Chapter 06


Scott listened to the two Alpha wolves as they pleaded with him. After everything that Aiden and Ethan had put his friends through, he wasn’t sure that they could be trusted. Even if he could understand where they were coming. Why they were coming to him, however, had him confused.

“I don’t understand what you think I can do,” he told them. “I’m not an Alpha. I can’t help you.”

“You have the makings to be one someday. We can help,” Ethan insisted.

The teenager’s eyes widened in annoyance. He was not one to lose his cool that easily but with everything that was going on, he couldn’t help but snap. “You both are Alphas! Why don’t you go off and find your pack!”

Aiden shook his head, having kept silent until that point, letting his brother do the talking. “You don’t get it! We don’t want to lead a pack. We just want to stay in Beacon Hills.”

“Then go talk to Derek! He’s the Alpha around here if you want permission to stay! He’s the one you came here to hunt in the beginning!” Scott argued. “I’m not the Alpha!”

Taking notice of the potential conflict, Stiles, Isaac, Allison, and Lydia made their way over to the three wolves. Lydia had a suspicious look in her eyes as she got closer, frowning as she was able to hear her friend’s cry. “What is going on?”

“Ask your boyfriend,” Scott snarled as he continued to stare Aiden down while the other twin tried to push his brother back to avoid anyone from wolfing out.

“How about I ask?”

Scott froze slightly, raising his chin as he refused to turn. The twins looked to the person who asked and swallowed back nervously. “They want to stay in Beacon Hills. I told them to ask you, but they don’t want to take a hint,” the young wolf informed through narrowed eyes.

Derek walked over to stand between his friend and his former enemies. He didn’t know what to make of them. They were formidable fighters and knowing that Bella was in the danger that she was – he wasn’t sure what he would be going to be up against until she was able to return to tell him. As it was, it had been a week since he’d seen her. No one else had any sightings either.

“You can stay but if there is any trouble, know that I have my ways of dealing with you. Alphas or not. You know what’s happened to Deucalion and Kali, right?” he informed them in a calm voice, earning curious looks from the others.

Aiden and Ethan nervously swallowed as they nodded. “Yeah, we know,” they replied as they looked around as the teens sided with one another. Before his brother could say anything else, Ethan refused to look a gift horse in the mouth and pulled Aiden from the group.

Turning to face the others, Derek raised an eyebrow at the looks he received. “What?”

“Why are you letting them stay?” Stiles disgustedly asked.

“We might need them,” the Alpha shrugged and let out a sigh. “No one has seen her yet?”

Scott shook his head. “No. We haven’t seen her in some time. She popped in and out quickly but never long enough for anything. Is something wrong?”

Derek pursed his lips as he looked at him. He hadn’t heard back from Deaton yet, and he knew that he had left town not long after he made his call to him after her last visit. “I found out she’s being held somewhere,” he admitted finally.

“She’s being beaten,” Isaac voiced. “Whoever has her is torturing her. We’re going to help her, right? I mean, she saved our asses in your loft that night!”

His creator turned his head to eye him but said nothing. There were no words that would accurately express the emotions that he felt. He knew that Isaac would probably be the strongest voice in actually helping her considering his history. Derek was more than grateful for the young wolf’s support, no matter how inexperienced the boy still was and what he had done to him himself.

“Of course we’re going to help the girl,” Peter smirked as he leaned against Derek’s car. “If you only knew half of what I saw, you’d be an idiot to think otherwise. In the meantime, how about we head back to Derek’s place and plan out a grand rescue for his disappearing princess.”

Derek turned to glare at his uncle, growling defensively. If it weren’t because they were outside of the high school where there were so many people around, he would have thrown the man across the lot. “Struck a nerve, did I?” Peter humorously asked. “Did I say something that wasn’t true? Or perhaps that was?”

Isaac saw the dumbstruck faces of his friends and shrugged. “Figures Derek would fall for a damsel in distress, it’s his weakness.”

Derek let out a growl and pushed Isaac hard enough to have him fall on his ass and slide across the road a few meters. He shoved his uncle away from his car and got in before driving off, getting away from the group of children as quickly as he could before he killed one of them.

