Chapter 03


Whenever she could, Bella spent as much time practicing with whatever this new found ability. Initially, she continued to be in disbelief but when she attempted to consciously ‘leave’ her mind, she found herself all over the world. It seemed that she had the tendency to find more supernatural creatures. However most were either so surprised at seeing her appear before them that they were stunned to silence or prone to defense and attempted to attack her. Seeing her as a potential threat.

The time in her separated state never lasted as long as before as Edward had become more determined than ever to force her under his control. With each new beating, her strength depleted, and he allowed for little recovery time compared to before. She found herself being pulled back sooner than she had in the past.

Still she was determined to find someone that knew something about the symbol etched into her skin. That was a permanent mark on her.

Edward left her room with a self-satisfied smirk, believing that he was making progress again as she had started to refuse to speak to anyone as she had previously done. Bella let out a sigh of relief and pushed herself up on the bed to begin her attempts for the day. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on her breathing before let herself go.

Opening her eyes, she found herself standing in a school hallway. Looking around, she let out a huff. “Great. Where am I going to find the supernatural people in high school?” she muttered to herself. She couldn’t just go into random classrooms.

Frowning, she heard what sounded like running from behind her. Two girls rounded the corner and stopped short when they saw the girl in the hallway. Bella looked at them curiously as they stared at her confused. Well, the redhead was confused as she eyed her with her head tilted to the side. The other looked at her with suspicion. “What is it, Lydia?”

“I don’t know,” she murmured as she started to walk closer but stopped as Bella let out a groan.

“Dammit! Not yet!” she ground out through her teeth as she pulled back much sooner than she wanted to be.

She sat up in her bed as she felt her face. There was a new bruise forming, so she knew that Edward had paid her a visit and decided to rough her up more since she was unable to respond. She hadn’t seen Rosalie in nearly two weeks, and she was almost certain that she was being made to stay away.

Banging her fist on the bed beside her, she focused again, trying to get back to where she just left. Only this time, she found herself in the locker room shower.

“Holy shit!” One boy, as tall as a tree it seemed, yelled as he struggled to get himself covered up as she turned quickly with a furious blush gracing her face. “How the fuck did you get in here?! Scott!!”

The direction that she’d turn to face revealed a dark haired teenager as he narrowed his eyes. He too was nearly undressed, causing Bella to cover her face in embarrassment. “How the fuck do I get myself in these situations? I’m sorry!” As quickly as she appeared, she disappeared.

“What the fuck was that Scott?! Did you just see that?” The boy questioned as he struggled to secure his towel around his waist and looked around to make sure the girl wasn’t there.

“Stiles, take a breath,” Scott ordered as he tried to figure out what he saw for himself. It wasn’t so much the girl, or the way she appeared and disappeared that sparked his curiosity. It was what he caught on her wrist when she covered her face. “Just get dressed. We have to meet up with Allison and Lydia.”

“And tell them that some chick just magically appeared in the shower? Yeah, like they would believe that. Then again, considering the other crazy shit that goes on around here, it’s quite possible,” Stiles rambled. “She was pretty hot.”


When they met the girls outside, they looked almost as anxious to see them as they were. “You would never believe what the hell just happened! This really hot chick just randomly appeared in the locker room shower and then went poof!” Stiles had blurted before Scott had the chance to say anything.

The girls exchanged a glance before looking back to them. “You saw her too?” Lydia asked.

“Yes, for a moment. She seemed genuinely embarrassed by the situation. She left right after. Did you notice anything – familiar about her?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t hear her if that’s what you meant, but I certainly felt cold, like death. It was strange, but I didn’t feel threatened by her. If anything, I felt like death was coming for her if it wasn’t there already.”

Stiles shuddered at the thought. “So why is she here? What is bothering you, Scott?”

His friend hesitated for a moment. “I think we should talk to Derek and see if he might have an idea about her.”

“Derek? Really? He’s not exactly in the right mindset lately,” Allison shared.

“I need to talk to him first,” Scott assured her, not sure how he would be able to ask what he needed to himself. “Trust me.”

Scott knocked on the door and sighed with irritation when Peter answered. “I need to speak with Derek,” he said evenly.

“Hmm, maybe. Maybe he doesn’t want to speak with you,” he responded with a smarmy smirk.

“Come on. She could be something serious. There is a new face that showed up in Beacon Hills today, and I wanted to know if he might know her,” the younger wolf growled.

Peter only raised an amused eyebrow but stepped back when his nephew’s voice called out to let him in. Scott followed him into the loft, giving his friend a tense smile. “Do you know anything about a girl that has a triskelion on her wrist like your tattoo?” he questioned right out of the gate.

