Chapter 07


The group was nearly an hour outside of the small town when Stiles called them from home. Scott answered quickly, putting him on speaker. “Hey man,” he greeted. “We aren’t there yet.”

“I figured as much, but I’ve been doing some research on the area since you left. Remembering what Uncle Asshole had said when he pointed out an area for these things, I figured there might be something about it that attracts them besides keeping them hidden,” he replied.

Scott looked over at Peter, who had rolled his eyes at the insult, having grown used to the teens’ dislike of him. “Let me conference you in with the others first,” he said as he dialed Isaac and connected the calls.

Stiles had grumbled under his breath something about dogs before he spoke up again. “There is a Native American tribe just outside of town that has an interesting legend in their history. It speaks of their men turning into guardian protectors when spirits of Cold Ones are around. In the last three years, Forks has police reports of giant wolves in the woods between the reservation and city. Get this – some idiot who didn’t believe in the stories and once lived there said they called themselves werewolves.”

Derek’s lip curled back in distaste of the story but when he looked to Peter, he was surprised to find the man far angrier than he expected for a fable. “What?”

“There are shifters that are designed to fight these bastards. Whenever they show up, the tribe starts shifting, and they’ve been around this entire time. They haven’t done shit for her. They have a responsibility” he complained. “Pitiful excuses for wolves. I say after we deal with the snakes, we take care of the wannabe pups.”

“You know of these things too?”

Peter shrugged a shoulder as he stared at the passing scenery. “I’ve been around,” he responded.

“I found a blurry picture of them,” Stiles’ voice sounded. “Want me to send it over? You’ll have a laugh.”

“Sure,” Scott replied. It wasn’t long before everyone’s phones began ringing with the alert for a new message. Opening it, he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. “You’re joking, right?”

“No, I’m not,” Stiles snickered. “They look like toy dogs but then magnified a couple of times!”

“Ponies,” Isaac said, seemingly impressed. “I wonder if we can ride them into battle.”

Peter shook his head. “With an equally nasty bite. Looks can be deceiving. They are strong enough to rip the vampires apart with their teeth.”

“We should ride them into battle,” Isaac said with a nod.

“You’re an idiot,” Stiles remarked.

Derek said nothing as he pressed harder on the gas peddle, picking up speed. The more he heard, the less he liked about the situation his new friend was involved with. He was afraid that they might not make it to her in time after seeing the level of fear she had when she finally gave them the information they needed.


Crossing the border into town, Derek pulled over to the side of the road and got out. His eyes looked around as he tried to get a sense of the area. Peter followed his lead, stepping out of the car and breathed in the air. He smiled over to Scott once he joined them.

“You smell that?” he asked.

Scott narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nose, fighting the urge to recoil at the scent. “Burnt cotton candy and bleach?”

“Hm, yes. Good job. That’s what we are here to dispose of,” Peter smiled as his nostrils flared. His head tilted to the side with curiosity. “However…”

Footsteps through the woods as someone approached the distracted group. Allison, Isaac, and the twins had just caught up and were exiting their car to make their way to them when the man broke through the heavy foliage. “You know, I had the feeling that shit was going to be hitting the fan here. I just didn’t realize it was going to involve dog shit.”

The older wolf scowled as he looked at the vampire who stood relaxed and grinning. “You fucker.”

“Touché old man. What brings you to Forks?” The vampire asked, causing everyone to look at Peter accusingly.

He remained silent as he considered his response, smirking. “I suppose it depends on what your business is here Whitlock. Are you looking to stand in our way of burning your kind?”

A female soon joined the male vampire, and both looked at the wolf in annoyance. “Well, that is certainly something,” ‘Whitlock’ mused as he looked at each person in the group with the wolf. His red eyes settled on Derek and smirked. “Seeing as you’re in Forks, I’ll hazard to guess we may be here for the same cause.”

“What do you know Whitlock?” Peter sighed with irritation. There was a reason he avoided this species. Especially this vampire in particular.

