Over the years of writing, I’ve accumulated many reviews that I’ve simply come to love and appreciate deeply. This page is a feature to some of those comments left that have either had me squealing like a raging fan-girl or felt extremely touched by.


Port Jackson: Turn The Page
Review by kytivafan
“This has been a really emotional “mom” day for me with my sons graduation, so I actually had tears in my eyes the first part of the story and then you switched to the delicious smut, which I needed to get my mind off the “mom” stuff, and then you took me back to teary eyed.

Wore out my emotions, but then again that’s what good story telling is all about.”

Atlantica: A Fairy Tale
Review by JoeyLuv
“Saw this fic in the ‘Just In’ listing and it caught my eye. I enjoyed the story and all of the characters. Great that you included so many characters from SGA and SG-1 and laughed at some of the scrambled names, especially Woolsey’s! This fic kept me entertained as I sit with my laptop with nothing to do but keep my injured leg elevated…thank you!!”

With Love, Janus
Review by coltsmagnum
“While I’m not a huge fan of Stargate in any format, I love NCIS, with Ziva ranking amongst my fave characters.

While its odd to see her away from Gibbs’ team and working alongside a new group of people, I think she fits in really well, even if it is a strange situation she’s got herself into.

Given that I’m an outsider looking in, I’d say it’s a fun story. I particularly like the pairing of Ziva and John even though I believe that under normal circumstances, she’d be with DiNozzo (Or she better be by the end of NCIS’ finale, otherwise I’ll be writing a strongly worded letter!!!).

A nice collaboration between two fantastic writers. Gets two thumbs up from me!”

Hide & Seek
Review by kytivafan
“I usually don’t read crossovers and I am not sure why I clicked into your story, but I am so GLAD that I did.

It is really good and I am a T/Z shipper so usually any relationship over than Tiva doesn’t interest me, but this one has real possibilities. I hope you continue and update soon, because I am eager to see how this romance progresses.

You have convinced me I need to get out of my comfort zone more often, because I would have been sorry to miss this little gem of a story.”