“A Triskelion? There are thousands of versions over centuries. What makes you think of me?” Derek asked skeptically.

“This girl appeared out of nowhere at school. First in the hallway where she just disappeared in front of Allison and Lydia, then later on she showed up in the locker room while Stiles was showering after lacrosse practice. She covered her face, and I saw she had a tattoo or marking on her wrist here,” he said as he demonstrated what he witnessed. “It was the same three spirals like the Hale Triskelion, but it looked a little different. I’m not sure how to describe it. You’d have to see it.”

Derek looked him disturbed as he shook his head. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who this girl is.”

“Lydia also said that she felt death coming from her, as if it was with her,” the boy added.

Peter had been listening; his face blanks as he stared at a random spot on the wall. “You said she randomly appeared and disappeared?”

Scott sighed as he shared an exasperated look with his friend. “Do you know something?”

“I might. I had heard about it some time ago when I was traveling through Japan, but I never thought it could come here. You can ask Deaton, he might know more, but there is a story of a being called the Ikiryō. If she is something like that, where she is capable of projecting her spirit self from her body – I just don’t understand where the Triskelion comes into play. What significance does it have with our family?”

Scott had listened with a pensive look. “You said that triskelions mean different things. Maybe she has one for another reason? As for you, it means alpha, beta, and omega. What if, for her, it’s something else?”

“It’s a long shot but entirely possible. It would help if we were able to see her and her mark for ourselves too,” Peter commented.

Sighing, Derek ran his hands over his face. “I can’t tell you what to do. Just be careful regardless. Try to talk to her, get information. That’s all we can do for now,” he said as he turned to pull his torn shirt that the boy only just noticed.

He was about to comment on it when the girl he’d seen in the locker room shown up behind him. She blinked at him in recognition before looking around. Peter scrambled to his feet as he stared at her in awe while his nephew was oblivious. “Derek…” he murmured.

She turned to look towards the man that had his back to her, taking notice of the large tattoo on display before holding up her wrist in confusion. He raised his head at the other’s voice and started to turn, but she had already disappeared.

“Did you see it?” Scott asked as he looked to Peter.

“I did,” he confirmed as he kept his eyes on the floor where the girl stood. A larger version was lingering which made Derek blink in surprise at seeing how much it truly was like his family’s symbol with the edges blurred out. “We need the opportunity to talk to the girl.”

“Not you Peter. She looked scared enough as it was,” Scott scowled.

Derek shook his head. “Look, just anyone that can get anything from her without chasing her off, do it. She’s coming here for a reason.”

Peter was still staring at the floor as the image slowly disappeared. “I don’t think she knows why she carries the Triskelion mark. She looked – confused by it. Especially seeing it on you as well.”

“I’ll ask Deaton. Would he know about this Ikiryō thing?”

“I don’t see why he shouldn’t. At least know of the legends that contain their story. If she is one of them, who knows who she may be after.”

“What makes you think she’s after anyone?” Derek sighed.

Peter only smiled as he backed away with his hands up. “Maybe she’s not. Get your information and decide what you want to do from there. This girl should certainly make things interesting around here.”

Over the next several days, as the members of their group had been filled in on their mysterious visitor, they realized eventually that each of them had at one point seen her. Scott couldn’t help but feel bad for the girl as she appeared as equally frustrated as they were by their inability to talk. Her appearances were short and sometimes her transparency varied greatly. Almost always, though, she held a tired look on her face as she faced them.

When the friends realized what was going on as they described their encounters, it didn’t take long for Stiles to begin handing out a form for everyone to fill out detailing what they remembered. ‘HOT GHOST SIGHTING’ forms gave him the details to add to a map he set up in his room where he had each of the locations pinned. What troubled them the most, were the bruises that they noticed when she was more solid in appearance.

Derek hadn’t said anything more regarding the girl. He had left Scott to deal with that mess as she had appeared to him first, and he had his problems to handle. In pulling his sister out of the last bit of trouble she’d gotten herself into, the two soon found themselves running through the woods away from the alpha pack leader.

He was angry that he had just gotten Cora back for her to pull him to that level of trouble. Knowing that they couldn’t outrun him, he pulled her to a stop in a clearing, looking around for some way to find a distraction or hide long enough for Deucalion to leave.

“What are you doing? We need to run!” she hissed at him.

“We won’t make it,” he whispered and turned to try to gauge how much time they had, but he found the girl that everyone had been speaking of staring at them. “Just great. You got really bad timing. You need to get out of here before he kills you.”