“Yep struck a nerve,” Peter repeated with a self-satisfied smirk on his face as he watched the car turn a corner. “So…pizza and plotting? My treat!”


Much to Derek’s dismay, Peter had invited the teenagers back to the loft while Derek had wanted to be left in peace. He had taken a few slices of pizza and retreated to his bedroom to eat. Derek understood why Peter had been willing to treat the young wolves and humans to something after everything they’d been through in the last weeks, months. However, if he hadn’t known any better, this gesture was a bit suspicious.

Peter wanted to get back into Derek’s good graces, everyone’s good graces, too much and maybe this went a little bit too far. They had their parents to make them happy. It wasn’t Peter’s job to do it.

“Depending on who is holding the girl, we would need the strongest fighters to deal with them directly,” Peter spoke loud enough that his nephew could hear from where he hid. “If the steroid twins are still around and sucking up, they could come in handy.”

“Yeah, we’d need some proper training,” Isaac agreed with his mouth full of pizza. “None of that leap over this, leap over that shit and the purposely breaking of bones.”

“You’re just a wuss,” Scott snorted.

“Oh, want me to break the bones in your hand, Scott? It hurts like hell!”

Peter let out a dramatic sigh. “If you were injured during a fight, you would need to learn to heal quickly or continue to fight through the pain. His methods might not be to your liking, but he wasn’t entirely wrong either.”

“Yeah well, you weren’t there. He broke my bones simply because he could,” he muttered as he continued to eat his pizza.

“Would you like me to break your neck?” the older wolf growled in warning, his eyes flashing blue in his ire. “Quit your bitching.”

“There will be no breaking of bones,” Scott said as he looked at Peter. “But Isaac’s right. We all would need to learn how to fight better.”

He glared at his creation and snarled. “Derek and I can show you what to do, but it’s up to you to accept what we say. Training isn’t meant to be fun and games. It’s about survival Scott! It will only take you so far, especially if we don’t know who we are dealing with. For all we know she might be held by hunters like your girlfriend’s daddy and know exactly what she is. It could be a trap for our kind.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“No, she’s mine,” Isaac smirked.

“I’m not his girlfriend,” Allison protested as she pointed to Scott.

“What the fuck ever. Teenage drama! You make me gag,” Peter complained as he poured himself a drink. “It doesn’t change what I said. It could be a trap. Don’t tell me that your father has never used similar methods to make his kills. I know for a fact that his sister has.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Hunters don’t go after ghosts. Ghosts aren’t even real,” she said as she shook her head, playing with her phone.

Isaac raised an eyebrow to her. “Then how do you explain what the hell we’ve seen all this time?”

“I asked. He said it is a longshot, but my dad thinks she could be an Ikiryō. It’s like… astral projection over long distances,” she said with a shrug. “Hunters don’t normally keep beings like that on hand. It’s too dangerous because they could turn on them and kill them from the inside out.”

Peter didn’t say anything as he had stared at her with suspicion. His ears picked up movement, and it wasn’t long before Derek was down the stairs sharing his expression. “What else do you know about them?” he demanded.

Sighing, Allison looked at Derek. “It’s a Japanese spirit, or at least it should be, she didn’t look mixed race, so I don’t know,” she shrugged. “But back on topic, the mythology says an Ikiryō is the manifestation of the soul of a person outside its living body. If they’re angry with someone, they could possess that person and destroy them from the inside out. However, the Ikiryō is also known to appear or exist when its host body is in a comatose state or at least extremely sick. According to my dad, it works like a poltergeist manifestation. Poltergeists exist because there’s negative energy when that person died.”

Derek and Peter looked to one another as they took in the information. “Energy you say?” Peter mused.

“Energy is always a factor with most Japanese spirits or mythology. It’s very important to them, like Buddhism or yoga or tai-chi, even.”

“Feng Shui?” Isaac smirked.

“Even that.”

“Buddhism is Chinese,” Derek pointed out.

“Yes, and all Christians are white.” Lydia rolled her eyes at the wolf. “There are Japanese Buddhists, Derek. Stop thinking in boxes.”

