a death like that, especially in a viking family,” she smiled. “Come on. Let’s go save Rebekah.”


Elijah stood watching as Gia finished the violin piece, before shaking his head. “Again,” he ordered to her displeasure, earning a scowl back.

“And I suppose you want me to dress up for this as well?” Gia asked.

“We should adapt to our audience, yes,” he replied as he accepted a delivery from one of Klaus’ men.

“And you? Dark suit on the left side of your closet? Or-” Gia mockingly gasped. “The identical dark suit on the right?”

Elijah couldn’t hide his amusement. “I prefer the one in the middle, thank you so much.”

Bella couldn’t help but pipe up from the couch where she was reading Elijah’s notes he prepared for her on the witches and the regent. “I prefer his jeans and tshirt look more, but the suits are yummy.”

Gia grinned as she watched Elijah. “Oh wow, Elijah has someone who can make him blush!”

“Hardly. Now, Isabella. I’ve had Klaus send over several options from Rebekah’s closet for you that should be close to your size. You may take your pick. As for you Gia, I am sure that you have something appropriate?” he asked.

“Yeah sure, I can rustle something up,” Gia replied and scowled when Elijah looked at her as she wasn’t playing. “Yeah yeah… my fingers are getting tired and I’m hungry.”

“I’m off the menu according to King Hybrid and his brother,” Bella voiced, never looking up as she read.

The vampire blinked and looked to Elijah. “This crazy human is way too comfortable with you guys. Where the hell did you find her?”

Before he could answer, the girl continued for him. “I escaped from an asylum with two nutty witches, both turning out to be his sisters. I’m not one. I actually have no clue what I am, but weird shit has been happening to me since I been hanging with the family.”

The woman stared at her speechless. “Bless you?” she responded, not knowing what else to say.

Bella looked up and around before setting her eyes on Elijah. “I have a question. If this lady is as powerful as everyone says. Do you think that she might be able to have some answers as to what I am?” she asked.

He smiled, not wanting to get her hopes up as the witches did not often work well with their kind. “We can try asking, but I would not expect much. We have not gotten along very well with the covens in the past.”

“Well right now, the way I see it, short of going to the psycho bitch that broke Rebekah and I out of Dowager and is harboring your nut of an older brother, she seems to be the best shot for some answers. The seer doesn’t seem to know much, if anything, even about herself. She acted just as surprised when I even called her that,” she argued her point. “Even if you don’t want to ask, I will. I’m not a vampire. Aside from my allegiance with you, she really has no reason to deny helping me.”

“I wouldn’t count on it. The witches are a backstabbing lot around here,” Gia said as she walked back into the room, squirming into her dress. “Does this pass inspection?”

Bella and Elijah looked over at her. He nodded as the girl sighed. “I really have to wear one too?” she pouted.

“See, I had a feeling I would like you. Crazy mental patient part aside,” the vampire remarked playfully.

“I’m still not letting you tap a vein,” Bella sang as she set the stack of papers aside to go sort through the dresses that had been sent over. “I have no idea what Rebekah really looks like. If any of these would actually fit,” she muttered as she peeked into the dress bags.

“Klaus assured that these particular ones would be closest to your size. He tends to have a keen eye for certain things,” Elijah smiled as he handed her a tumbler with whiskey. With her hands occupied he flicked through the rack randomly before pausing, as if he knew there was something particular present. Pulling the hanger, he turned to her and let out a breath as his eyes took in her expression as they looked back at him. Leaning down to her ear, his breath caressing over her skin like a warm blanket. “I happen to think that you would look ravishing in this dress.”

He hung the bag in the washroom before making his way back to the bar, smiling to himself as Bella had remained frozen where he left her. Gia shook her head as she joined him, pouring herself a drink.

“You didn’t have to go and break the girl like that you know. There are other ways of telling someone you like them. Besides, when did this start? Last I heard you were chasing around Klaus’ wolf girl,” she said.

Elijah cursed himself for recent events but he found that he had no reservations about his fast and growing feelings for Isabella. “What is going on between myself and Isabella is no one’s business but our own,” he said before turning his head to look at her. “Have I made myself clear?”

“Crystal,” she answered, wide eyed and shocked.