“Depends on Prince Charming I think. What’s the information worth to your friend there? It’s quite fascinating what Penny Top tried and failed. A dozen vampires with thousands of years of their combined knowledge and no one has a clue,” he grinned.

Isaac was unable to stay silent. “Penny Top?”

Whitlock waved his hand dismissively while the female with him rolled her eyes. “Edward Cullen. You’ll know him when you see him. Just keep thinking about big breasted porn and you’ll be good to go. He attempted to change the girl several hours ago, but it didn’t work. It never happened before that they could think of,” she explained. “Excuse Peter. He doesn’t always know when it’s time to stop joking around.”

“Aww Char!” he whined.

“We are dealing with two Peters right now?” Scott asked, looking nauseous at the idea.

“Fuck that shit. You’re here to take out the squirrel munchers and get the girl. So happens that we came to do the same. Well, the girl part at least. It’s the least I can do for my brother seeing as that fucked up family managed to have him held prisoner by our royal douchebags,” the vampire Peter complained. “We’ll help you out, but know they have twelve of our kind around the house. Although, I’m fairly certain two of them won’t be willing to fight for them.”

Allison looked at the two. “Why would we think of porn?”

Char turned her attention on the girl and appraised her for a moment. “Because he is a mind reader. Think of anything but your intentions. They also have a seer but whether she can see your decisions or not being wolves, we don’t know. The Cullens also have another active gift that can hurt you. She can produce electricity through her touch.”

Each of the Wolves looked to one another, not liking that bit of intel. “The good news, though,” Whitlock continued, “Is that Kate can only affect who she touches. She can’t expand it beyond her physical self.”

Derek made a face at the name. Peter shared a similar sentiment. “What is it with bitches named Kate and electricity?” he asked rhetorically.

Rolling her eyes, Allison refused to comment. “So avoid this Kate. I’ll work on taking her down,” she said with hesitation.

“No offense Sugar Plum, but what would a little human girl like you can do to one of us?” Whitlock smarted.

“The human can take care of herself. I assure you of that,” Peter defended her before she could give him a demonstration and revealing all of their secrets. “We won’t mind the extra help. You said that two might not want to fight with them?”

The vampires looked at one another apprehensively. “I know that Rosalie objected from the beginning about Bella’s involvement in the family. But when the Cullens took her captive, she did her best to make sure that as little harm came to her as she is outnumbered and a shitty fighter. My brother, Jasper, had filled me in on the details when he left the family to go request our leaders to do something about them. Unfortunately, they decided to keep him prisoner themselves, leaving me to pick up his reins in getting the girl out.”

“And the other?” Scott asked.

“Garrett. He comes from a period where he holds true to the damsel in distress ideals. Again, he’s not doing anything now because he knows he can’t fight so many others despite being a skilled fighter.”

“All is well and said, but somehow I doubt that she has much time left. You said they tried to change her, and it failed. I doubt they would keep her around much longer if she can’t be changed,” Aiden interrupted. “Let’s go kill us some vampires already!”

Derek let out his wolf side, his face already ready for battle and his eyes flashed red. Peter nodded in agreement. “It’s time we do the hunting,” he happily sighed, rolling his neck until his wolf form was released. “Let’s play!’


The group quickly and quietly made their way through the woods, leaving the cars on the road so that they could run back and make a getaway when the time came. Isaac helped Allison up into a tree so that she could set up with her weapons while the rest of the wolves approached the house from the main drive.

Derek eyed it with hatred. His ears could pick up the footsteps of someone inside, but no heartbeat in its direction. They weren’t kept waiting long before three vampires appeared at the front door, looking out curiously.

“Oh, this is good,” Whitlock grinned as he eyed the vampires. “They can’t see you in their minds. Be careful that they still can read your minds so don’t think about any moves when you attack.”

“I’m almost ready,” Allison said as she leaned against the tree trunk, readying her bow and arrow with some flashbangs. She’d switch to explosives if she had to. She was accustomed to being back up, but she had faith in the Wolves to make this mission a success. A smirk appeared on her lips. Her father would have killed her if she had told him what they were going to do. “They have a garage, if they’re not coming out, you can go in,” she grinned as she aimed at one of the glass panes of the house. “Or you know… I could do this…” she shot off an arrow and watched as it pierced through the glass, shattering it upon impact and once the flashbang hit the ground, it went off. “So cool.”

