Chapter 03 ~ Peter Whitlock


I watched as she ran out and sighed. “Well that didn’t go as planned,” I muttered before turning to Charlotte. “How the hell are we supposed to get her and the Major together if she hates them?”

Charlotte shrugged. “Call Alice? I’m sure she’s seen something,” she suggested. I couldn’t hold back the grimace at that idea though. “Or we could just wait it out. Let her tell us in her time. It’s clear that she has abandonment issues. If we’re going to get anywhere with her we need to make sure she knows that we’re not them.”

“Easier said than done,” I frowned. Watching Bella as she hunted in the plains was – well, to be honest, boring. “You think she’ll stick to this shit? I can’t stand the smell of these things and she wants to eat them? I’m all for protecting the humans and all but there are ways to feed without losing control. Fucking Cullens.”

“Let her come to us,” she whispered back as we watched our new charge slowly make her way to us. Eying the mess that was once her clothes, Char stepped up and smiled at her. “Let’s get you home and cleaned up. Then we could do some shopping for some new clothes – and old ones for hunting.”

Evidently Bella didn’t like the idea because as soon as the word was out of Char’s mouth, I actually thought the girl might puke up her first dinner. “Don’t worry Cupcake. We won’t be taking you into town for a long while. We can order the stuff from the computer, though I don’t know if you’re in control enough to manage the keyboard so you can just point out what you like. Sound good?”

Charlotte gave her an encouraging smile and Bella slowly nodded. I think it was just to appease her, or us, but whatever. “I guess. I didn’t think this would have so…”

“Messy? Yeah, you’ll learn how to manage in time. Practice hun,” Char replied. “Let’s go back now. Just remember, if you change your mind about all this, we can help too,” she added, pointing to the animal blood all over the girl.

“I guess,” Bella mumbled as she allowed Char to wrap her arm around her comfortingly. I couldn’t help but hope that she would at least let her in so that things could level out some. This girl was far different from anyone I’d ever met and in that moment I wished I could still drink alcohol because I really wished for a shot of something strong.

After getting back to the house, I could see Bella looking around with a mixture of curiosity and caution. She seemed to be keeping an eye on us as well, keeping a distance comfortable for herself which was to be expected. At least she did something normal for a newborn. Running a hand over my face, I smiled at the girls. “Char? Think you’ll be okay with Cupcake? I was going to run into town and grab a quick meal for myself.”

She looked over at Bella, who seemed to understand the unspoken question as she nodded with resignation before making herself at home in a tightly wound ball on the couch. I knew she wasn’t planning on moving from that position at least until I got back. Kissing my girl on the cheek, I made my way back out.

As soon as I was a safe distance from the house, I pulled out my phone and dialed the psychotic pixie. “What took you so long to call?” her voice rang through before it really had the chance to ring.

“What the hell do you mean by that?” I demanded.

“I didn’t know if you guys were alright or not. I couldn’t see anything until just a few moments ago! You did change Bella, right?” Alice questioned.

That confused the fuck out of me. “What do you mean you couldn’t see us? Yeah I changed her. She’s – different. Fucking calmest newborn I ever saw – at least until the name Cullen comes up then she’s what I can deal with. I don’t need the Major here to know she hates your fucking guts. Rightly so too. What the fuck did you pansy asses do to this girl? Abandonment issues doesn’t even begin to describe the battle we got on our hands to gain her trust. Just how long do you expect until it’ll be safe to bring him around her without her trying to go for his throat? Or you weren’t thinking – again?”

Alice was quiet on the other end but I could still hear the shaking breaths she made. It wasn’t necessary for our kind but I knew she was upset. I didn’t care. I wanted answers. Not just for myself, but for Cupcake. “Well? What do you have to say?”