He looked back over at the girl as she started for the bath to change, a smile hiding on her lips but he could clearly see the heat of a blush on her cheeks. “While we are there to get information about Rebekah and her situation regarding her host body and why the witches are after her, our other responsibility is Isabella’s safety. Should something happen with the witches, the first thing you do is get her to safety. She will protest, but my concern is her survival as well.”

“Feed her your blood then.”

“I am. As is Klaus when he sees an opportunity. She is also aware that we are slipping it to her unaware. She does not know when or how, just that we are and is displeased by it but understands our reasoning. The girl rivals my own morality at times, only compile it with Klaus’ predilection for stirring up trouble and inevitability of death. She has no fear of it and has single handedly attempted to pick a fight with Niklaus and attempted to face Finn in my defense,” he whispered.

“Girl has some balls,” Gia whistled, impressed. “She’ll need it for your family. Think you can handle a firecracker like that?”

He had previously anticipated Bella to take an extended time preparing herself for their trip but instead, she had only emerged from the other room after he had been contemplating the impact of her presence in their family so heavily in the short time she’d been with them. Blinking, his mouth fell open at the vision before him.

She had her hair pinned back simply and the dress fell around her. His eyes continued down, drawing in a breath as he took her in fully. His tongue darted out and moistened his lips. Only the amused chuckle from behind him broke his trance.

“If you don’t claim that girl soon, I have no doubt that someone around here will soon. She cleans up well. From the way she talks, it sounds like Klaus is sweet on her as well,” Gia teased as she watched Bella continue to get ready, oblivious to their quiet conversation as she muttered to herself about the things she was trying to remember.

Elijah growled lowly to himself at the thought of his brother coming onto Bella, even though he knew he shared no interest in her the way he did. “Isabella is not without her own baggage. Perhaps once she has come to terms with her own past, we can cross that bridge,” he said regretfully. “Until then, do not bring the subject up again.”

When Bella was finished, she turned to them, an expectant look on her face. “If you two are done speaking about me, do I pass inspection? Because like Gia, I really freaking hate dresses. And I loathe heels even more. It’s a damn good thing I have vampy blood in me because I’m destined to break my neck in these things.”

“You look absolutely breathtaking,” Elijah eventually let out. He couldn’t help but wonder what she’d look like in a fitted dress just for her, but this dress was wonderful.

“If you both are done eye fucking with each other, can we go now?” Gia asked as she held up her violin case. “I really want to get this ass kissing over with.”

“Sure! Let me just go grab my pie from the kitchen and I’m set,” Bella grinned, walking away.

Gia scowled at the elder vampire. “You wouldn’t let me bake something. I have to play the violin?”

He only smiled and gave a vague shrug as he pulled his jacket on, looking in the direction his charge had disappeared in. “Let us go. Our ride shall be here soon.”


Awaiting for the elder witch to make her appearance, the girls were agitated as they returned the watchful gazes of those that observed them. Bella found it unnerving the level of ease that Elijah portrayed and attempted to maintain the same calm facade that he had, but she found herself unable to remain still, coming to her feet to browse the figurines and collectibles on display in the room while the vampires sat in waiting.

It wasn’t long before an elderly woman with a silk ribbon tied around her neck entered, Elijah rising to his feet, catching Bella’s attention that she turned to give her full attention. With their introductions, he allowed Gia to perform for her and the woman turned to him instead of acknowledging her well practiced piece.

“You are as calculating as I’ve heard, Mr. Mikaelson. Having your companion play the very piece I once performed to great acclaim,” she said in a soft voice but her words had a certain condescending bite that caused Bella to narrow her eyes on her.

Gia looked at Elijah, clearly uncomfortable before he spoke up again. “But is it also not a piece you enjoy?”

“It’s best not to insult those more powerful than you, which is the only reason I allowed you into my home. Now, if you will excuse me, I have many things to do,” the old witch said.

Elijah politely smiled at that, masking his irritation. “My goodness, I had expected a more cordial welcome here.”

“And why would I be cordial to you?” Josephine countered. “Since your family has returned to this city, our Elders have been murdered. Promising young witches have been inhabited against their will.”

Bella couldn’t help but to laugh from where she stood across the room, deliriously entertained by the exchange. It bubbled up to a full blown laughter, catching the witch’s attention.

“Excuse you,” Josephine eyed her. “I have no idea why Mr. Mikaelson brought you along, but show some respect.”

