Chapter 04: Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

I know I sound a little twisted
And maybe I am, or maybe I’m not
But baby
Playing the game is so addictive
Don’t want it to stop, don’t want it to stop
My baby

Dirty Love ~ Cher Lloyd

I had already had my car packed up with what I wanted to keep of my life when my so-called brother called. He knew I wanted nothing to do with any of them but simply because he is my brother, that thing called a fucking conscious ate at me to check on his insinuation of a threat if I didn’t go. Probably one of my enemies looking for me. I wouldn’t doubt it and I might even welcome it.

So for the last half hour, I sat on the hood of my car, sipping from one of the many bottles of bourbon that I took from the boarding house before I pulled away and stared as I watched people come and go. Come and go without a care in the world for what was really going on around them. For a brief moment, a fraction of a moment really, I welcomed whatever enemy that might be inside. If they killed me, I was okay with it. Maybe not. I enjoyed my life as a never aging babe magnet. Of course, the only ones I ever really considered keeping always preferred my brother.

Pulling another sip from the bottle, flashes of a mischievous brunette smile came to mind. If only I knew where to find her. Now that would be a party. She warned me numerous times about Katherine and if she knew about Elena, I’d be slapped silly by her. But dear Emily had to go and cast that spell, sending her away. I suppose I should have been grateful that she didn’t have the power to outright kill her. She claimed it was for her protection as well as others when time comes to pass. Damn witches were always so cryptic. All I knew was that they anticipated the need for her in the future, but she just couldn’t stay home.

And I couldn’t go with her because of the control that Katherine had me under. The hate that filled me at what she made me do for her consumed him and he took it out on Stefan and Elena. A lot. I knew it was wrong and I didn’t care. I was tired of being hurt, being the cast off. Once in my miserable life, I wanted to come first for someone. Anyone.

With a resigned sigh, I pushed himself off my car, tossing the bottle into the window for when I was done with whatever I had to deal with. Hearing the cheers and music, I let out a groan at learning it was karaoke night, but something told me that it might be worth the entertainment considering the level of excitement in the place. It was crowded, the place buzzing with energy from all of the hormonal teenagers and drunken college idiots.

My eyes surveyed the room, quickly finding my brother and his Scooby gang at their usual booth with two new faces. I glared at them in suspicion as they didn’t appear to be in any kind of distress leading me to begin to think that the phone was only a ruse to cause more pain at seeing everyone so miserably happy while I wasn’t allowed to be.

Stefan stared me down until I looked at him in acknowledgment. There was a smile ghosting his lips, hiding a secret. I glared back at him causing him to glance away before meeting me again. He repeated that making me want to know what he wanted me to see. Call me curious.

When I saw her staring at me, it felt like my half dead heart stopped beating again. Izabelle was back. She was here. I looked back at my brother. I don’t know why, but maybe my confusion filled brain needed a confirmation that I wasn’t hallucinating. Stefan looked almost happy. Why the fuck?

Evidently I was stuck on stupid as I looked back at Izabelle who flashed a wink at me before heading over to the karaoke stage. Huh. This should be interesting. I knew she didn’t like singing unless there was a reason. Usually she used song to express herself in ways that she found herself unable to say otherwise. Much like Stefan and his stupid diaries.

Whatever song she chose opened with a girly melody that just seemed to fit what I remembered of her. Sweet with hidden spice underneath it. It was when she opened her mouth to sing the words that left me frozen in place as I tried to comprehend what she was telling me. I knew it was for me because she stared right at me during the lines she wanted me to understand.

Ooh, I don’t care what anyone says
‘Cause you and I are bigger than this
And I’ll be there just keepin’ my arms wide open
Ooh, they can try to pull us apart
I’ll fight them but I’ll cover your heart
Yeah, we can fly together, we can’t be broken

Yeah, we can find love, just like that
We can fall hard, just like that
Yeah, we could do it all, just like that

And I like it when you call me, I will always find you
When you need me out, I’ll come for you
And when you’re lonely, I will find a way to
Guide you home to me, I’ll come for you, come for you

I didn’t know just how lost I had gotten as I let the lyrics flip and repeat in my head as she continued singing with everything in her. Whatever allowed her back home, I knew something in her changed because neither of us ever spoke of what we felt for one another. It was just a subject we both avoided. I don’t know her reason for her, but for me, I didn’t want her rejection. I think it would have hurt more than Katherine and Elena.

