Chapter 02 ~ Bella Swan


Opening my eyes, I could see everything. I mean everything. I was aware of two vampires in the room with me before setting eyes on them. Standing to my feet much faster than I thought I did, surprised me at first. The two looked wary of the clear shock and amusement I knew was on my face. The giggle escaped my lips also mesmerized me.

“Brown Eyes? Bella?” the male called softly, drawing my attention back to him.

“You did this,” I said simply, knowing. I pursed my lips as I studied him. The scars marking his skin, and his companion, should have scared me. I knew they were dangerous and skilled fighters, but I felt no threat. I knew they meant me no harm.

“Yes…” he admitted carefully. “My name is Peter, this is my mate Charlotte.”

“You know my name,” I pointed out in confusion.

They exchanged a look between them that immediately raised my hackles. “How do you know my name?” I demanded, my voice low and threatening. I didn’t even realize how my body curled defensively.

“We have mutual – friends,” Peter said slowly as he moved to stand in front of his mate protectively. He said it in a statement, but it sounded more like a question. As if he wasn’t sure if these people were friends or not. To him or to me, I wasn’t sure.



I frowned, flashes of distorted memories coming to me of a wanted family but feelings of loss and sorrow was attached to the images. The image of a boy with copper hair and perfection filled me with anger. “Not friends. Not anymore.”

They looked at each other again in shock. “You remember the Cullens?” the female asked. Charlotte. I’d have to remember the name.

“Yes.” I didn’t elaborate. Whatever they knew, I’d leave it there until I got to know them better.

I swallowed the burn in my throat and looked around to take in the place I woke to. “Where are we?”

Peter still looked unsure and wary, like he expected something to happen, but it wasn’t. It unnerved him. “You’re in our home. Texas? I believe you were on your way to school when you had the accident,” he explained to me softly, slowly moving closer.

Thoughts of rain and the smell of coppery blood flashed in my memories. “I know. That’s not happening now. What do I do now?” I asked him, willing the tears to come that I knew wouldn’t.

“Now, you can stay with us Cupcake. As long as you want. We don’t mind, really,” he smiled as he reached my side.

I turned my head to look at him and smiled at his endearment. “Thanks Peaches,” I replied and before he could register my movement, I had him pulled into a hug. He didn’t seem sure of what to do, but patted my back and whimpered as he pointed out my newborn strength. “Sorry!” I exclaimed as I let him go and moved back from him quickly.

“Quite alright there,” he laughed, amused and confused. Shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts he looked at me. “You need to hunt Cupcake. You need to make a decision of what kind of food you want. We’re more than happy to help you if you want to stick to the Cullens’ diet of animals, but we hunt humans. Though not just any. Char and I tend to go for scum of society. Drug pushers, dealers, criminals, et cetera. If you want to go our way, we can help you there too.”

I hadn’t thought about my thirst but after he pointed it out I could feel the burn in my throat flare up, earning myself another curious look from the two as I swallowed the venom back down at the thought of warm blood. Did I want to drink from animals? I didn’t know. I didn’t know if I would ever see any of them again, but the loss of any human life…I didn’t think I could do it right now. My human memories and emotions were still too ingrained in me.

“Animals. For now. I may change my mind later,” I sighed, thinking of my former family. Out of all of them, the desire to see just the one filled me. I really didn’t care about the rest and their abandonment. I just wanted to make sure he was okay, for all it was worth.

“Then let’s go find you some game honey. I know we have some bears in the area. Maybe a couple large cats too,” Char smiled as she came up, evidently feeling safer now with me.

“I have to be there for this Cupcake! I’m not missing out on the show!” Peter grinned before taking my arm and leading me to my first meal.

We were quiet as we walked at a human pace. I acted like I didn’t notice the curious glances from the two because I kept such a slow pace. I don’t know why but I felt I just needed to take things slow. This new mind I had now allowed me to process thoughts a lot faster but I needed the comfort of the extra time to think. They knew I remembered the Cullens. At least to some extent. I wasn’t about to let them know just how much at this point. I knew that memories are often and usually lost during the change.

As we got to the plains on the other side of the woods that lined the property, I hung back in the shade as I eyed the spanse. I could clearly see several bison in the distance and my throat burned at the thought of the meal. Eyeing the sky, my lip pulled back in a silent snarl knowing I’d have some time to wait awhile longer before I could safely proceed.

Peter eyed me as he came up to my side as I stared ahead. “How are you doing that Cupcake?” he asked. Evidently the curiosity won out finally.

I just shrugged a shoulder. “Who knows. I used to have plans to become a vampire once upon a time so maybe learning about everything helped prepare me for this? Or it could be my gift? Kinda sucks though. Super self control? Totally lame.”

“Perhaps…” he murmured as he looked at me. I narrowed my eyes on him and raised an eyebrow. “What? I’m just thinking that it’s – different.”

I don’t know why, but something just flared up inside me that caused me to snap.”Different? I was a freak as a human and now I’m one as a vampire. Thanks Peaches but I think I can do without your judgment. No one wanted me before and I’m trying to figure out just why you two haven’t kicked me to the curb yet. If you want to take off and go, I’ll be fine. I remember the rules about being inconspicuous. I’ve taken care of myself before and I’ll do it again. It wouldn’t be the first time your kind just left me on my own to fend for myself. I managed to survive that psychotic bitch for the last two years after all. My parents weren’t so lucky. Of course I had the help of the wolves but that’s another story altogether.”

I know I shocked myself with that rant but the bitterness was very fresh and burned in my chest whenever I thought about my supposed family that turned tail and ran. He blessed me with the truth that I had been nothing more than a pet for them so why would they care if they left me to die at the hands of a rabid vampire hell bent on revenge. Seeing the sun was down sufficiently enough to go out safely, I bolted from the cover where we hid and took down my first kill wanting nothing more than to have been on the receiving end where it was completely over. Such as my luck that I ended up turned anyway.

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  1. Since she was turned should she not be feeling the mating pull even if she doesn’t understand what it is?