When Did That Happen?

Somehow, during my swish cheese brain period (which I currently still am in, mind you), I have cleared 400 subscribers to my silly little page here. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. For each and every one of you that is interested in my updates to follow and wait, as I am slow with my output. I try, I do. I don’t write fast enough and when I have word vomit, sometimes it makes little sense. And then I hit walls. And then I feel bad to have you all sit there waiting and it makes me sadder because I want to give you a story but I just don’t have anything in me.



Except for the demanding ones that hunt me out and demand updates then I intentionally sit on the story they want, if I have anything for it. Just no. Fair warning. I throw a writer’s four year toddler’s tantrum like the next.

But still, I’m here, staring at 413 subscribers like, when the fuck did this happen?

Thank you.

In other news, I actually have an update for you! Yes! Yes! What is it? Well, not long ago, I brought you an update to Somethin’ Bad. Then for Christmas, I posted a one-shot (eyes Speklez) in Eye of the Storm. So, aside from SB, my main focus is Taigai Ridatsu… yes, Chapter 19 is here! As usual, click the story banner to go to the most recent chapter update.

Much love,