Chapter 07: Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

Lately he’s feeling like a broken promise
In the mirror staring down his doubt
There’s only one thing in this world that he knows
He said forever and he’ll never let her down

Because We Can ~ Bon Jovi

The drive over to the boarding house was pretty quiet. That was fine by me as it let me process everything that happened again. I smiled slightly as I began to agree with Izabelle that I would actually kinda like her friends.

I threw the door open and took my time walking inside with Jasper and Emmett trailing behind. Stopping short, I narrowed my eyes on everyone that seemed to have decided that it would be hang out day at the Salvatore Boarding Home. “Wow. If I’d have known everyone would have been here, we would have picked up burgers and hot dogs for a barbeque,” I greeted them though my eyes remained on my brother. “What did you do?”

Alaric answered in his place and I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about that. For some reason, I was beginning to suspect something fishy going on and that was only confirmed by Jasper with his own gift. “You told everyone you were leaving Damon. Can you really blame us for being curious of the reason you didn’t?”

I looked at him as I tried to figure out his angle in all this and shook my head. “An old friend showed up. What more do you need to know?”

“Just curious. You’ve never mentioned this girl in all the time we’ve been buddies. I’m just concerned for you is all,” he said honestly. I knew he wasn’t lying because as much as he once hated me, he always gave me one chance to explain my shit to him after I screwed up something.

Sighing, I turned my attention to my brother and his girlfriend. “You got her on that leash that Izabelle wanted? Because I really don’t care if she drives a stake through her heart after the shit she pulled this morning. And you know that’s being merciful for me because if she really wanted to have her way, Izabelle does know the best torture methods to drag out a vampire’s death. After all, she is Klaus’ sister.”

“I’m sorry Damon. I really don’t know what came over me,” Elena tried apologizing but after years of hearing lies from Katherine and then her, I didn’t believe it no matter how much the others were convinced.

“Oh come off it Elena! I don’t doubt that you are sorry. You’re just sorry that you don’t have me to play puppet master to anymore! You’re no better than Katherine but at least Witchy has the brains to stand up against you if you came to her to try to pull what your great great whatever grandmother did. I should have realized it earlier but I ignored it against my better judgment. Doppelgangers are copies of one another. It’d always be Stefan and I’m fine with that now because you know what? I’m happy. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure Jasper here can share some of my happy juice with all of you so that you know just how I feel,” I smirked as he gave me an exasperated look. Okay, maybe not but at least they were starting to get the picture.

Witchy and Blondie eyed me as they continued to try to see if they could solve a mystery, but when Bonnie turned to glare at her friend, I was pleased as punch when everyone was surprised. “Why would you lie to us Elena? Are you really that jealous that all the attention isn’t on you now? You told us that she was planning on gaining power when it’s just the opposite!”

“How do you know this?” Stefan questioned as he stepped closer to her, keeping a careful eye on a very guilty looking Elena. It actually made me smile warmly as I went over to the bar to pour some drinks for my new friends and I.

“Grams. And Emily. They said we needed to let this happen last night, but I didn’t get it. I still don’t understand but Grams is here and she’s insisting that what Elena told us was a lie but one she believes. They said that she’s spelled. Someone is trying to work her against us.”

“My money is on Katherine,” I volunteered and toasted to it. “Trust me Witchy, we are trying to figure out what they are talking about as well. Though, I think Klaus knows something or at least has his own agenda. But then again, when doesn’t he. Elijah likely knows something seeing as he hasn’t been around since he brought Izabelle home.”

Suddenly everyone started yapping and arguing their theories making me bored. Jasper and Emmett made their way over to sit with me at the bar as we watched on quietly. Because they were so involved in themselves, they failed to hear the front door opening and footsteps approaching the room, but I did. I stared at the doorway and let out a groan when Rebekah appeared with several bags in hand.

“What are you doing here?” I asked sarcastically, gaining the room’s attention.

“Considering that my bloody brother called and said he didn’t want me to go home after my trip, I have little options of where I could stay. Then I remembered that the Salvatore brothers have many empty rooms that I could take advantage of. What have I missed?” She questioned, looking around at the disgruntled faces.

“What hasn’t happened,” Elena replied, her tone dripping in snark as she pouted. Stefan silenced her with his disapproving glare and fortunately, she looked remorseful.

