Chapter 6 ~ Jasper Whitlock


Since we left Forks, I felt as if I’d been stuck at a crossroad. The emotions from the family felt like a roller coaster ride that I could never get off. The guilt was never ending and it was entirely my own. I didn’t belong with these people. I wasn’t worth their kindness after Bella’s birthday.

The only one that truly didn’t blame me was Alice and I know it was because she saw my movement for what it was before everyone’s thirst overwhelmed me. And for that I blamed Edward. There was no need that he had to throw her the way he did despite all the reasons and justifications he put out.

Every time I tried to leave the family, Alice was there trying to pull me back. It had gotten bad one day when a fleeting thought of returning to Maria came. Alice, who had been out hunting with Rosalie, was back at the house before I could finish considering it and for a gentle creature as she was, I had never experienced her anger like that.

I sat there staring at her in numbed shock as she screamed about everyone’s future if I made that choice. Of course I hadn’t considered anyone else but it was fleeting. Something that day though stuck and I’ve wondered on it whenever I could when Edward wasn’t around. I don’t even think she realized her slip that if I went to Maria, it would affect Bella as well.

I sat in my favorite arm chair in our shared room as I pondered what she might be doing. If she moved on like Edward claimed she would. I would have loved to be there for her graduation, a milestone in her life that is cherished by every teenager entering adulthood. If she found someone to love… That thought hurt me more than it should.

Alice smiled at me from the doorway but didn’t come closer. I looked at her confused at her hesitation. “What is it?”

“I can’t say. Not yet. But – there is something else that we need to talk about,” she spoke softly as she came closer. Not as close as she normally would have, to sit on my lap. She kept her distance by taking a seat on the edge of the bed that we hadn’t shared once since we moved into this house.

“What is wrong Alice? Please tell me. I know something has been bothering you for some time.” And it was true, though I wasn’t sure if she knew that I was aware of the change in our relationship since the night of the party.

“I love you Jazz, you know I do, but we both knew that we wouldn’t be together forever,” she whispered, shame rolling off her in soft waves before she brightened up. “There is another for you. I’ve seen her! Your mate. She’s beautiful.”

I studied her closely for a long time as I tried to process her words and read her emotions. She was honest and hopeful for this supposed mate of mine. If anything, I’d say she was really excited for her. “What do you mean?”

She smiled wistfully at me. “Your mate is a newborn. Recently changed, but she has a strength and will to rival your stubborn nature. She really is the perfect match for you.”

“A newborn? Alice? Are you sure? I mean, I know we weren’t forever. You said so in the beginning and I know we never had the bond that the others have, but why now?” I couldn’t help but ask. When all I wanted to do for the time was to find somewhere dark and hide for eternity, that she tells me that there is someone out there to change that. Why now is right?

“How long have you known?” I nearly growled at her, standing so fast that she hadn’t expected it and cowered back across the bed.

“Jasper…” When she saw that I was serious in wanting my answers, she rambled it all out. “I’ve known since Forks but it wasn’t very clear until we actually left. This week I was practically bombarded with imageless visions! Your mate is powerfully gifted and I can’t actually see her, but I know! I know.”

“If you can’t see her then how do you know she’s beautiful and stubborn?” I demanded, reaching the end of my patience with her cryptic answers. Her fear spiked suddenly and turned into a full panic.

“Answer your phone!” she screamed out before it actually rang.

Eying the display, I saw that it was Peter and my suspicion grew as I glared at Alice while I answered. “Hello?”

Fucker! I need you to get down here on the A.S.A.F.P.!” he screamed out. I could hear a female on the other end of the phone causing damage that I didn’t know if I wanted the details to.

“And why do you need me in Texas?” I sighed, running my hand tiredly over my face as Alice started looking uncomfortable and ready to bolt. “What’s going on there?”

Peter let out several curses as he took a moment to try to settle down someone he was calling Cupcake. Asshole and his nicknames! “I got a newborn on my hands and well – she’s kinda pissed off at the moment. Seems she just remembered something of her human life and is not reacting well to it at all…Fuck! That was Char’s favorite chair! She almost took my head off with a fucking chair!”

My vampire mind was quickly processing everything when Alice took the phone from me. “Peter? Get her out into the woods. The scenery may help her get her aggression down. I already have a bag packed for Jasper. He’ll be there soon.” As she hung up, she handed me back my phone as I narrowed my eyes on her.

Cupcake is my mate?” I asked slowly, seeing as she was expecting something like this to come but not in the way of the call.

“Yes. And you need to get to the airport. I’ll have a ticket waiting for you at the gate. Jasper. It will all work out in the end. Please trust that I wouldn’t do you wrong. I couldn’t. I love you too much to see you hurting,” she said as she pushed herself up to kiss my cheek. The gesture was comforting in that I knew it was the final closing to our relationship. “I’ll make sure Charlotte is there to pick you up at the airport.”

I was still struck stupid as she pushed me down the stairs with my bag. Rosalie and Emmett were just coming in the door and saw me as I was being herded. “What’s going on? Where are you going Jasper?” Rose asked, almost in a panic.

“Jasper is going to help with his mate!” Alice answered her cheerfully, shocking me again. She was so fucking excited. I pulled some of her excitement into me, and grinned. I had a mate! I dropped a quick kiss to Rose’s surprised cheek with a promise to call her soon as I headed out.

The entire way to the airport, I replayed the phone call in my mind, trying to pick out Cupcake’s voice. The anger in its strength told me that she was very much filled with passion too. As anxious as I was, the confusion was there too. It wasn’t like Peter and Charlotte to take in newborns. In fact, since we left Maria, they avoided them like the plague so what changed their mind? I wanted to know who created her. I was torn from wanting to rip them apart for taking the opportunity to have my own venom running through her veins and kissing the ground they walked on for giving her to me.

I barely made the flight in time after picking up me boarding pass. Lucking I didn’t need to check any luggage. I kept a room at Peter’s with things so I was covered for the foreseeable future depending on what happens with this newborn because with my luck, fate would make it so that I had to kill her if she was so out of control. The change from the anticipation to this new fear sat like a pit in my stomach during the entire flight.

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