He growled at the girl, stepping towards her threateningly. “Maybe I should have let Peter kill you,” he warned, his nerves beginning to get the best of him.

“I’m your supernatural alarm for when there’s a dead body. You need me. On top of that, I’m smarter than anyone of you, so go ahead, kill me. The combined IQ of this group will significantly dwindle.”

“Insulting your friends now?” Peter smirked.

“Oh, no, she’s right. It’s not an insult,” Scott grinned. “She’s smarter than all of us.”

“I’m sure we can find ourselves another banshee,” Derek said as he glared at her.

Lydia was staring into nothingness for a moment as if she was listening to something. “I think we should clear the room a little,” she said quietly and got to her feet. “Get some space between us.”

“What are you up to?” Peter questioned as he too stood.

“Nothing, just feeling… The feeling of being confined, we’re too packed,” she simply said as she took a few steps back. “Come on, give us some space.”

Isaac shook his head. “I don’t think it’s us that you’re feeling,” he whispered as he pointed behind everyone to the stairs. Sitting there, holding her arms around herself and looking around the room with agitation, was the main subject of their visit.

Derek spun to take a look, his face falling as he saw the state that she was in. “Where are you?” he immediately questioned, making his way in front of her. “Tell me Bella…”

Her eyes were wide and terrified as they fell on him. “He’s going to try to change me before he can kill me. I don’t want to be one of them.”

“That’s not going to happen, I promise. Where are you? We’re coming for you.”

“He is strong. They aren’t alone, and they have gifts. I don’t want you hurt for me,” she cried as she faded slightly in appearance before coming back, her panic rising.

“Hey, stay with me,” Derek sat down next to her. “What are they?”

Bella’s eyes jumped from him to the others in the room that were staring at her. The secret having been beaten into her was kicking in, and it was difficult to get the words out to the point, she began to shake.

“Don’t worry,” Lydia said with a kind smile. “We’re here to help. I’m a banshee, and apart from Allison and Stiles, they’re all very strong werewolves.”

Her breathing grew heavier as she pulled on her hair. “Forks. I’m in Forks.”

Derek sucked in a breath. “Okay. Who are they?”

“Vampires,” she whispered as she met his eyes, flickering again. Her hand held her wrist as she curled into herself more.

“Vampires with gifts,” Derek nodded. “Good job, Bella. What else can you tell me?”

“What kind of vampires?” Allison and Peter asked at the same time as Stiles grabbed the nearest laptop and started typing. “The venomous ones or the ones that can easily be killed?”

Bella flinched as she continued to struggle with staying present enough. “The cold, dead kind.”

“Shit,” Peter muttered as he scratched his head. “Stiles, focus on finding Forks and preferably somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine much. I think these are the sparkly ones.”

“How many are there of them?” Scott asked curiously. “More than us?”

She eyed him as she tried to think but shook her head and nodded at the same time. She truly did not know anymore as she only saw the same faces repeatedly.

“Forks, Washington!” Stiles cried out. “We can be there in – well – if we risk getting speeding tickets, we can be there in several hours.”

Derek smiled at Bella. “Hold on for a bit longer, okay? We’re coming for you.”

She let out a whimper as she flickered out again but didn’t come back this time.

He got up and walked down the stairs towards his and Peter’s weapon cache. “Everyone go home, get weapons, tell your parents you’re going on a road trip for the weekend. Stiles, you’re staying here.”

“No, I’m not. I’m coming with you!”

“You’re staying. So is Lydia.”

The girl protested immediately. “What?!”

“Don’t argue with me!” Derek flashed his red eyes at the two humans. “It’s going to be dangerous enough for us and I don’t want to have to watch your back.”

Peter held his hands up as he cautiously approached the angry Alpha. “You are going to be of no help to her like this. Go calm down and I’ll handle the children,” he said calmly.

Turning to look at the two, he nodded. “And he is right, despite the way he went about his approach. Stiles isn’t trained for fighting, and all they have to do is get one bite and you are either dead or one of them. I doubt you’d like us to have to kill you during a rescue attempt. As far you young banshee. You are important here to warn us. You would be surrounded by death and too distracted to be of any use. Here you can just focus on us rather than being overwhelmed by their contact.”