Shaking my head as she shifted into another song, I turned to the bar and ordered a drink that I downed the second it was set in front of me. Demanding another, then thinking better of it, I told the guy to just leave the bottle. I just didn’t know what to make of these little revelations. Did I want what she was so publicly offering me? I had been on my way out of town for good and she just shows up. I didn’t want to think that Stefan had something to do with the timing but somehow I knew he wasn’t. Another drink down.

If he knew she was going to be here, he would have told me as soon as he knew I was intending to skip out. As much as we hated each other, I knew I only wanted him to be happy. That was why I was leaving, right?

We can the Bonnie and a Clyde of a new day
We can be a Johnny and a June if you want me boy
But I’m over here in the corner, boy
Dreaming about us together

If you wanna go the heaven I’ll take ya
If you wanna get a little hot, I’m on fire boy
But I’m over here in the corner, boy
Dreaming about us together

I looked back at the stage to find her eyes on me again. Had she always felt so strongly? I know I did but couldn’t do anything about it and now that I was free of Katherine’s influence, could I really go there? God she looked hot in that tight black dress. Letting my eyes take in her form, I couldn’t stop myself from imaging my hands ripping it right in half with her in my bed.

Evidently my lust wasn’t quite so concealed because she flashed me a saucy look after she turned her attention to me from the strangers at Stefan’s table. I made a mental note to get the details on them later. I didn’t like new faces coming in on my territory. She seemed to know them which only made me feel more jealous. Damon Salvatore does not do jealous.

Having enough of her game, I threw some money on the counter, taking the half empty bottle with me as I pushed my way through the crowd to the stage. I simply smiled at her as she stepped down to meet me with a similar smirk on her face. We didn’t say anything as we just looked at one another. I had to see if what she sang held true. A twisted need in me to find her lying but I couldn’t find any trace of deception in her eyes despite knowing she had never once lied to me.

Taking her hand, I pulled her closer to me before turning and leading her out of the place, her hand over my shoulder so that I could feel the warmth over her across my back. It seemed to calm the demon inside me that had been raging to be let out, that demanded me to shut down again, to flip that switch.

We continued in silence as I opened the passenger door for her. Izabelle let out a snort as she reached in and picked up my bourbon. She met my eye as she opened it and took a sip straight from it. My eyes immediately zoned in on her lips and then her throat as she swallowed. All I knew was that I would rather have her lips somewhere else. Like on me.

I took a deep breath to steady the change in my emotions before making my way around to drive us the hell out of there. Unsure of where she was staying, I took her back to the boarding house because if she was at her family’s property, I definitely did not want to have to deal with her brothers. During the drive, I could feel her eyes on me but saying nothing. I didn’t need to because we both knew that whatever was going to happen, our relationship will change that night. We only didn’t know if it will be good or ridiculously bad for us.

For the first time ever, I was fucking nervous. My fingers expressed my anxiety by tapping on the steering wheel. Glancing at Izabelle, I returned her smile as she pulled my hand to her and held it in hers, trying to calm my nerves. That was one of the things that just was simply easy with her. She knew what I needed and helped without ever trying to change me. She looked into my eyes, searching for something as much as I was in hers.

Before we knew it, I had the car in park and we were walking inside. I eyed the living room, remembering the things I had been trying to leave before turning back to Izabelle. She had an expression on her face I personally never saw before, at least when she looked at me. It stopped me frozen as my eyes were locked on her as she stalked closer to me.

I kept my eyes on her, wanting to see how far she was willing to go. I smirked down at her as she reached out to take a handful of my shirt and yanked me down to her level. Her other hand wrapped around the back of my neck, bringing me closer. Her eyes flickered down to my lips, making me grin more. When our lips met, it was like a fire erupted. I increased the pressure as my hands went everyone they could reach on her body, wanting to feel her against me in every way possible.

When she threw her head back in need of oxygen, I moved down to her neck as her hands began to move to shove my jacket off. I grabbed her behind her thighs and lifted her against me, pressing myself against her as her legs wrapped themselves around me. I couldn’t help but to grind myself into her core which elicited the most delicious growl from her.