“Well, fill me in. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard any juicy gossip. Stefan, darling? Please tell me what has your girlfriend’s panties all in a twist.”

“Your sister is home,” he said carefully. Rebekah’s reaction wasn’t one that we exactly expected. I had thought that she would be happy or indifferent at the least but she actually looked frightened. “What’s the matter?”

“She’s staying at the house with Niklaus?” she asked cagily.

“For the most part,” I spoke up smiling. “Probably during the day to show face but she’ll be here or with me, or wherever, the rest of the time.”

She glared at me as she thought about something that obviously troubled her. “If you all were smart, you’d have your friend here put that spell back on her and get her out of town as fast as you can.”

“And why would I want my girlfriend to leave?” I demanded. She was really starting to piss me off. “What do you know?”

“I know my sister is dangerous. If she comes into her witch abilities, then it could very well mean the destruction of everything you hold near and dear. Tell me Damon. How did she react to Elena?” she smirked.

Bonnie looked confused and shook her head. “Wait. You can’t be a vampire and a witch. The vampire cancels out the witch. My mother lost her connection to nature and all her powers when Damon changed her.”

Rebekah sighed as she looked around. “Yes, that is true. Well it is true for everyone but her. She doesn’t even know the real story of her birth and that is why she is to be feared if she found out. I’ll tell you what I know but you can’t let her get even an inkling of it.”

“No promises. I don’t want to keep secrets from Izabelle,” I glared. The strength and sincerity of my words evidently shocked Stefan and the others but I couldn’t be bothered with their petty concerns.

“Fine. You know my mother was an original witch, yes? What you don’t know is that she isn’t Izabelle’s birth mother. After Father learned of her infidelity that birthed Niklaus, he in turn slept with another original witch that was friends with mother. Unfortunately the witch died in childbirth because the human body cannot handle the stress of the child puts on the body.”

We all were silent as we listened. It just didn’t sound like anything we thought possible. “So – wait. I’m confused. Vampires can’t have children,” Stefan pointed out.

“No. You can’t have children. For some reason, the males of our family are still able to produce heirs. I cannot because I was human and turned. I do suspect that Izabelle would be able to conceive if the witches blessed whatever bond she makes. That’s only because she is really half vampire. She still has much of the human traits in her when it comes to needing more human food than the average vampire like you just as her blood lust is controlled by her humanity. Should she turn it off, then she is so much worse than Nik ever could be. The thing is that we don’t know is how the witch in her will affect the vampire and visa versa,” Rebekah explained. “Hence why even our family fear and protect her. We are afraid because don’t know, but we protect her to avoid that chance of something happening to cause the change.”

The room had fallen silent again and I ignored everyone’s eyes that I felt on me as I stared into my glass. If what she said was true, and based on what Bonnie said about the witch spirits wanting us together, then it could change a lot. Would we be capable of having a child? After I was turned, the thought of a family was never an option and I certainly wasn’t father of the year material. “That’s neither here nor there. The witches hate me too much to allow me to father a kid so that’s out of the question,” I rationalized, and luckily the others seemed to agree. I caught Jasper’s eye and he smiled at me, knowing my feelings of disappointment at the prospect and loss.

“Maybe they want you with her because you can calm her? You both do seem to balance each other in ways that none of us ever could figure out,” Stefan suggested and it seemed the most plausible at the moment.

“You all are bloody idiots,” Rebekah sighed. “Damon may not as older or stronger than the others out there, but he is much more able than one should be of his age. You forget that unlike the rest of you, he’s the only one able to shift into a familiar and is an elemental. I assume you had Sage to train you to bring those skills out?”

I only shrugged and downed my drink before refilling. “I still can’t kick your Barbie ass,” I muttered.

“No, but if the bond between you and my sister gets any stronger, I have no don’t that you would be able to hold your own against Klaus,” she smirked. More secrets. “That is if he doesn’t get to her first.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I narrowed my eyes on her because something shift and she was nervous again.

“Well, if she comes into her powers, then that open her human side up more and leaves her able to be influenced. Klaus is stronger than the rest of the family in that sense because he is a hybrid like her and will be able to compel her to do his bidding. He won’t need for other witches like Bonnie to do his rituals. Take that information and try to see if you can sleep tonight. I’m going to bed now. I did just have a long trip. Good day,” she waved and flounced up the stairs.

