Neon Light

neon-light-nameSummary: After the events of her eighteenth birthday, the Cullens cruelly devised a plan to sequester Bella away in a magically sealed asylum far away in Louisiana. There, she learns more about the supernatural world, when a year later, two new admissions include her in their escape. As the Mikaelsons agree to take the intriguing Bella under their protection, new emotions begin to rise among them and she exhibits unusual abilities of her own. She is not a witch that they have ever encountered, nor does she quite display the traits of a vampire for what she’d been able to do. What is she? And why does she suddenly begin to receive these new gifts now?

Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson / Bella Swan
Fandoms: The Originals / Twilight
Rating: MA for adult situations and content. Yes, there is lemons.
Warnings/Notes: Twilight timeline and details are AU. The events of Jasper’s attack on her birthday occurred on her 18th, but she’d already graduated high school. Bella was also friends and aware of Jacob and the wolves from early in her involvement with the Cullens. On The Originals side, it generally follows the events of Season 2, from episode Sanctuary. Details are altered to account for Bella’s inclusion.

Chapter 01 – Sanctuary
Chapter 02 – The Devil is Damned
Chapter 03 – I Love You, Goodbye
Chapter 04 – They All Asked For You
Chapter 05 – Save My Soul
Chapter 06 – Exquisite Corpse
Chapter 07 – The Night has a Thousand Eyes

**artwork originally by Bertie Bott for the 2015 Every Flavor of Spook Contest participation. Chapter 01, Sanctuary was the original submission.