Prologue ~ Alice Cullen


The expansive highway was dark with stormy skies and downpour rains. Debris along the roadway and fields was blown around by the high winds of the powerful storm. In the darkened night, a damaged vehicle laid overturned on its side. Glass broken and pieces of the vehicle was spread across the road, picked up by the winds and carried further. A pale and bloodied hand laid lifeless through the broken window. A traffic marker and destination sign becomes illuminated a crack of lightening…

When the vision came, I had to let out a breath of relief that Edward wasn’t home to see it. He would certainly attempt to take my head for allowing the vision to come to me after he forbid me from looking for her. As if! I have no control when they come. It’s hard to believe how much a person, a vampire, can change in just one year.

As it was, I could barely hold myself together at such a horrifying sight and after what had happened last year – I knew I had to fix things. Make them right. Not just for Bella, but for Jasper. I have had a difficult time keeping him from drowning in his own despair over the guilt from that day. I knew it wasn’t his fault. Edward still blamed him even with the facts right there. His self-righteous attitude refused to accept that his own blood lust for his supposed love triggered that catastrophic disaster.

Grabbing my cell phone, I ran from the house claiming a sudden sale. If he was just within hearing range of my thoughts, it was enough to keep him out of my head until I could be certain he, nor Jasper, were anywhere near me for this phone call.

Closing my eyes in silent prayer, I dialed a number I disliked for a long time and hoped that they would help.


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  1. Is she calling Peter?