The vampires at the door turned to the damage before looking back out at the woods. The small one pulled out her cell phone immediately. “You need to cut your hunting trip short. We’re being attacked,” she snapped. “I can’t see who it is!”

“Oh, I love the sound of panic,” Peter smirked and looked at Derek. “When you’re ready, Romeo.”

The Alpha snarled as he crouched down, launching himself from their hiding spot. The small vampire had stared at him in his approach before she took off, leaving the other two. “Alice!” the woman yelled as she and the big one readied themselves for his attack. “Where the fuck are Carlisle and Edward?!”

“Leave the big guy to us,” Aiden said as he looked at his twin, ready to merge with him.

“Holy fuck,” the vampire stared in awe before he charged at the wolf creature.

Another vampire appeared at the door and peered out. “Kick their asses!” she yelled though she didn’t move to join the fight. If anything, she looked euphoric when Derek ripped the woman’s head off her shoulders. “About damn time…”

The vampire squirmed when he turned to make his way to her. She could see a familiar bloodlust in his eyes, but she did her best to stand her ground. “Wolves. Of course. Bella always had a thing for them,” she thoughtfully said as she eyed the man. “If you are the Derek she talks about in her sleep, then her taste has greatly improved over my brother.”

Whitlock made his way into the drive from the woods, dragging the body of another female vampire in one hand and her head in the other. “Eleazar’s bitch is down. Heya Rose!” he grinned cheerfully.

“Peter,” she replied with a raised eyebrow as she saw him go after Edward, Carlisle, and Eleazar now that they had reached the house. She turned back to the wolf who was growling at her. “She’s still alive. Barely. In the basement.”

“Down boy,” Whitlock murmured to Derek as he passed him, entering the house, trying to cut off one of the vampires that took off around the back. “She’s one of the good ones.”

Derek snarled as he found his way to the basement, finding that there wasn’t any resistance on his way down as the rest of the wolves were entertaining the vampires. Coming to a closed door, he ripped it off its hinges and felt how his face switched back to normal upon seeing Bella, barely breathing. He grinded to a halt next to her bed and gently caressed her hair before getting out of his shirt and wrapped it around her. “Hang on, Bella,” he said as he scooped her into his arms. The girl was too light, too skinny. Far too weak to walk on her own. “We’re here,” he muttered as he walked her out of the room.

A breeze came through the room and at the door, a tall vampire that wasn’t around before stood outside of it. “Shit,” he muttered at the sight. “I didn’t think Carlisle and Eleazar would have ever let it go that far. Hey man, you need to be quick. Kate is on her way down, and she has a nasty touch. I can hold her off a bit as I build up a tolerance from fucking her long enough.”

Derek eyed the vampire for a moment and then nodded as he moved passed him, muttering a ‘thank you’ as he climbed the stairs.

Isaac had stayed near Alison in case she needed help. Despite her big mouth and her confidence, she was still ridiculously human. And it was a good thing too, that he had stayed as a female vampire approached the tree she took position in to watch the fight.

“Fucking dogs. Abominations,” the blond commented as she looked back at the house. “But you’re just a tasty little morsel, ripe for the picking. ”

Alison looked down from her perch and sighed as she fumbled for a grenade in her pocket. “Am I?” she asked teasingly.

“You would only kill yourself with me,” the vampire grinned as she sank her nails into the trunk of the tree, preparing to climb. “I haven’t tasted human blood in awhile…”

As soon as Alison dropped the live grenade, Isaac jumped up the tree, grabbed Alison and sped off. They were well in the clear when a loud bang could be heard, scaring some wild animals and birds in the forest, but the sight was awesome. “You’re reckless,” he snorted as he set her down on the ground.

“She was a bitch,” she replied.

“Your dad would have killed me if she had killed you.”

