Chapter 01: Izabelle Mikaelson

Izabelle Mikaelson

You know I’m just tired of the weight of the world on my shoulders
Babe, you know I’m sick of always carrying it for you
Used to be a superwoman now that’s over, over
I’m a lover, I’m a lover, baby, I’m a soldier
Doesn’t mean that I could be everything for you
Used to be a superwoman now that’s over, over

Human ~ Cher Lloyd

It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been hiding in this podunk of a town. Compelling the lonely town’s police chief to think I was his daughter from a failed relationship in his younger days was fun at first. I actually enjoyed seeing him smile as I’d been curiously studying many of the people in tiny Forks, Washington before deciding to stay for awhile. It wasn’t like I could stay in any one place for more than a couple years anyway, running from my mother and two of my brothers for as long as I’ve been. Over a thousand years old and I have to suffer through the hell of high school.

I could curse Elijah for having me turned so young. I may be over a thousand, but physically I am no more than twenty. Maybe twenty two. They didn’t exactly keep track of birth dates and ages back then as accurately as they do now.

A year in the rainy Pacific coastal town and what do I have to show for it. At the moment, anger and disgust for the sparkly vampires that I had decided to befriend on my public arrival. I was pleased that the spell that Klaus had a witch friend cast over me to allow me to hide amongst the humans better. I still had all my abilities, but essentially I looked and smelled human to anything supernatural.

Emotions however, I could deal without. Allowing myself to care for this coven of this species made me weak. I allowed myself to submit to please him, but when he tried to break me after a couple of incidents, I had enough of the games. I had to admit that I was a bit stronger than before after being bit by that nomad James, but after I was attacked by Jasper for a stupid papercut – I wasn’t allowed my right to speak they all tried to leave on his order.

Compelling to stay, with their memories if the incident, amused me greatly. The entertainment value as they tried to figure out why they couldn’t leave of their own volition made me smile. So sitting here in the high school cafeteria as the ones that hated me now, Edward, Alice, and Rosalie, glaring at me, I just smiled back with a smirk that held back an eternity of secrets. I loved Emmett truly. He reminded me greatly of Klaus when I was a child and it would always be a special bond. Maybe I could break the mate bond between him and the raging bitch to bring him with me? It’s worth looking into. I would definitely do that for Jasper. He looked over me after the incident with genuine concern for my well being. He even hunted down the nomad bitch Victoria on my behalf as he didn’t know that I could have handled her on my own, but was simply toying with her mind before I did. Alice and Edward kept him barely tamed with their hovering. I could see him breaking soon and that would not end well for him.

As I stared back at them from my lonely table, I could feel the atmosphere change. A familiar electricity in the air that could only mean one thing. Sighing, I didn’t even look up at the presence when he approached.

“You have been very difficult to find my Izabelle,” Elijah smiled down at me.

Five sets of golden eyes stared back at us, curious as to the new face that appeared to know me. I returned Jasper’s concern with trust, and some apathy, just so that he knew I was familiar with the man. Edward was pissed and it made me smile more because he clearly could not get into my brother’s mind. Of course not. We were much older than his kind so we had gifts that put theirs to shame.

“Not for lack of trying Elijah. What are you doing here?” I asked, indifferent to his sudden appearance in my life again. “I believe that Nik and Rebekah made it clear I wished to be alone.”

At least he had the decency to look ashamed. “Yes. Well dear sister, there have been some changes since you’ve been – away. I’ve come to bring you home.”

My eyes shot up to his to gauge his sincerity, narrowing in suspicion. “What has changed?”

“Well, aside from Mother being dead, Kol dead, Henrik dead, Finn dead… Well dead as far as we can get. You have Niklaus and myself to thank for that. And you are welcome,” he smiled before frowning and flashing a glare towards the sparkly idiots. “Taking in some pets sister?”

“Considering it. A few of them thought of me as a pet,” I admitted, flashing a grin at Edward as I repeated his words. “Little do they know just how much it was the opposite,” I sighed dramatically. I knew they could hear the entire conversation and was pleased at just how confused they looked at my sudden strength and confidence. Looking up at Elijah, I pouted. “Can I keep two of them brother?”

He frowned as he eyed me. I really did want to help my friends. “Are you certain?”

“We can break their mate bonds, right? Surely you have a powerful enough witch to do that. They would thrive away from the rest.”

Low growls came from the table as they thought about my taking two of their own. I just raised an eyebrow at them. Elijah shook his head with a rueful laugh. “Very well. Let me know who you wish to bring with you and I will make it happen. Of course, they will be your responsibility if they are unable to control their blood lust. And make sure that you do not let theirs consume you. It was difficult to clean up your mess in Chicago in 1918.”