I pulled back for a moment to look at her, to see if this was really going to happen because I was so dangerously close the point of no return. I wanted this. I wanted her. Izabelle gave me a saucy smile as she leaned back in to rip my shirt off of me and threw it down on the floor. Raising my eyebrow at her actions, she turned and started walking away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I finally asked, only to get that smirk back. As she began to climb the stairs did I notice what she was actually doing. I was frozen once again as she shimmied her panties down her legs and tossed them over her shoulder.

“What are you waiting for?” she answered with and winked back before disappearing around the corner.

By the time I thawed out and zipped my way up to my room, following the trail of her discarded clothes, Izabelle was laying on my bed waiting. I gulped at the vision before me before I lost the rest of my clothes and joined her, matching her grin and readiness.


Watching Izabelle sleeping in my bed was surreal. The night that I was supposed to leave Mystic Falls for good ended up being the best night of my life. I never thought I would have seen her again and in just a few hours and a helluva lot of orgasms later, I felt lighter. Almost free.

I could feel her starting to come around, slowly waking up. Running a finger over the curve of her body, enjoying the softness of her skin, I felt her lips pull into a smile against me. “Good morning Bellissima.”

I grinned as she stretched, a sense of relief that she didn’t attempt to pull away from me to do so. “A very good morning,” she murmured before molding herself back to me with her head on my chest. “How are you doing Cowboy? Are you okay with this?”

I could feel the tension in her body as she asked that making me wonder if she was having second thoughts. Knowing what I did about her, I believed that she was offering me an out that I didn’t think I wanted. “I’m perfect,” I said after a moment, surprising myself at just how honest it was to say. “Are you having second thoughts because, to be honest, I really don’t think I could handle it.”

“No. No second thoughts. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you,” she whispered, her fingers running trails of heat across my chest. Having a heart to heart in bed after a night of wild sex was never an option for me and a part of me held the urge to run, but the desire to know what was going on in her thoughts.

“Well that’s good, but uh – what does this mean for us?”

She shifted so that she could look up at me. “We can be whatever we want to be. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m willing to take whatever you can give me. After being gone for so long, I don’t want to let go of what I want. I’m tired of sacrificing myself for everyone else. So, whatever you and I are, we simply are. I say fuck them if they don’t like the idea of us being happy because we know they are just jealous that they can’t be as awesome as we are together.”

I grinned as I moved to press her into the bed underneath me. “I like the sound of that, you need to know that I’m not about to give you up so easily. Or anytime soon. Now that I have you back, I don’t want to let you go ever. You have no idea how much I missed you Bellissima. That whole thing with Katherine was…”

“You weren’t in control of your actions Damon,” Izabelle interrupted, pushing my hands away so that she could move to straddle me. I eyed her carefully, unsure of what she was doing. “I know that and I would never hold that or anything else you’ve done against you. And while I couldn’t contact you because of that stupid spell, I did keep in touch with people who updated me about what you were up to and believe me if I could have been there for you I would have been. Sorry I’m late, but I’m here now and I’m not going to let you go either. Not without a fight.”

I stared at her in shock at the intensity of her words. Words that a great deal of my brain didn’t understand because no one had ever fought for me, but expected me to fight for them. To sacrifice myself for them, only to be left with nothing in the end. In a blink, I had us flipped again, my lips finding hers, moving over her skin, claiming her. I wanted her to know with every action that I trusted her. That I was willing to jump into this completely.


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  1. awe… so glad damon believes bella

  2. YES!!!!! Someone Damon actually allows himself to be himself for without fear of rejection or with a desire for him to change who he is! And I get the feeling that Damon would give Bella the same equally. I love this pair.

    The more I think about it as I move on to more chapters I begin to wonder how Stefan knew that Bella was an original? Did this information come to him after Klaus had removed the compulsion on him from the 1920s time period? Did the brothers know that Bella was an original back in the 1800s? Does Katherine know that Bella is an original? Would Katherine have been willing to play such a game with Stefan and Damon if she knew that she would also be entering a game of sorts with Bella who from what I can tell is closest to Klaus the same original who wanted her dead for nearly 400 years at the time? There is so much information that I want to find out!! Loving this story!