“No. He’d have killed Derek and Peter. Come on. The others are far from finished,” she said as she turned to walk back towards the house.

When they got back to the others, she raised an eyebrow. “Go help. I have some new arrows I want to test,” she smiled as she loaded her bow and took aim at a blond female. “I’m starting to hate these things.”


Edward caught a few stray thoughts of the wolves that ambushed their coven and sneered. “They are after my mate!” he bellowed before he took off for the house. He stalked through the halls on his way to the basement where he stopped to find another wolf holding his human pet in his arms. His eyes went black as he prepared for a fight. “She belongs to me.”

“Does she?” Derek quipped as he looked her over. “I don’t see your name on her.”

“It’s my bite on her skin dog. She will be changed. Hand her over,” he ordered, staring him down as he attempted to get into his head. “What I don’t understand is how you know of her when she hasn’t left her room once…”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Derek let out a low growl as he felt his face change again. His red eyes had flashed at the vampire before his growl got even louder, alerting the rest of the wolves that he might need some help. Cradling Bella even tighter against him, careful not to break her bones, he knew that he couldn’t fight the vampire with her in his arms, but he wasn’t going to let her go.

Scott answered his call first, breaking away from the fight after he helped the twins rip the larger fighter apart. He was quick to make his way inside, grinning behind the vampire. “Now I understand the name Penny Top,” he joked.

“Whitlock,” Edward sneered, hearing the boy’s thoughts from behind him.

“Looks like you’re the one outnumbered,” Scott pointed out. “She is coming with us. I think you’ve done enough to her.”

He gave an evil grin as he looked back towards Derek. “Am I outnumbered?” he asked as a vampire came up behind Derek. “If you wouldn’t mind handling the trash for me, Kate.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” she grinned as she went to reach out but she was held back as another pair of arms wrapped around her neck. “Garrett, you bastard!!” She gripped his arms and sent shock waves through him that forced him to his knees. He kept his grip on her firm, forcing her down on him.

“I may be, but you’re a cunt,” he said through gritted teeth. “You’re not getting away with this…”

Derek looked at Scott and nodded before pushing against Edward with his shoulder. He was careful not to jostle Bella. Pushing past the vampire as Scott pushed the other way after kicking his leg, causing Edward to lose his balance and fall into the struggling vampires down the stairs. “Sorry, tall guy,” he apologized as he jumped up to get away from them.

“Just go!” Garrett yelled back as he fought against the two to give them more time to escape.

With Bella tucked in his arms, Derek made his way outside to find Whitlock and his girl helping with a fire and everyone working on burning the pieces. His keen eyesight was able to let him know that for the amount of vampires that they had been dealing with, a few had escaped. As much as it upset him, it was the least of his worries at that moment.

“Let’s go,” he growled as he started in the direction of the cars.

Peter looked up from the vampire he just finished pulling apart more. His eyes narrowed with concern as he saw how bad the girl was in his arms. “Whitlock. You got this?”

“Yeah. Go on. Fuckheads got away already, so there is not nothing left here for them now that you have her. Something tells me that the Pixie-Bitch won’t be able to see that little hell raiser anymore,” he grinned. “Have fun with that one!”

He wasn’t sure what to make of the insinuation but nodded as he and the others quickly regrouped to follow Derek out. The Alpha said nothing as he kept his eyes forward through the woods.

“I’ll drive,” Peter muttered once they reached the cars. “You just hold onto her in the back.”

“Go past Deaton’s to see if he is back yet when we get into town, otherwise straight home,” he said, his tone rough with suppressed emotion. “Let’s just get out of here.”



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  2. “Derek’s lip curled back in distaste of the story but when he looked to Peter, he was surprised to find the man far angrier than he expected for a fable. “What?”

    “There are shifters that are designed to fight these bastards. Whenever they show up, the tribe starts shifting, and they’ve been around this entire time. They haven’t done shit for her. They have a responsibility” he complained. “Pitiful excuses for wolves. I say after we deal with the snakes, we take care of the wannabe pups.” ”

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