Jasper had stood at my side, concern etched over his face. “She’s alone with Klaus now,” he reminded me.

I shook my head and waved him off. “Not to worry about right now. She hasn’t come into her powers yet so we’ll worry about it then. I suspect she’ll need a trigger for them to pop up. That’s what happened to you, right Witchy?”

“Yeah,” she answered slowly. “It started with small things that I ignored though. I thought I was just going crazy at first before Grams explained it to me. Maybe we should take Rebekah seriously on this one.”

Thinking about the information overload, and then Izabelle’s return and wish to just live a normal life, I couldn’t do that yet. “Let’s give her some time to settle back in before we slap her with a whammy like this. She’s been away too long and I don’t need her to take off again on another self sacrificial exile. I won’t have it,” I insisted before finishing the glass again and walked off.

I knew it was a stupid move because being alone without any distractions allowed me to fear for what Izabelle and Klaus were doing, if he was working his way to turn her already. I didn’t trust the slimy fucker for shit. Then Rebekah’s words about her sister’s ability to have a child hit me and nearly sent me into a panic attack right there in my room. How the hell was I going to break this to her? I was actually more afraid of how she would react rather than being able to process it in the end. I knew she would be fine eventually but she could very well rip my balls off without blinking. Collapsing onto my bed, I knew either way, I was screwed.


By early evening, I hadn’t heard anything from Izabelle and it made me concerned. I didn’t want to be like Stefan and go all crazy stalker boyfriend on her as I knew it would only piss her off, but I was still afraid for her after hearing her sister’s account of what she was capable of if she came into her magic that she kept repressed. Klaus always had an agenda for everything he did and it never was pretty when it came to our friends and family, so I paced in the living room with my phone in one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other.

“She’s probably fine,” Stefan tried to assure me, causing me to glare in his direction. The grimace on his face told me that even he believed his words to be full of shit.

“Oh would you bloody call her already? Just make an excuse. Ask her what she wants for dinner or something. At least it’ll give you an idea if she is in trouble or when she’ll be back,” Rebekah sighed as she lounged on the couch with her magazine.

It actually wasn’t a bad idea but I’d never admit it to Barbie’s face. I scrolled down to her name and hit dial, dreading each time the phone rang without her picking up. The relief on my face couldn’t be more palpable in the room when I heard her voice.

Hello Cowboy!”

“Hey Beautiful. We were talking about what to do for dinner and wondered what you were in the mood for,” I replied trying to sound casual.

How about your famous Salvatore spaghetti sauce. I missed that while I was away. I’m on my way back now so I should be there in about an hour. Klaus insisted on taking me shopping and I could wring his neck but it was a nice afternoon regardless. I got something for you though…”

What a cocktease this woman was. “Is it something that I can take off with my teeth?” I asked with a dirty grin that caused the rest of the room to groan before making their disappearances. I could care less as now I knew she was okay.

She was quiet for a moment on the other end which made me wonder what she was up to. “Maybe. I’ll show you later. I’ll be home soon.”

“I’ll be waiting,” I replied before she hung up. I stared at the phone again, though with more confusion than agitation as I did before and didn’t hear Rebekah as she returned to the room.

“So where was my darling sister?” she asked innocently.

“Shopping with Klaus. She’s on her way back now,” I said distractedly.

Rebekah looked up at me and scoffed. “My sister absolutely abhors shopping. Something is wrong and I pray you will be able to get it out of her when she returns. Her saying she was shopping has always been her code with Elijah and I when Nik was up to no good so I will be pleased when I tell you I told you so later,” she warned before leaving for her room again.

Sighing, I fell into my favorite armchair as I tried to figure out what might be going on while refusing to consider Rebekah’s earlier theories to Izabelle and my relationship. I only wish that the sinking feeling in my stomach would go away.


Izabelle returned to the boarding house with her arms full of bags from various stores and a resigned expression on her face that raised my hackles. She not so gracefully dumped her things at the foot of the stairs before coming into the living room where the rest of us had gathered while dinner finished cooking.

“We have a problem,” she said without hesitation as she went straight for me to take the glass I had in my hand and finished off. “I need more. Now. Anyone, someone. Just get me more because this conversation is going to be a nightmare.”

“Did something happen?” I asked pulling her to me. She lowered her head to tuck her face into the curve of my neck and sighed.