“Respect is an earned privilege, not something granted so frivolously. I suppose that if we aren’t welcome then the peach crumb pie I baked for you won’t be wanted. I am sure Elijah and I can share it for dessert after dinner tonight instead,” she shrugged nonchalantly.

Gia hit herself in the head with a flat palm. “Bella… she’s the Regent… you need to be respectful,” she hissed at her.

“She’s a bitch,” she responded to the vampire. “We’ve been respectful since we stepped foot in her domain and she’s treated us like dirt. I’m sorry but we came to her for help and answers and we’ll just have to find them elsewhere if she is going to be all high and mighty.”

“My apologies, Miss LaRue, Isabella is still learning and-” Elijah started to apologize.

“No need to apologize, Mr. Mikaelson,” Josephine got to her feet and walked towards Bella, grabbing both her hands while she smiled at her. “Thank you.”

Bella’s brows furrowed at her as she was confused as to why she was thanking her and tried to pull away, uncomfortable by the contact. “What are you doing?” she muttered, feeling strange.

“Beneath Mr. Mikaelson’s formal attire and the lovely Beethoven, there is still a monster. A liar. Vampires are all the same, monsters wearing the skin of humans but you… your honesty is refreshing,” she held on to Bella for a while longer before letting go. “You, on the other hand, are exquisite.”

Her growl at her accusations increased her defenses. “Elijah has never lied to me,” she defended him. “He’s helped save me, as has his family. I suggest you choose your next words wisely lady.”

“I admire your candor, Ms. Swan,” Josephine said as she turned around and headed for her bookcase. “And your peach pie will definitely stay here, the smell has been seducing me ever since you three walked into my house.”

“Miss LaRue-”

She sharply turned to Elijah. “I am not done yet. You wait your turn, and I shall hear you out,” she said as she turned her attention back to her bookcase. “Ah, found it.” She retrieved a dusty old book from the shelf and handed it to Bella. “I believe that you will find this book very interesting, my dear.”

Bella took the book from her, looking down at the cover before her eyes flashed back up at the woman then over to Elijah, her heart rate picking up in speed slightly. “Is this some kind of joke? What is this supposed to mean?” she questioned.

“I know of your search for answers about yourself,” Josephine explained. “And that young Davina and Mr. Mikaelson’s brother have been communing with the Ancestors. The problem is, the Ancestors pulled their hands off of the request because sometimes, yes, sometimes, they’re scared children.” She looked up to the ceiling and sighed. “I am not allowed to tell you either, but the answers you seek are in that book, or can help guide you to them.”

Elijah silently made his way over as his friend stood, silently staring at the woman as she was appearingly in shock. Looking down at the book she held, he was just as surprised at the subject matter, but it was something that they would need to go into further detail later. Pulling her closer to him, he whispered his reassurance in her ear that they will discuss it at home.

Looking to Josephine, he nodded slightly. “Thank you for that small gesture for Isabella,” he said softly.

Josephine hummed as she nodded to her butler to come and bring the stack of files that Elijah had requested. “Those are all the witches in the Cottage, browse quickly, I have other business to attend to. Although I truly hope it’s not one of them, they are extremely dangerous.”

“Cottage? Dowager?” Bella asked, blinking back into the present situation and why they were there. “I thought we were looking for help for Rebekah.”

“We are,” Elijah said as he browsed through the files. “Obviously, she’s not in her right body. It was a prank by Kol.”

At his name, she growled, crossing her arms. “He’s a dick. Can’t we just lock him up inside that hell? Let him know what it feels like to be at the mercy of the Kindred.”

“Oh, I assure you, Rebekah deserved it,” he said amused. “However, the body belongs to someone else. Rebekah has been having issues with controlling the witch inside. We need to know who-” He blinked when he saw the picture of Rebekah’s new body and handed it to Josephine.

Josephine sucked in a breath before looking at Bella. “I don’t remember putting you inside that house. Has it been compromised?”

“A coven of Cold Ones shoved me in there,” Bella muttered, nothing but distaste and hatred on her face. Looking to Elijah, she let out a breath. “I’m not going to let Klaus forget his promise either. After this mess is over, he’s helping me hunt every last one of them down until they are ash.”

“Of course, Niklaus always keeps his word, as do I.” He then expectantly looked at Josephine. “What can you tell me about that witch?”