Making a face, I huffed. “It was that or going after your precious doppelganger pet. You wouldn’t let me anywhere near Katerina especially after what she did to the brothers. I still don’t understand how she was strong enough to compel emotions from them. Care to explain that to me brother?”

“That is not the discussion for now. Now, I am posing as your new professor at this – establishment,” he said as he looked around. I had to let out a small laugh as he looked slightly out of place in his designer suit, all prim and proper. “Katerina had the assistance of a black magic witch for that mess and believe me, it is still going on.”

That made me smile up at him. “Will I get the opportunity to rip her heart from her chest?”

“If you wish to chance your precious Salvatore brothers turning on you, of course,” he smiled indulgently before the bell rang. “Now, let us go on with the day. I will see you soon. Speak to your – friends – about your offer. Make sure they know that it won’t be offered again and it cannot be broken.”

“Of course Mr. Mikaelson,” I smirked as I collected my back and winked over at the Cullens. I would see them in history class so I would broach the subject then.

He quickly scribbled a pass for me so that I could go to my locker before heading to class, knowing that I would be late. By the time I got to my literature class that I shared with Edward, I groaned at his dark eyes. This was going to be a long hour.

“What are you up to? What is going on with you and that man Bella?” he questioned me in an angry whisper.

“What did it sound like to you Edward? I’m not in the mood to play this game with you. You have no say in my life and if you even think about pulling something on me, trust that I can destroy you without so much as blinking an eye if I wished,” I threatened before turning to stare him in the eyes. “Now, you will behave and move on from me. You will not bother me again except to wish me well. You will support whatever decision that Jasper and Emmett will make in the coming days. You will make sure that Alice and Rosalie will stay away from them and myself. Do I make myself clear?”

I could see his eyes turn back to the amber I once admired and now couldn’t stand half the time and settled back in my seat. One down.

I managed to get a pass to leave early and went straight to my next class that would be with Jasper and Emmett. When I walked in, I was surprised to see Elijah there speaking with them. I narrowed my eyes on my brother, silently asking what he was doing.

“I was just explaining the offer you made earlier. I assume that these two are the ones you wished to break their bonds?” he asked innocently.

“Yes. How did you know?”

He smiled and kissed my forehead. “Because you are my sister and they were the only ones at that table that did not appear to wish for your blood to be spilled. Though the third male looked more hungry than the girls hate for you is. Did you make yourself his singer?”

I shrugged. “Maybe. I thought it would be fun. He ended up running to Alaska for a week after meeting me.”

“You and your games will only get you in trouble,” he warned, yet again.

“Makes life interesting,” I countered before turning to look at Jasper and Emmett who was a combination of confused, lost and entertained by the exchange between us. “So, I’m sure Elijah explained what we can do for you. Question is if you are willing. Idon’t believe that they are truly your mates, but that’s me. I am sure you know your bonds better, but if they had any ounce of true humanity in them, they would be hurting for causing you both pain. I want to take that away for you, and to do that, I want you to come home with me…”

I had to pause for a moment before glaring up at Emmett. “And not like that! Ew! That’s like – like – incest! You’re almost like brothers to me so don’t even open your mouth to say the words! I don’t have to be a mind raper like Edward to know what you are thinking!”

“Sorry!” he laughed before eyeing me speculatively. “You can do that? Take us away from here, cut our bonds to Alice and Rosalie?”

Elijah hesitated before nodding slowly, answering himself. “Yes, eventually. We’d have to get you to my witch contact, but I can compel you to ignore the bonds for a short time, but it’ll be enough to buy you time away for the travel and to prepare. A spell of that strength requires – power.”

Jasper and Emmett looked at each other before slowly nodding. “We’re in.”

I grinned up at Elijah and knew that life was certainly beginning to look better. I couldn’t wait to return home.


The next several days were spent with Jasper and Emmett getting their affairs in order before Elijah and I would arrive and hit the family with the news of our departure. I had already compelled a story to Charlie. The gentle human that I hoped would one day find true love for himself. I already gave him the courage to be willing to ask someone he might be attracted to out. Sometimes a little self confidence goes a long way. The thought alone made me wonder what the hell was wrong with me to be willing to put up with the Cullens as long as I did. I can’t imagine how Jasper and Emmett did it.