“I would say so,” Izabelle muttered and held onto me tightly making me concerned.

I met Rebekah’s eye as she watched us carefully, searching for something within her sister. “Did Nik try to compel you?”

My girl lifted her head to look over her shoulder and nodded. “Yes, and it felt like it nearly worked too. I can’t be alone with him if I’m growing weak to allow that to happen. Of course it didn’t help that I was beyond pissed off when he tried it too. Alicefucking called me asking where Jasper and Emmett were. Evidently my compulsion on them is wearing off and she demanded to bring them back. All I wanted to do was set her screeching mouth on fire.”

The guys looked nervous, not only for their welfare if their exes came looking, but also for Izabelle after learning of her magic heritage. “Did anything else happen?” Jasper asked carefully, his eyes focused intently on her.

She stilled in my arms as she avoided looking at anyone while she picked at some not existent lint on my shirt. “I don’t know. I think so. It was hard to tell but while I felt weak for being able to sense Nik’s attempt at compulsion, I also felt a surge of power. I don’t want this. I never wanted this. Why is this happening now? Why does Nik want my magic after all this time?”

Rebekah quickly made her way over to us, pulling Izabelle into her arms. “Shh, we’ll find a way to bound your magic again. Don’t worry. I already explained this possibility to everyone earlier so just breathe,” she tried calming her as she looked up at me and raised an eyebrow before gesturing her head for us to leave. “I can tell you what Elijah and I believe but I’m afraid you won’t believe me.”

“What could possibly be any worse than being capable of destroying our friends and family Rebekah?” I could hear Izabelle question her as we cleared the room. Even from the kitchen, everyone was quiet as we listened in. I knew I should have felt bad, but what was going on with her quite possibly had to do with me and the new relationship we found ourselves in.

“Izabelle,” Rebekah started, a hint of fear in her voice as she began. “You know you’re a hybrid like Nik. Half vampire, half human. The human side of you being that of a powerful witch. You are just human enough to be able to have what the rest of cannot.”

“Stop fucking beating around the bush Rebekah and just tell me. I’m tired and not in the mood for this shit anymore,” my little firecracker snapped back, making me grin proudly.

“Okay, fine. You’re capable of conceiving a child. You can have a baby,” her sister revealed only to be met with silence.

We all stood there, listening for any hint of Izabelle’s reaction and what it could mean for us. If she took her ire out on everyone, we were in for a lengthy battle to calm her down since her shift to accept her magic clearly had begun.

We heard her take a deep breath. “You are so full of shit Rebekah, that you eyes are starting to turn brown. That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard! And who is supposed to father whatever child I might be able to have considering that Damon is technically dead and therefore unable to make little swimmers. He’s been with enough humans before we were together and none of them ended up knocked up. Whatever the fuck you’ve been smoking, you really need to share it with the rest of us because I could really do with getting high right now. A baby? I have larger problems then a fantasy dream that you might have for yourself. I need to make sure a she-devil of a fucking seer doesn’t find my friends. I have to find a strong enough spell to rid them of their memories of us for good and trust me, she’s a fucking psychotic gnome that would do something stupid to get what she thinks is hers. A baby Rebekah? Of all the asinine, stupid, propaganda that you’ve fed me since we were children, this really fucking took the cake!”

They were silent for several minutes, as were we, unsure of what to do next. Stefan eyed me and tried to get me to go out there but I was frozen stupid. I loved that girl but I was more terrified that she’d rip my balls off to make sure that the possibility definitely wasn’t there. Would I be able to get a vasectomy even though I’m dead? I wondered.

“You are serious Rebekah. Aren’t you?” Izabelle suddenly whispered. Evidently her sister nodded or something of the affirmative. “Holy fuck.”


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  1. bella doesn’t seem so strong right now. everyone seems to be after her. i wouldn’t trust anyone, but damon.

  2. Crap…and here I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, Klaus wouldn’t try to get one of his siblings to do what he wanted against their will…damn. And now Bella is getting weaker…Alice is being Alice…and Damon is contemplating a vampire vasectomy so that his vampire/witch Hybrid girlfriend doesn’t kill him…I love this chapter! LOL

    I am torn between wanting to see Bella become a badass witch and wanting her witch have to stay bound so that her life doesn’t complete go haywire….