“Eva Sinclair. Powerful and sadistic. If I am to relinquish someone like her into your custody, I will require someone equally powerful in return. The Tremé Coven wants Vincent Griffith returned. How you expel your brother Finn from his body is your concern.”

“Easier said than done. Finn is back from being a crispy critter. That means we have to make nice with the nut that likes him and broke us out,” Bella grimaced, reaching up to scratch her neck. “Who’s going to break the news to Klaus?”

“I will,” Elijah said calmly before smiling at Josephine. “Consider it done.”


Later that evening in the cemetery, after Klaus managed to track his brother in his witch body to the Lafayette Cemetery, he was more than pleased to have gotten several successful hits in against the man. Stabbing him and having him down for one last blow, he was not pleased when he was pulled back by none other than his moral brother.

“Let him die, Elijah!” he argued.

Elijah shook his head, trying to keep him from killing the host body. “The witches want that body returned unharmed.”

The hybrid could not care less for what the witches wanted. “And what else do they want? A parade? Free broomsticks for all?” he questioned sarcastically.

“This alliance could be greatly beneficial to us all-”

“Yes, well currying some witch’s favor does not concern me!” Klaus interrupted, throwing his hands up.

Freya suddenly appeared, walking up in a quick stride. “It should,” she said, stopping as she reached them and smiled. “Witch allies can prove valuable.”

Continuing to where Finn laid on the ground, injured by Klaus’ hand as their brothers watched, gaping in confusion, she knelt as he begged her for her help. “Don’t worry, brother. I won’t let them hurt you.” Using her fingers to lift the pendent on her talisman, she begins to cast a spell. “Yovara vimuna virael. Yovara vimuna virael…”

As she chants, Finn’s body sits up in shock, staring at them in fear, looking at them all as he unrecognized them. “Who are you?” he asked, his eyes darting from one to the other.

Freya smiled, shaking her head and presses two fingers to his head, sweeping them over his face. “Sleep,” she said, before turning to face the confused looks on her other brother’s faces.

“What did you do to him?” Klaus questioned as he narrowed his eyes on her.

Holding up her necklace for him, she sighed. “Finn is now safe from harm. And his hatred of you can no longer do damage to our cause.”

“Our cause?” Elijah repeated?

“Yes. Ours. And now, if you two can stop arguing long enough, perhaps you’ll allow your older sister to offer you a deal.”

“What could you possibly offer us besides fairy tales and lies?” Klaus sneered.

Sighing with annoyance of his constant resistance to her, Freya looked at him. “Whatever you think of me, brother, know this- when I speak to you, it is the truth. If you have any doubts, remember that it was I who rescued Rebekah from the Fauline Cottage.”

“And was it not also you who led Finn on his vile mission to take Hope’s life? To finding us at our safe house that also placed good friends in harm,” Elijah pointed out.

She looks down at the ground, clearly upset by the thought. “The threat to Hope came from Finn. Not me. The brother I knew would never have stooped to threaten a child. Our mother destroyed him. Like she did me.” She turned to Klaus “You. Everything she touched.”

Klaus was appalled by her accusations. “Do not talk speak as though we are familiars! We know nothing of you.”

She was unsure of what else to do to convince him to believe her and made another bid for his grace. “Before you dismiss me, you should know this- if I’ve woken from my slumber, Dahlia has as well. Once she’s sensed your child’s magic, she will come for her. And she has the power to kill anyone who stands in her way… unless we kill her first.”

He snorted in amusement, stepping back with a shake of his head. “That’s quite convenient, isn’t it? You show up in the nick of time to help us kill the woman with whom you’ve spent a thousand years!”

Elijah’s eyes narrowed as he stared at his sister, his mouth falling open slightly as he thought about Josephine’s hinted speculation as to Isabella’s origins of power. “Tell me, do either of you remember any stories that Mikael used to tell us as children of the old world?”

“Mikael was a sadistic monster,” Klaus growled. “What the hell would you be asking such a stupid question now?”

“I will tell you why after, but first please humor me. What do you remember of the stories of the old world? Their legends?” he asked.

“Most stories were of the old Gods, of course, why is this important, Elijah?” Klaus said tiredly. “Why is this of importance?”

“Because Josephine LaRue handed Isabella a book about Norse mythology, telling her that it would help her find her answers. That their ancestors won’t allow the witches get involved in their magic,” he said.

