Updates and request for help.

Greetings minions!

I’m alive. Barely. If I ever suggest to take multiple classes at the same time, someone smack the shit out of me. Anyhow, I come bearing a long awaited update! Chapter 18 of Taigai is posted for your reading and reviewing pleasure. Also, if you been following MeekoBuggy on FFnet, you know that we have been updating a collaborative story that was Buggy’s bunny that I was reluctantly suckered into. Clicky on the banners to go to the landing pages for the stories to catch up. Hope you enjoy!

On a side note, my cousin’s dog has a large tumor on her paw and other smaller ones on the same leg. She’s scheduled for surgery for an amputation as she still has a lot of years of love to give. Surgery is expensive but if anyone can help give a little to offset the expenses they are enduring to help his furbaby, it would be greatly appreciated. Chelsea’s Go Fund Me Page.