Chapter 01 ~ Peter Whitlock


We had been lounging around the house, driven indoors by the storm that was beating down on Texas. Charlotte was lucky enough to have gotten out to hunt before the storm hit, but I wasn’t so lucky and while the burn wasn’t bad, I knew that as soon as it was over, I’d have to go find something myself. Sighing, I glared at the television when the cable went out. Fucking satellite system. It wasn’t just that though. For the last hour I’ve had a bad feeling in my gut that I couldn’t figure out and thought it was likely the storm but when my phone rang with the most annoying ringtone that I could put as a warning in case that midget bitch called.

Char and I looked at one another, each of us raising an eyebrow silently asking who would answer it, if we were to answer it at all.

“She never calls,” she pointed out as the phone rang again after I ignored it initially.

Sighing, I flipped the damn thing open. “What do you want?”

The voice on the other end was annoyingly pitched higher in a panic that I had ever heard from the gnome. This raised my curiosity and concern, but said nothing as she spoke. “Please don’t hang up Peter! I need your help!”

“And why the hell should I help you? What do you want from me? My best friend and brother isn’t enough that you don’t let him visit? Just because we prefer humans doesn’t make us savages you damned fairy,” I complained earning an eye roll from Charlotte who was listening just as closely to the conversation – if you could call it that.

I know, and for what its worth now, I’m sorry,” Alice said much more subdued. This chic did not do subdued so what the hell did she want. Thankfully I didn’t have to say anything yet as she continued. “I need you to run east along Route 10. You’ll come across an accident in the storm…The girl…Peter I need you to change her. But hurry, she doesn’t have much time left.”

I pulled the phone away from my ear and eyed the screen to make sure that it was the right person on the screen. Why the hell would the Cullen bitch want us to change a human girl. What was in it for her. The reason was enough to shock two vampires into a stunned silence when our hearing picked up the next words.

The girl is Jasper’s mate. He doesn’t know it yet but if she dies – he won’t be good. Any control that he’s learned since Maria would be for nothing. Peter. She’s important. I can’t say how. I don’t know how. I just do. Please…”

Char and I looked at each other for a breath before we bolted out the door and followed Alice’s directions but coming across nothing for a good distance.

“She’s got to be coming up soon,” Char shouted over the winds as we raced faster towards Houston. “There!”

Sure enough there was the overturned SUV. It was a mangled mess. I don’t doubt the driver, whoever she was, had a hard time controlling a car that size in this kind of weather. “What the hell is she doing out in the storm like this?” I asked aloud, knowing an answer wouldn’t come.

Approaching the vehicle, I could smell the blood thick in the air, even in the wind and rain. Hanging back some I let Charlotte go ahead of me. She got on her hands and knees to peek through the broken window. “She’s still alive,” she murmured but hesitated. I got closer and looked in with her to see what caused her stop.

Big brown eyes, glassy with tears looked back at us. I don’t know if she actually saw us though. I could feel the venom pooling in my mouth from my own hunger and well, the girl’s blood was smelling pretty good. The thought though that this might truly be my brother’s mate stopped me though from losing myself to the hunt.

“I don’t know if I can do it,” Charlotte admitted. She had never turned anyone before and it wasn’t something that was easily done. I had turned a few, her included. Nodding, I knew it would be me. As I got my head inside, Brown Eyes looked at me. Right at me. Not even a lick of fear. Interesting.

“It’s okay Brown Eyes,” I murmured soothingly to her, letting the venom collect again as I worked myself up to prepare for what I needed to do.

Brown Eyes seemed to understand. Shockingly. I had a feeling this one would be constantly surprising us. All I knew was that life was about to get much more interesting. “Took you long enough,” she whispered weakly and closed her eyes.

I raised an eyebrow at her but she wasn’t paying me any attention any more, laying there just waiting. “This is going to hurt and for that I am so sorry,” I whispered into her ear before biting down on her neck and pumped my venom into her. I moved quickly over her to all the pulse points that I could reach and worked on spreading the venom as much as possible.

I looked back to Charlotte who watched with concern. “We’ll have to wait until the change is underway. It’ll be too dangerous to move her too soon. Let the venom fix some of her injuries first. Keep an eye out for humans.”

Sitting there over this girl, I couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling that I needed to protect her. Sighing, I gently pushed her hair from her face to look at her more. If what the fucked up fairy said was true, she was a beautiful match for the Major. If her lack of fear of two vampires while she was bleeding and helpless was anything to go by, she will certainly have balls when she would be one of us.

My phone rang again and I answered it in less than a second. “It’s done,” I said evenly.

I know. Thank you. You should be fine to move her now. Don’t worry about the wreckage. From the amount of blood I saw, the police will believe her body was pulled from the truck by coyotes. No one would look for her so a missing person search won’t even be initiated,” Alice reported sadly causing me to frown.

“She has no family?”

After I got off the phone with you I checked. Her mother was killed in an accident two years ago, and her father… Well he died in a fire. I called one of her friends from high school and learned she was going to Houston for college, just to get out of Washington. Peter?”

I sighed at the heartbreak I felt for this girl and closed my eyes. “Yes Alice?”

Thank you. I’ll get in touch with you about getting Jasper to you. He’s out hunting right now, but with her being a newborn, I think it might be best to wait until she has more control…”

She was being evasive again. “What the fuck aren’t you telling me?” The moment for being nice to the bitch passed and I was getting irritated by her again.

Fine. When he comes to visit you, Emmett is going to want to go just because he is bored and wants to get away for awhile. Edward – Edward will go as well at Esme’s prodding for a bonding experience after the shit that went down after Forks. It will just end up being a disaster and more than likely Edward’s head used a bowling ball. Bella and Edward dated until her 18th birthday…”

“This is the human that Jasper tried to kill? And she’s his mate? What the fuck?!” I cried out at understanding the seriously fucked situation that we were in now. It wasn’t that it couldn’t be handled but shit. It was just – fucked!

Her laugh rang through the phone only to piss me off more. “I know, but it wasn’t meant to be then. Jasper has been considering leaving for some time now and they would have caught up in Houston sometime next year but the storm and the accident changed things.”

“Of course. Alright. Give us some time to get her back to the house and we’ll be in touch.”

Oh! And teach her some defensive moves. She’ll need it for her confrontation with Edward. And you have no idea of the effect it will have on Jasper.” Her amusement at whatever she saw tinkled through the phone and I had to admit, I was curious to see those fireworks myself.

“Char! Let’s bring her home!” I called out to my mate and she was beside me in a flash and helped me pull Brown Eyes…Bella…from the wreck and I held her while Char dug through the truck to take whatever personal items we could with us that looked like would be the most important to her. I only hope that she won’t be entirely pissed at us for what we did if she didn’t want it after the clusterfuck that was her relationship with the Cullens. I wouldn’t blame her if she wanted to be as far from us as she could when she wakes.

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  1. Can’t wait until the boys show up.lil Eddie is going to lose his mind then his head,hopefully.