She hesitated before speaking. “We were wrong. So very wrong in her strength. She loved Edward much more than we thought she was truly capable as a human. Though it was a human’s love because she was always meant for Jasper. Edward was right in a way that humans’ emotions were fleeting. The way he broke her, broke every bond she developed with him, and her trust in the family. It was actually the night of her birthday that I realized about her and Jasper. The little drop of blood was nothing. He felt the thirst but it wasn’t just that. It was his first true encounter with her blood that things changed. That is until Edward shoved her into the glass that he broke. Only we interpreted it as him attacking her first but after Emmett and I got him outside that I saw the change in him. He was going to protect her from us. Mostly from Edward because she is also his singer but he managed to gain enough control over himself around her after her accident in Phoenix. I don’t know if Jasper told you about that trip but while he was around her blood there, Edward wasn’t aware that the Major came out to kill James for her, keeping him distracted enough to ignore the blood. I know I had a hard time there.”

I listened to her story and a part of me was incredulous to the way she was speaking about the Major coming out. Char and I knew it was a part of him and it was only healthy to release that kind of rage that was pent up inside him but the Cullens liked keeping the so called monster on a leash. “Did you point out that he was in control with the Major out playing?”

“No,” she said immediately. “I knew he was okay, but I feared the family’s reaction so I kept it quiet.” Huh, she actually did something right for once.

“Back to the party. What happened after?”

“Well, Edward wanted us, especially Jasper as far away from her as possible. We were much more of a danger to her than anything else he said so he went off to break it off with her. He told us that it was an amicable split but I wasn’t sure. I didn’t push it though, even though I should have. For that I am filled with regret. Please know this Peter, I never meant for it to get this bad. I been trying to keep Jasper from going off…”

She trailed off, clearly unsure about something. “What? What is it? Don’t fucking hold back now. Your veggie head lot caused a shit load of trouble here and you’re wanting my help to clean it up so tell me every fucking thing otherwise I’ll happily bring Cupcake up there and let her loose on your pansy ass brother and I won’t stop her if she decides to turn on you!”

“He’s been contemplating going back to Maria,” she whispered. I let out a groan as I slapped my hand to my head in frustration. “I been doing okay with keeping here and I’m hoping long enough until you get things settled with Bella before encouraging him to visit you guys. Then to let things just happen as they are meant to.”

“You know you’re playing with fire, right? I honestly don’t know how she’ll react to any of you. If they really are mates like you said, she’ll let him in eventually, but not before he’s put through the ringer and I don’t know if he could handle that if he’s really thinking of going back to that bruja. What I still can’t get is why you can’t see anything. What do you mean by that?”

Alice let out a frustrated groan. Clearly this problem annoyed her. Good. “I don’t know. If you got to her in time, which you clearly did since you said she is changed, it started towards the end of her change, before she woke up. Anything directly involving her or around her I can’t see. It’s like she’s a giant black void in my visions. Much like the mutts in La Push. I can’t see past them. Maybe she has a gift to hide her?”

It was a thought. Something definitely worth looking into. “I’ll see what I can do to find out what extent of a gift she has. I’d say its pretty obvious that she has one. Think you can keep this out of your thoughts around the mind reader?”

“I’m very good at keeping Edward out of my head. Don’t worry about me…”

“Oh I’m not worried a lick about you. I just don’t want to chance this knowledge making it’s way to Italy is all.”

“The Volturi. I’ll keep an eye on them, but it’s doubtful they’ll get involved. New vampires are made so often, they don’t bother with them until they come across one that interests them.”

“And a newborn that is able to hide from a powerful seer isn’t of interest?” Ignorant bitch. Who does she think I am?

“No! Not like that. She or one of us would have to do something to get on their radar otherwise they won’t care. Just keep the gift a secret and she’ll be fine from them. I’m sure of it,” she insisted.

“Sounding pretty confident when you can’t see her future,” I snarled.

Alice sighed before going silent. “The guys are on their way back from hunting. I have to go. Text me if you can’t get away from Bella. I think we should be okay in a few months to get him there. Keep trying to get what you can on what she remembers of us. It may help how we approach this later.”

“Not promising anything,” I muttered before hanging up. At least now I got an idea of the girl before. Now to get her to trust us – that’s another thing entirely. Running off, I went to get my dinner as I tried to think of ways to avoid the impending trouble to come.

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  1. I think they should take her to the squirrel munchers and let her get a piece of fairy boy.being that close her and Jasper should figure out what is what.