Standing on their doorstep, Elijah was the epitome of debonaire. Unfortunately for me, because this was to be considered official Mikaelson family business, I was dressed to the nines as well. Alice thought she had the best fashion sense but I was better and that was one part of the act I played that I hated the most. Besides, I really did love the purple coat and my gorgeous black heels. I couldn’t help but to spend the time admiring them as we waited for the door to open.

I knew I could just walk into the house, having already been invited but I wished to lend my support to Elijah as this encounter could go quite badly. Not for us so much, but in general.

Carlisle opened the door, the reservation clear on his face. His eyes looked upon me with saddness but I felt nothing in return. I was merely a frequent patient to entertain his need for humanity. “Bella. To what do we owe this visit?” he greeted softly.

“We’ve come to speak with your family about some things. I have some details about myself that I need to share before my brother and I return home,” I replied, choosing my words carefully. He looked from me to Elijah before nodding.

“Of course. Please do come in. I’m afraid that Edward declined staying in Forks and has gone to visit our cousins in Denali. He will be disappointed to have missed you.”

“I doubt that,” I muttered as I walked into the living room where the rest of the group was waiting. My stride was confident and powerful. “It doesn’t matter where he is. I had already dealt with him awhile ago.”

The girls were gathered on the pristine white sofa, fuming. I grinned at their petulance before turning to Esme. “Don’t worry. They’ll get over themselves in time and you can baby them some more,” I shrugged before falling into the armchair next to where my brother stood as he eyed everyone.

“You said you have things to tell us. Say it and get going. I don’t want to see your face any longer than I have to,” Rosalie huffed.

“Very well,” I sighed and winked at Jasper and Emmett who were moving to stand closer to us. “You’ve all wondered many times why Alice and Edward’s gifts never worked on me. I can explain that. Simple put, I’m a different species of vampire than you. I am also much older which makes me significantly stronger.”

“A vampire? Seriously? You eat! And you bleed!” Rosalie laughed. It eventually died down when she caught the concerned look on Carlisle’s face.

I raised an eyebrow at him before smirking. “You’ve heard of my kind, haven’t you?”

“In legends when I was with the Volturi. They tended to avoid the Originals as much as possible and speaking of them were – taboo,” he explained, unconsciously stepping away and towards his mate.

“Ah, so we’re nightmares for the sparkly monsters that don’t sleep. Did you hear that brother?” I grinned. “Basically, I created your version of vampire. I was working with a witch on – something. I don’t really remember what it was now, but your race was an accident. Nature got pissed off at me and gifted guardian tribes with the ability to control your population, blah blah blah.

“Yes Izabelle. Perhaps you should get on with it?” Elijah let out a long suffering sigh making me pout up at him.

“Elijah Mikaelson. You promised me I would have my fun.” I knew he lied when he said what he did. It was one of the reasons that he and I often disagreed. I spoke the blunt truth and he kept his secrets unless necessary.

“Mikaelson?” Carlisle repeated as he sat. If I didn’t know better, I would think that he was going to faint. “You’re one of the Originals? And you Bella have been with us this whole time?”

“Guilty, but I can assure you I haven’t compelled you more than it was necessary to protect myself. My relationship with my family is complicated on the best of days,” I admitted, glancing to Elijah who smiled gently. “I never had you do anything against your wills. At least not until you all attempted to leave me after the incident with the birthday party. I made you all stay because I could see the result of what happened. Honestly, I kept you here more for my entertainment at the time.”

From the corner of my eye, I could tell that Rosalie was damn near ready to lose it. “Regardless, the time for games is over. I’m tired here and I just wish to return home. Places to see, people to do after all,” I smirked. Standing up, I eyed everyone before making my way over to Alice and Rosalie. A glance to Jasper was his cue to hold them in place with his gift as I used my compulsion on them. “As of this moment, you will not think of me. You are filled with an overwhelming amount of guilt for causing pain to Emmett and Jasper for holding them back from themselves. You will allow them to leave to find happiness on their own and will not contact them unless they come to you first.”

Once I was sure that it would hold, I turned my attention to Carlisle and Esme. “Please do not make me do this to you,” I said softly. “You know as well as I that they were drowning here. I can help them. If they choose to return to you, that will be their decision but you owe them the opportunity to be themselves. And do not even try bringing up Jasper’s blood lust because he has much more control than you ever gave him credit for considering that he feels the blood lust from six other vampires coupled with his own.”

They merely nodded their acceptance and said nothing else. At the clear stalemate with them, I nodded to the guys who ran to grab their remaining bags meeting Elijah and myself at the door. Whispering our goodbyes, we set out into the world feeling lighter than ever before.




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