Meeko is doing the education thing again…

I haven’t exactly been around, much. I tried to do Camp Nano for April and flopped. It didn’t come when I hoped it would. I think I was in my head too much as I had been here anticipating this week. I enrolled in two classes for school, trying to slowly further my degree along. Slowly doesn’t been to cut it. I take classes when I can afford it. These are two 8-week courses, so it will be over at the end of June.

Now, I’m just a little in over my head. I’m taking American History until 1877. It’s not so bad. I can deal with that, especially when the readings are in an app that has audio capabilities that I can just listen as I read along. I can also listen as I walk to work. There are only two main papers (or powerpoint presentations) I have to do. Plus a weekly quiz on Sundays, and the weekly forum topics I have to write on (like short one page essays). The other class is American Government. I cannot express how much I hate this class. Politics is such a subject that I do not like engaging in conversation with anyone. I only do so with my uncle and my wifey because we have like views and can debate on things without hating each other in the end. Still – in the end, I am reaching out to my friends for help. If you are reading this and are willing to help me pass this class by any means necessary (I mean I don’t want you to write my papers or anything. Just let me share the forum topic or paper subject and offer me ideas that I might be able to play around with). The only thing I ask is for quick turnaround with your help. Timing is everything as nearly everything is due at the end of each week, so if we are friends on Facebook or we can exchange emails – I really need to pass this class desperately.

In other news, you aren’t not getting new work from me in this time. Buggy and I are sitting on a number of chapters for Between Heaven and Hell. You can catch that story up on FFnet if it’s not updated here right away. School and all. I’ll get to it eventually if wifey hadn’t done it for me already. She’s awesome like that. But yeah. When I need the break from history and politics, I still go in and stare at Taigai in hopes of something more comes to add to the next chapter. It’s coming along. Still needs a lot of work, but the distraction is understandable.

Otherwise, have a great night and weekend!

Love Meeko