“Oh,” Freya cooed. “The Ancestors are probably shaking in their boots. I knew she was special! Father used to tell stories about Gods and Goddesses, their army, the Valkyrie… I particularly liked the stories where the Valkyries were depicted as ravens or swans.”

Klaus and Elijah’s attentions turned to her sharply. “What do you mean swans?” Elijah demanded, far more threatening than he had previously with her. Much more like his brother’s usual behavior with her, leaving the younger man watching amused.

“Well, if I remember correctly, the garments of the Valkyries were made out of swan feathers. And they were beautiful. As swans or ravens, they could observe the warriors and pick which one would fall and live a glorious afterlife in Valhalla. Like another version of The Other Side.”

“What would this mean for us if she were something of these legends. Whether it be a goddess or something else?” Klaus asked, not quite trusting the details, but also not dismissing them either.

“Truthfully? I have no idea. I’d have to do some research, if this happened before or whatever. Until we know more, I suggest not to piss her off.”

The hybrid could not hold in his laughter, while Elijah smiled to himself. “Then we shall keep Kol and Hayley away from her. Do you think you would be able to confirm what she is?” he asked Freya.

She hesitated, unsure before nodding. “I could try, but it would require her blood. My magic is blood based so she might be resistant.”

“She is just as curious as we are. But she’s also extremely frightened by the notion that she is something other than human,” Elijah stated calmly.

“She’s also as stubborn and ornery as every one as the rest of the family,” Klaus announced, waving his arm at him. “She will go through with it, but will do so kicking and screaming. Tell me brother. How is your hand? Our little vampiress take any more nips out of you yet?”

Elijah ignored his brother and sighed. “Freya, it might be helpful to visit a small tea shop near the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in the Garden District. Bella and I encountered a…. interesting young woman.”

“My main concern is Dahlia and to stop her, not figuring out who your new squeeze is.”

“Would a Norse goddess or whatever Bella might be, be stronger than Dahlia?” Elijah countered.

Freya wanted to speak up but closed her mouth again before nodding. “Very well, because I’m your older sister, I shall look into it. However, you two need to stop fighting each other every step of the way, it will tear you apart. Also, be careful. I might have released Mikael this afternoon and he does not like you.”

“You might have?” Klaus growled, taking a step for her, only to be held back by Elijah as he too, stared at her in fear.

“Well, I did,” Freya said with a shrug.

“What have you done, Freya?”

“He is my Father!”

Elijah shook his head. “He is a monster! The things he has done to this family!”

“And he says the same about you, brother,” Freya countered. “For a thousand years I wished to see my family again. And I finally found you. Father loves me still.”

“He may have loved you but after your death, he changed. There was no love left for the rest of us.”

“I didn’t die, Dahlia took me and mother allowed her to so get over it and watch your backs.” Freya shot at them before walking away. “But not to worry, I shall look into your new toy and go to that tea shop as well.”

Elijah and Klaus stood there angry as they attempted to control their emotions and not go after the one powerful witch that they needed at the moment.

“Niklaus, I suggest you rally the wolves. Mikael will certainly go after Hope,” he said worriedly.

Klaus nodded in agreement. “And you return to Bella. I’m sure she has been worried for you ever since your incident at the farmhouse.”

“I assure you, I am alright,” Elijah told his brother. “Fire is quite cleansing.”

“Are you still trying to convince her of that? I do not see her being that naive.”

“I am doing better?” Elijah tried, which was more the truth than being alright. “I have my hands full with Isabella at the moment, I have no time to stop and think about what goes through my mind.”

He smiled at that. “That sounds like a good thing, brother. She keeps you on your toes. Now all you have to do is decide how to proceed with her. Do you know what you want? Because if you don’t want her…”

“You’re not having her,” he countered. “For once, Niklaus, stop going after women I am interested in.”

“No worries! Just checking that you actually had a brain,” Klaus grinned, slapping him on the back as he gave a gentle shove for the exit of the cemetery. “Granted, if you truly weren’t, I would put my cards in play but I could see clearly her own interest in you. As long as you are active in the game, I wouldn’t even stand a chance. So I suggest that you do something about it soon because I also had not missed that look of utter displeasure when she learned that you had a passing fancy with a mutual wolf of ours. One that she also does not particular gets along with.”

Elijah rolled his eyes at his brother. “Go rally the wolves. We will talk soon,” he said before using his vampire speed to get off the cemetery and headed towards his apartment.

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