“What the fuck?” Cora muttered as she eyed the girl. “You know her?”

“No – but I don’t think that matters,” he said as he noticed her looking back at him at his words.

A loud roar echoed through the woods, filling the two wolves with fear. The girl turned in the direction where a figure appeared in wolf form. Her eyes grew large at the sight but to Derek’s surprise, she squared her shoulders to stand defiantly against the wild alpha wolf.

He leaped from his crouched position for her, and she disappeared into him, causing him to roll on the ground in pain. His pitiful howls filled the air until he turned back into his human form, and he laid there clawing at his head screaming. “Get her out of my head!” he cried out. His body engulfed in what looked like a blanket of light before it died.

Derek and Cora stared at Deucalion, not willing to approach him as he cried. The man slowly pushed himself up, struggling as he flung his hands out blindly. “The bitch took it! I’ll find a way to kill her with my bare hands! She will pay if I ever find her!” he screamed.

It was then that Derek’s nose was able to notice that he no longer had the scent of a wolf. He smelled nothing more than a human. “I don’t think a blind man will be able to find one girl. One who we don’t even know where her natural form is,” he said as he went to hoist him to his feet as he was now stronger. “I wish you luck!”

Turning to his sister, he smiled at her. “You think you can finish up with him? Without killing?”

“Why the fuck would I want to do that?” she sneered at the frail human man.

“Take him to Eichen House. If whatever that girl did gets reversed, then at least he won’t get out from there. I have to go find Scott.”

She rolled her eyes as she dragged Deucalion as he continued to whine about losing his wolf abilities, pissed off at her brother for running to the young wolf. “Whatever.”

Derek shook his head as he took off, using his speed to get to the boy’s house and jumped up to his window where he found him and Stiles playing video games. He narrowed his eyes as they ignored him while they continued playing. “I just saw your ghost girl.”

Both boys froze and looked at one another before turning to face him. “Where?” Scott asked while Stiles pulled a paper out of his backpack and held it out for him.

The older wolf eyed the paper before by-passing Stiles to take his seat. “In the woods. Cora and I were running from Deucalion,” he said causing the two to look at him alarmed. “She didn’t say anything, but she saved us. She somehow managed to get into his head and turn him human.”

“How transparent was she? Did you see any bruises on her?” Stiles asked as he was writing furiously on the paper that Derek had ignored.

He looked confused at the question before raising an eyebrow to Scott for clarification. “We have a theory that wherever she is, she’s being abused. The weaker she is, she comes through a lot more transparent. Almost always we see some different bruises on her. Some of them were pretty bad.”

Derek was troubled by this information as now thinking back to what she’d done for him and his sister; he owed her. “She had some bruising on her neck it looked. Maybe the start of a black eye but it was hard to tell even with our eyesight. I could see through her but not completely so that may be a factor.”

“We need to find her. For real,” Stiles announced. “If she took out the Alpha pack leader without even knowing you, I doubt she means any of us harm. In fact, she always looked desperate to say something but she disappears before she could or something spooks her off.”

“Then we’ll have to find a way to get her to stay longer. Did you talk to Deaton yet?”

Scott nodded. “He even saw her. He thinks that Peter may be onto something with the Ikiryō theory. I’ll tell him what you said if it changes anything. Though he’s concerned about her safety.”

“I am too if she was willing to sacrifice herself if she doesn’t what the hell she was doing,” Derek grumbled as he stood and headed back to the window. “I need to check on Cora. I’ll call you if I see her again.”

“Hey! So if the Alpha leader is killed, and it’s not by another wolf, what does that mean?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know,” Derek shrugged. “Normally it would move to the wolf that overpowered them. She’s another entity so I don’t know how that will work. He may just be nothing now. I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s gone. Get some sleep for once knowing he’s out of the picture finally.”

Stiles snorted as he stared at the papers that everyone had been filling out from their encounters. “Until the next big bad. This girl will bring it, I think. But it may be worth it.”

“Until we can talk to her to find out what she’s dealing with, we can’t do anything to help her,” Scott reminded him. “All we can do is wait for her to come to us strong enough to be able to hold a conversation. Hopefully, this traveling isn’t what’s making her weaker. She’ll need to save her strength.”

What the three weren’t aware of while they spoke, she was there in the room with them near the end of their conversation. Her state being so weak in her forcing herself to reach out to these people in her desperation that what he said concerned her. She almost complete transparent to them, so they weren’t able to see her. Hearing what she had, she knew it may be awhile before she would be brave enough to attempt to return to Beacon Hills.



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