Sorry, I’m Late

Summary: Bella is the mystifying youngest of the Mikaelsons. Her position within the family was often kept secret for her protection, being the baby of the family. Early in her years as a vampire, she dabbled in the magics with a witch friend that led to the birth of the sparkly vampires, essentially making her the mother of their race. She is snarky with an odd sense of humor but incredibly loyal to those that earn her trust and those on that list are very few. She is closest with Niklaus, resenting her older siblings for their treatment of him. They protect one another the most but she also has a certain fondness for Elijah and Rebekah. She rarely gets along with the rest of the family, content to be on her own. Bella’s favorite home was always Mystic Falls, but after failing to help the Salvatore brothers break free of their infatuation with Katherine Pierce, she turned her emotions off before nearly desiccating entire villages. Her emotions for the Salvatores, Damon in particular, ran much deeper than anyone ever realized except for one witch. Emily Bennett, whom had taken a personal interest in the Salvatores and Izabelle, spelled her for her own protection, allowing her to live a human facade until she learned to control herself. The spell included her inability to enter Mystic Falls borders until such time. It could only be broken by being lifted by a Bennett witch or in the death of the bloodline. This takes place in partly AU New Moon, and somewhat Season 4 and continues on with altered universe from there.
Fandom: Twilight, The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bella Swan/Damon Salvator
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor/Supernatural/Adventure


Chapter 01: Izabelle Mikaelson
Chapter 02: Izabelle Mikaelson
Chapter 03: Elena Gilbert
Chapter 04: Damon Salvatore
Chapter 05: Damon Salvatore
Chapter 06: Izabelle Mikaelson
Chapter 07: Damon Salvatore
Chapter 08: Izabelle Mikaelson
Chapter 09: Damon Salvatore