Feliz Navidad Minions!

I have a couple presents for you all! Hope you had a great Christmas! I’m happy with mine, as I got an Alexa Echo Dot that I wanted. And my tummy is overstuffed from food already! But, if you hadn’t noticed through facebook already, I shared a new one-shot, Twilight, Bella/Demetri story this weekend. Here is the official link for this post. Art by my wonderful wifey, Buggy.

Next, I actually have a long overdue update for Something Bad. The chapter is slightly shorter, but necessary information has been addressed.

At this point I am focusing my next update on Taigai Ridatsu. When? I’m not sure. I have a crap load of shit that needs to get done at home and an overload at work. But yeah, that will be my next update, eventually.

Merry Christmas!