“He has a point,” Stiles sighed. “Damnit, I hate the bastard but he’s right.”

“We can use my family’s cars,” Allison said with a nod. “I will get some heavy duty weapons and we can meet at my place in an hour or so?”

“Grenades would be great if you have,” Peter smiled at her. “Flamethrower or anything flammable really. Those fuckers hate fire.”

Isaac raised his hand. “Can we rewind for a minute and go back to vampires? They exist?”

“Yes, there are two kinds, we will fill you in on the way. Since you don’t have anyone to inform of your absence, get us something to eat and drink for our trip.”

Isaac scoffed as he held out his hand for money. “Sure. You’re paying.”

Derek had returned with his bags and shoved several bills into his outstretched hand. “Hurry up,” he ordered and continued moving about to get their weapons sorted.

Scott frowned as he was unsure about the situation. “We’re going to have to kill these vampires, right?”

“Can’t kill what’s already dead. You’ll be safe on your morality trip,” Peter assured him. “Remember, they have been torturing Derek’s Princess for God knows how long.”

The Alpha growled in warning as he glared at his uncle. “I won’t hesitate to kill you again.”

“But sure, I’ll tell my mom we’re going road tripping,” Scott sighed as he walked out of the loft.

“Can we come?” Ethan asked as he pushed himself off the wall. He and Aiden had kept quiet during this whole event because they didn’t want to intrude too much, but it looked like they were going to be needed. “You can use us.”

“For these bastards, yes,” Peter agreed before Derek could object. “They pack a nasty punch. Even for you freakish wolf-thing.”

“Awesome,” Aiden smirked widely. “This is going to be fun.”


With the not so subtle prodding that Derek had been doing, he group was on the road to Washington state within an hour and a half. The tension through certain parties had been clear when they separated into the vehicles. Scott had eyed Isaac and Allison for a moment before turning to go join his friend and uncle.

The twins, knowing they would not be welcome with the other wolves due to their history, silently followed the young couple.

As the cars coasted up the interstate, they communicated over walkie talkies provided by Allison. The device had sparked to life in Scott’s hand before his friend’s voice came over. “So what did you tell mom?”

He snorted a breath in amusement. “We were heading out for a rescue mission,” he replied over the radio. “She was okay with it for the most part.”

“I thought we told you to say it was just a road trip,” Derek commented.

“I’m not lying to my mother. As I said, she was okay with it. She just wasn’t happy with the lack of adult supervision present.”

“Derek and I are capable adults,” Peter objected.

Scott raised an eyebrow. “It’s because it’s you and Derek. You more so than him. She just wanted to know who we were rescuing. I told her Derek’s girlfriend.”

The growl that he received was loud enough that could be heard in the other vehicle without the aid of the radio. The passengers raised their eyebrows at the reaction stirred. Ethan sat there shaking his head as he stared out the window. “Leave the guy alone. Even if he does care about her like that, there’s no proof to say that she returns his feelings.”

“Ah, but it’s fun to tease,” his brother grinned, earning him a slap on the head from his twin. “What?”

“I said, leave him alone.”


“Um, so…Peter? Vampires?” Isaac asked over the radio to bring up the dropped conversation from earlier and to give Derek an out.

Scott handed the man the walkie talkie so that he could take over explaining what he knew. An angry, irritable look came over his face as he worked on trying to decide where to begin. “These things are fast and strong. The girl said they were gifted. That is not a good thing, trust me on that. Their kind when changed sometimes gets an extra ability. I’ve heard of one that can make you feel pain without ever laying a hand on you. I’ve never met it, but certain ones are well known in their world. Tread carefully until we know who and what these gifts are.”

As Allison drove, she added more over the radio. “You wolves will need to do the heavy work as they are as solid as marble. Rip them apart, keep their parts away from one another so that they can’t put themselves back together. Their venom is flammable so once it’s exposed, all we have to do is throw a match on and let them burn.”

“Think smart, think fast. Don’t be predictable. The main goal is getting the girl out and to safety,” Peter said as he looked over to Derek. “Then we can have our fun.”



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